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A whole world can be fit into 76 minutes, and that's what the splendid documentary OT: our town manages to do.
A smart, seamless commentary on race, class and the expectations (or lack of) that are often attached to them. Kennedy is helped greatly by deep currents of heart and humor that pull you into the unfolding tale, and to the edge of your seat as the countdown to opening night begins.
Backed by a soundtrack of hip-hop and edited to within an inch of its life, Kennedy's film has sleek gutter charm to spare.
Kennedy documents their efforts with skill and compassion, almost entirely avoiding the pitfalls of sentimentality and victimology. He and his likable "cast" deserve a standing ovation.
Director Scott Hamilton Kennedy finally gives us a reason to feel warm and fuzzy about Compton, Calif. It's not an easy feat.
Portland Oregonian
Watching the teachers whip these kids into Wilder recitations is especially intriguing, particularly when their personalities come out during the sometimes-arduous process.
"We're not that different, but we're different from what you think we are," says 16-year-old Ebony, and no playwright could have said it better.
New York Daily News
Surely no other has done it quite like this group.
At opening night, with every seat in the cafeteria filled, you realize that the students have not only carved out a fledgling drama department in this sports-mad place, they've updated Grover's Corners to Compton.
New York Post
Seems to exist solely to drive this observation home in the most heavy-handed way.

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