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Jaw-droppingly awful - one of 2003's worst (*)
Ronin4720 October 2003
The first "Legally Blonde", with its "ditzy girl with a heart of gold does well" storyline was basically a rip-off of "Clueless", but it wasn't bad. It had a funny central idea, more than a few solid laughs, and a really entertaining lead character. This sloppy, lamely plotted, cash-in sequel has none of those things.

Reese Witherspoon, rapidly losing any edginess she used to have, is back as Elle Woods, the pink-loving, fashion conscious lawyer. She's about to get married to her boyfriend from the last movie (played by Luke Wilson) and in trying to invite her dog's parents to the wedding (that's right, her DOG'S PARENTS - remember what I said about the movie being "lamely plotted"?), she finds out that the dog's mother is being held prisoner by a cosmetics company that is pro-animal testing.

So...Elle decides to go to Washington to take on animal testing. And I wish I was in a different theater.

What we have here is a comedy with no good jokes. Not a single one. This movie's idea of "comedy" is for Elle to find out her chihuahua is gay. And then in the very next scene, the chihuahua is wearing a studded leather vest. Sigh.

Also, it's dumb. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there's a big difference between movies that go about being dumb in a very smart, witty way (see "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle") and a movie like "Legally Blonde 2", which is just plain dopey. The story is idiotic, characters change their minds and motivations for no reason other than to fit into where the plot is going, and everything wraps up in a way that is nauseatingly phony.

I've pretty much given up on Reese Witherspoon. Where is the cool, edgy actress that starred in movies like "Election", "Freeway" and "American Psycho"? Abducted by Hollywood to make useless, vanilla movies like this, apparently.

I, for one, would love to see her character from "Freeway" scare the living s*** out of Elle Woods.
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Sucked in ways I can barely explain
hannah-16422 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I had the misfortune of seeing this movie while on a wonderful trip to Greece. As the 'plot' rolled out, I sank lower and lower in my seat. I was actually embarrassed to be North American.

Consider: Elle goes on a mission to find her *dog's* parents so they can attend her wedding. No, not her dog's wedding. *Her* wedding. Now, think about that. I guess this is sort of a spoiler, except it's revealed in the first ten minutes, because it's the whole premise. Yes, that's the peak. It goes downhill from there.

I felt particularly annoyed with Reece Witherspoon. Now, she strikes me as a fairly intelligent young woman. I love most of her stuff. I enjoyed Legally Blonde I. I had high hopes. How did this happen?! Was it just about the money? Was it a bet? A dare? Dumb dumb dumb.

To be honest, I would *rather* have been attending a dog's wedding.
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The horror, the horror
sundogg9911 June 2004
That a film sequel will invariably fail to meet the standards of its predecessor is nearly axiomatic. For every brilliant sequel like 'Aliens' or 'Godfather: Part II', there are dozens of painfully lame successors. This is hardly a surprise, yet it is our own unerring tendency to flock, lemming-like, to sequels that insures their continued existence. Sequels make money, and that's a bad thing.

Take 'Legally Blonde 2'. Please.

By way of defense, let me point out that it isn't all that easy to find a movie that will entertain two adults, a 15 year old boy, and a 12 year old girl. Our hopes weren't high when we rented LB2 a couple of weekends ago; however, we all agreed that we had enjoyed the original movie, or at least hadn't actively hated it. That perky little Reese Witherspoon – how can you not kinda like her, huh?

After seeing LB2, I will unreservedly credit it with one thing: it provided a rallying point for my often-scattered family. We were steadfast, united in our complete and utter loathing for this execrable movie. Beyond that questionable achievement, however, I'm not sure there's anything positive that can be said about this film.

As virtually every other reviewer on the planet has noted, the original 'Blonde' had some amusing moments, most of which were supplied by Ms. Witherspoon, who managed to inject the character of Elle Woods with a believable combination of ditziness and sweet charm. Also bolstering the original film was co-star Jennifer Coolidge, who played her dim-bulb shtick to perfection as Elle's beautician friend Paulette. Of course it was a by-the-numbers plot line as predictable as Oregon rain, but Witherspoon, et al played it lightly and for laughs and it worked.

The sequel, however, is an appalling mélange of preachiness, offensive stereotypes, and patently ludicrous plot devices. 'Legally Blonde' made points by taking a helium-weight, bubbleheaded rich girl and making her into a sympathetic character. In LB2, Elle is an annoying dipshit whose breathless naivete and hyperactive adventures are simply painful to endure.

There's no real point in enumerating all the faults of this movie. To do so would be to grant it more thought than evidently went into its creation. But I can't simply step away from one aspect of the film that I found both irritating and troubling. Viewers of the first film will no doubt remember Elle's Chihuahua, Bruiser. For reasons that are continually validated, I tend to hate cutesy cinematic animal sidekicks, and Bruiser was emphatically no exception. In LB2, however, Bruiser's sexuality becomes a repeated theme and convenient plot device. More specifically, we (and Elle) discover that Bruiser is…(wait for it)… gay.

Hilarity ensues, ad nauseum.

It's a damning testimony that 1) the writers of this movie were so desperate for script fodder that they came up with this stunningly lame idea in the first place;

2) that they play it so shamelessly for laughs; and 3) that certain plot twists depend on this fact. It's a stupid, stupid idea in a stupid, stupid movie.

Should I waste more of my time or yours decrying the utter waste of Jennifer Coolidge in this movie? What about Sally Field's humiliating role as Congresswoman Victoria Rudd? Bob Newhart's excruciating turn as the know-it-all hotel doorman cum political mentor. Finally, on a larger scale, should we discuss the massive suspension of disbelief that's required to even slightly believe a moment of this wretched film?

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Yeah, the horror
phred-137 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bad.. The story is so strange, there's no red line through the story. The scenes aren't credible. I'm not frequently down thumbing but when I watched this movie I was ashamed that I rent it at the DVD store. You don't believe Elle that she wants to change the law. Hausers change in her mind set is also very sudden and not credible at all. And, finally, that her dog is gay is the worst point in the movie. OK, the first part of this movie wasn't that bright either, it wasn't a smart movie but at least the story was a little credible but this one.. I cannot believe that Reese Witherspoon stands behind this movie, she even helped out as Regisseur..
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This movie is everything that could have been bad about the original.
Anne A.25 June 2013
As a fan of Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde's predecessor, I avoided watching this sequel until today, and for good reason it seems. The rumours (and reviews) are true. This is an awful sequel to what was an otherwise clever and cute movie that recognised it's flaws but made light of them. This movie fails to do that, and instead ends up becoming what the first film tried to avoid: a shallow story following the unbelievable events of a caricature of a character. People who have not watched Legally Blonde 1 will not be aware of this contrast and so might view this movie differently, which seems to explain why the majority of good reviews here come from these exact same people.

LB2 follows Elle Woods (Reese Withersproon), a Harvard Law graduate who is fired from her position in a prestigious Law Firm for trying to champion animal rights, after discovering that her dog Bruiser's mother is being used as a test subject in a cosmetics company. In order to have her dog's mum attend her wedding to Emmett (Luke Wilson), she heads to Washington D.C and joins the team of Congresswoman Victoria Rudd (Sally Field) to learn the ins and outs of Washington politics and to pass her 'Bruisers Bill' through congress that would see an end to the legal status of animal testing.

This movie just utterly fails to capture the audience's hearts with it's preachy message, lacklustre humour and unrelatable characters who we once used to love. Gone is the Elle Woods who learned to overcome prejudice and grew into a strong-willed, self-assured, smart woman. Instead, Elle is a vapid, loudmouthed airhead who still lets people's impressions of her get her down. I thought that she would be a seasoned pro when it came to this now, but apparently she only learned how to overcome bad remarks within the University framework and nowhere beyond that. The character of Elle is a shadow of her former glory and loses that 'heart' that she had in the first film. Now all she cares about is getting a dog to attend her wedding? And this is important, how? When she first trawls into the investigators office with a proposition to find her, I was honestly left scratching my head wondering, "why?". But no. The whole film centres on her apparently gay dog Bruiser and his mum. While the idea of enrolling at university to reclaim a lost love seems unbelievable in itself, the way they executed her motives in the first film made it seem so. This time round it's just too far. Some characters from the first movie make an appearance; Emmett, who didn't even need to be in this film as he is just useless here, and her beautician friend who took a downgrade from ditsy to nearly mentally defunct for whatever reason. All of them lose their appeal and whatever relatability they had.

I could have suffered through this movie if it even tried to be clever and funny but instead all we get is shallow cheap jokes and dog humour. Oh, and cheer leading in front of congress. I'm serious. I felt insulted by watching this and almost guilty that I was a fan of LB1. Was this really the character I loved and thought was endearing from the first installment? Oh my, what a fool I was. The script is severely lacking in originality and cleverness, the overall message is unnecessarily preachy and vapid, and the characters are lame. A lot of wasted opportunities with a good cast including Sally Fields and Bob Newhart.

I wish I had never watched this sequel because it has now rubbed the shine off the original for me. This is just a sad, sad attempt to milk the cash cow and in doing so the creators of this film have milked everything that made the first film good and turned it sour and unpalatable. I'd give this a zero out of 10 if I could.
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The Most Disappointing Sequel of 2003
christian1232 June 2005
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde is a very disappointing sequel as it fails to deliver the laughs. Elle Woods is now a rising young lawyer at a great firm, balancing a demanding a career with preparations for her wedding to the man of her dreams. But when she finds out that her beloved dog Bruiser's family members are being used as cosmetic test subjects by one of her firm's own clients, she stands up for their rights--and is promptly fired. Ms. Woods decides to go to Washington to take matters into her own hands. The plot actually had some potential, unfortunately the execution was very poor. The original wasn't an Oscar quality film, it was just a fun film to watch. The sequel isn't as fun nor is it fun in general. It was pretty much the same as the first movie and so it was a pretty pointless sequel. Reese Witherspoon returns and she does a good job but she's working with a weak script. The supporting cast isn't very good as none add much to the film. Sally Field is a very good actress but her talents are wasted. Luke Wilson's character isn't very interesting and Jennifer Coolidge tries to hard most of the time. Regina King is a new addition to the cast and she does an okay job, nothing memorable though. Missing from this sequel is Selma Blair, this doesn't matter though as her character wasn't really needed. Charles Herman-Wurmfeld replaces Robert Luketic as the director and does a very bad job. The running time is a brief 95 minutes though it feels a lot longer then that. The film felt a lot longer since the movie just wasn't funny. There were a few funny moments though most of the jokes this film delivered were, at best, small chuckles. Do a few funny moments redeem this film? No, this sequel is one of the worst sequels of 2003 and one of the worst comedies of 2003. In the end, this sequel may seem funny but I assure you it isn't. Rating 4.3/10, rent the original instead.
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She Became Worse O_o
1337_Bionic29 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The whole movie had no point; with Elle Woods looking for her dogs mom? its kinda pathetic really...and the whole graduation thing from the first movie seemed REALLY good and all and the second movie she gets fired because she's obsessed with her pooch (i like dogs, nothing bad on em). anyway the whole thing was pointless because there was no real story in the movie and it totally killed the first movie after watching the second. you can easily tell that they made the second one out of thin air. if there IS a message in the movie (standing up for oneself and using one's voice) they needed to make it clearer.

another thing was that it was all centered upon Bruiser; the dog. they should have made the subtitle after Legally Blonde: (yadda yadda) different.
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Absolute crap and I even liked the first one (Warning!! Possible spoiler material)
pmcclure26 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
(Warning!!! Possible spoiler material in this review, although I don't think I'm really spoiling anything but FYI) This movie made me want to kill myself. I thought the emphasis on the dog was just too much and got old very quickly. The charecterization of some of the people was almost offensive (almost because I don't feel that it was done to put down any one but some of the jokes regarding sexualy orentation futher spread derogitory language/concepts about homosexuals).

I will not see any sequel of this film except for free.
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Not horrendously bad, but far from good
SteverinoAlaReno7 July 2003
I loved the original Legally Blonde, and I knew going into this movie that it wouldn't be as good as the original. My only solace lies in the thought that this could have been so much worse than it was.

First, LB2 relied too much on the Elle-Woods-Fish-Out-Of-Water plot. It should have portrayed the main character as being savvy enough to take advantage of the fact that her opponents always underestimated her. After all, she's been out of law school a couple of years already, surely she'd have learned that much, right?

Second, the plot itself was too contrived. There wasn't a single believable character in the show, and Witherspoon was just a caricature of the original movie's heroine.

But I still managed to enjoy most of the show. I even chuckled in a couple of scenes. But I winced at far too many other scenes, and the climactic speech to Congress was abominable.

I've seen worse remakes than this, but I think the producers missed an opportunity to make a good film instead of a knock-off.
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One of the worst propaganda movies ever.
Morfeus Ivanovich7 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie simply fails to achieve a level of even average at any position like plot, script, directing, acting or relevant ideas. As we observe the plain and unrealistic "Blonde crusade" to Washington to achieve another stupid and purely political goal - protecting rights of animals. Well, in some time, corrupted politicans are defeated, and blondes reign supreme, although it is hard to believe they are able to actually comprehend what they were fighting for. Acting is really below average, Reese is just plain annoying, and though she's quite talented actress, the script is so bad that her talent is in vain. So, to sum up - a very bad movie. 1/10.
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I'd rather staple my eyelids shut
wildkat20014 November 2003
Okay, Seriously, if there is anything you ever do for yourself ever during your existence here on earth, please I beg, I warn and plead with you... DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE EVER!!!

I really did like the first and I rented this movie with some apprehension (I had heard the bad reviews, and wanted to see it for myself)

Now I wish I could turn back the hands of time and never have rented this terrible movie.

I would rather staple my eyelids shut than to ever have to sit thru this movie again!!!

The acting is horrendous, The jokes pathetic, and Reese Witherspoon's character is even more pathetic (if possible). You will suffer beyond belief if you choose to watch this film, if you like pain, then find another means of torture - this film only leaves you unsatisfied and red, black and blue!!!
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Jim-reviews-film12 March 2015
I went to a free screening and demanded a refund.

I was so long ago And it haunts me still. Seriously Don't.

I mean it The first was OK.. But this.

I mean, it had a sub plot about some dogs.. And there was some pink clothing.

I'm sorry. I watched most of it through my fingers.

I warn everyone about this movie.

I hope you heed mine.

Please beware my warning. You cannot Unsee this horror..

Turn back while you still can.
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Witherspoon kept a career going after this???
alsation7216 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
In the first movie, a blonde student became a lawyer in two seconds. Here, the same character is now a lobbyist in Washington.

Elle Woods is in Washington to spruik up some support for animal rights; albeit the shallowest possible depiction of animal rights. She wants animal testing for cosmetics banned.

The first film was generally watch-able, and the Witherspoon character was enough of a novelty to drive the film ... here the same character is just plain irritating and the scenario's just ridiculous.

This is a particularly soulless film, with pointless scenes that just drag on and on. The "gay dog" mini-storyline is just ridiculously lame.

Not sure whether I will sit through the whole thing at this point ... you don't really need a crystal ball to work out what will happen, and there's no incentive to bother with it except for the 'so-bad-its-funny' effect.

1/10 ... utter ****
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what a hypocritical movie
Alex26 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
LB-1 was OK, stupid but funny. But in LB-2 they decided to touch the US politics and movie became just a hypocritical laughing-stock. Final Congress speech (about DOGS RIGHTS!!!) is as preposterous and pretentious as it could never be. Hey, Blondie, could you use your "Sisters" resources and "Millions March" just for something more useful?

P.S. SPOILER: and yes, those cats and dogs are let free just to become homeless.
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Rarely has a sequel been worse.
chrislife4 July 2007
Legally Blonde, the original, was a fun and enjoyable movie. It wasn't terribly original, but it was well done; by the end, you felt connected with Elle, and delighted in seeing her meet her potential and outgrow her shallowness.

Then came Legally Blonde II, where we find Elle back to her shallow ways. It was as though all that growth she'd experienced in the first movie was gone, and the writers completely missed the point of the previous movie. It wasn't good because she was a flake, but because she learned her worth. The second movie seemed to think "Oh, a movie about a flake... let's do another one." The acting was fine, but the writing missed the boat completely. Absolutely horrible.
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How Bad? Sooooooo Bad
dcostolo27 October 2003
Reese Goes to Washington. We discover that, beneath a very very thin veneer of protocol, politics in DC largely functions EXACTLY like a sorority! Isn't that cool? How FUN! But how on earth will Reese figure out to puncture this veneer of propriety and protocol that prevents people from doing the right thing and allows bureacracy and EEEEEEVIL to propogate through the legislative halls of our great land? well, i don't want to spoil the whole movie for you! But guess what? The really cool and honest Legislator that Reese goes to work for? She's kind of EEEEEEVIL!
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Fairly enjoyable, as a cartoon brought to life with real actors.
TxMike7 October 2004
There can be little doubt, this movie is an inferior follow-up to Legally Blonde. Too many characters are recycled and made to look cute, but it doesn't work as well as when it was fresh. Still, Reese Witherspoon has created in 'Elle Woods' a character that is just fun to watch. She never stays down long, always picking herself up with a fresh approach until she achieves her goal. I look at it like a 'Roadrunner' cartoon, but with real people. It is silly and implausible, but funny. In this case the 'bad guys' are the US Congress in a parody of it's habit of making backroom deals and taking care of supporters to guarantee reelection, even if nothing is done to help constituents. Elle Woods finds that animals are used to test cosmetics, and her quest is to get a law passed that will make it illegal. Nothing more than cute, funny fluff.
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Sweet, funny and sugary...yet has some serious messages that many people overlook...
scarletminded6 April 2004
If you don't like offbeat silly films, you probably didn't like Legally Blonde and you most likely won't like its sequel. So stay away!

For us that do, it is a hilarious comedy. My favorite one is the tagline on the V.E.R.S.A.C.E. "think tank" (I knew they had one!) website that says: "We test makeup on animals, so you don't have to." Anyone who doesn't laugh at that doesn't have any sense of humor, or any sense at all.

As much as people think this is a silly stupid comedy, it has a lot to say. First off, even though Elle is into fashion, pink, her wedding and the like, she is smart. She discovers what is going on behind her back. She writes a bill while her co-workers are waiting for lawyers to do it. I don't think that most viewers get that Elle is a smart character, not an airheaded one. She is just a free spirit and different.

Which leads me to the next layer. In both films, Elle is the sore thumb. In a world that worships the thin, tan, blonde girls, she gets into situations where her looks don't work for her. She is put down for what she likes and who she is. She has to show people she isn't the stereotype they think her to be. That gives a good message to teenage girls who would watch the film, a much better film night idea than letting them watch Road Trip, American Pie or any other pointless teenage sex comedy, where the girl is just seen as a sex object and not a real character. This films has ideas. Elle uses her abilities, like making friends, to achieve her goals. She never changes who she is deep down for anyone. She is idealistic, not cynical or jaded, she is friendly and very sweet. More people in the world should be like her.

Then there is also the layer of animal rights and fighting for what you believe in, even if that means losing your job. Teen based films barely touch politics, but this one gives a good look inside what goes on...not intensely realistic, but it is a teen doesn't expect The West Wing here...

Not to say that LB2 doesn't have a lot of silly and even stupid humor...I love Paulette and Elle's little dog...but it also has many quick jokes you might not see if you aren't paying close attention. If you have the DVD, pause on the magazines and read them. They are great! It reminds me of movies like Airplane or Austin Powers, the jokes keep coming at you and you have to listen to the dialog closely to get the wit. It also has some repeating jokes, like the intern room reference to Elle and her friends.

I actually watched it a second time and laughed louder than the first. It is over the top, like a pink sickening sweet cookie with frosting and sprinkles over it...but it works!
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10 things to do to destroy a pretty good movie
FabZeFab18 September 2003
When the first LEGALLY BLOND has been released, i was surprised because it was fresh, spontaneous,funny and pretty original. So, i was pleased enough to see the sequel. Unfortunately, every single second of this movie is awful. All the good things from the first one are forgotten. It's stupid, ugly, dumb and completely useless. one of the worst movie i have ever seen.
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Why does God hate us much?
Critic47115 July 2003
I can understand the movie production company's need to make money. I can understand making a sequel to a poor movie that made money. I can understand how sequels to poor movies are just so bad, you get mystified anyone would go see them, and yet some how someone thought it was a good idea that is was made. I can understand a desperate screenwriter throwing together a script to make his car payment. What I can't understand how Legally Blonde 2 was created with such a piss poor script and story.

Elle Woods finds out her dog's mother is being used for cosmetic testing. This then causes her to go on an ill thought crusade to protect animals or those that can't protect them. See sounds like a perfect crappy sequel, keep it light, fluffy, throw in some quick wit, a couple new jokes and reference the last movie; that would be the recipe for an average crappy sequel. This movie couldn't even get that done.

1) The dialogue is awful, placing Elle Woods as an underdog yet again is another rehash of something already seen. 2) The movie looks like it was shot by an inebriated monkey trying to work the camera and do lines off a monkey hooker's bum 3) The story doesn't have any flow 4) The characters are paper thin 5) Don't even get me started on the horrid acting.

There is a bright spot in this film though: it is the comedic timing of Jennifer Coolidge. The woman is a true professional and can make unfunny lines just a little better. So kudos to you Ms. Coolidge. Still it doesn't make this movie worth watching.

If someone tries to make you watch this garbage, do yourself a favor: get a hammer or any heavy blunt object really, then start smashing it into your skull over and over again. This will hopefully lessen the pain Legally Blonde 2 will cause in your head. This movie gets a -1/10
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My Eyes Hurt!
houstonjack9 July 2005
It seemed like such a great deal at the time, all the movies you can watch for $14.99. I thought I could handle it, I thought a man my age could be responsible. Then I hit rock bottom: Legally Blonde 2 Oh my God, I actually think this movie has actually shortened my life, not just wasted 95 minutes of it, but actually shortened it.

So appallingly bad, it will make you hate dogs, blondes, and democracry.

Gay dogs? Why? Maybe it is Hollywood's sense of irony, Bruiser's, the gay dog son, mother is used as a test animal for cosmetic company.

So insipid and illogical, a 7 year old would be appalled. How does writing and a story line so bad, get the "green light"? Damn you Blockbuster and your $14.99 a month "special"
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tragedy! if you watch this stupid film you will regret this!
wassyl1 October 2003
I have seen the first part and it was stupid for me, but there are no words describing how stupid is Legally Blonde 2. The jokes are deproable... you watch it and cannot believe that people have no shame to make something like this. Don't touch this movie even with a stick!
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Ronald MacClairol
tedg9 August 2003
Most films these days are self-aware or self-referential or both. This is so prevalent that viewers only notice it when a movie is direct and takes itself seriously like this one does.

What this movie attempts shows a remarkable degree of engineering. The movie itself is dumb but honest and it is about a character that is dumb but honest (and well-meaning). I call this effect 'folding,' something which seems to have great power. The form of the movie corresponds to its content. Someone smart was behind this.

This is one of two movies I saw this week that exploits post 9-11 American notions of self. We need to be reassured that we are good, that the system is fundamentally healthy, that one person can make a difference and so on.

The other movie was 'Seabiscuit' which pulls on the Democrat message: little guy against fat capitalism, struggling nation getting help from government policy, all people are essentially kindhearted, wounded people and persons coming back and winning and so one there too.

This film pulls on the Republican end: lightweight and lowbrow, celebrates the simple platitude as truth, respect for the stupid but well-meaning. Even features Lincoln and has a female Clarence Thomas type.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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Not good at all.
3-D2 February 2006
Although I recognize the fact that I'm a guy and shouldn't like chick flicks anyway, Legally Blonde 2 was ridiculous on so many levels that after watching the movie I had to lower my head in shame.

The first LB movie, while not very funny, was still entertaining to watch because it actually had effort put into the storyline. It was interesting to see a fashion-obsessed blonde in pink apparently not fitting in at Harvard law school. They tried the same approach with LB2, only with her walking into congress buildings wearing her all pink outfits. However, since we've already seen that attempt at humor in the first movie, it just wasn't anything special.

Aside from that, the plot outline was horrible. Basically, Elle Woods (Witherspoon) is having an upcoming wedding where she plans to invite the mother of her pet dog. She discovers that the dog's mother is in a lab, where they were testing fingernail polish on the dog's nails. Elle got sad and was like 'I am going to go to DC and make it illegal for them to test on animals!' The viewer, however, doesn't really care, realizing that putting nail polish on a dog's nails really isn't that big of a deal, but hey.

I'm not trying to sound mean, but I just can't really think of anything good about this movie. Every single joke used in the movie was either not funny or recycled from the first one. The entire concept of the plot is just retarded. It even seemed Reese was half-assing her acting job through the movie, doing even worse than she did in the first film. Nobody else in the movie will be nominated for any Oscars, either.

It just seemed that some filmmaker wanted to cash in from the first movie's success, knowing that people will pay money to see this movie just because the first one was popular. All of the production team's effort went into marketing and hype and they just didn't put enough into the actual movie itself.

2 out of 10
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Stay Away
Srimoyee Chatterjee10 November 2007
This is one of the stupidest movies I have seen in forever. Anybody who liked Legally Blonde 1 should keep that as their memory, and not override it with this monstrosity!Anything that was endearing about Elle has been replaced by irritating. When the movie ended I was actually crying out of relief(which beg the question, why did I want to see this movie so desperately in the first place?). I wanted to disbelief the rumors about how horrible the movie was, I thought I could place it on a better pedestal. I'm really really sorry to all Legally blonde fans, stay far far far away from this one. Save yourself the trouble, the pain and the humiliation.

Resse needs a dentist, and this movie needs a script, direction and a heavy dose of reality.
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