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Plot Keywords

home pain
actor doctor
drugs quarterback
wheelchair pills
fate knight
abyss psychiatrist
funeral protective male
manic pixie dream girl trope bechdel test failed
written and directed by cast member pet cat
baby hobby
voyeurism scam artist
acoustic guitar tap dancing
panties figure skating
video cassette phonograph record
photo album dead animal
record player reference to sally struthers
reference to the shins medical clinic
reference to star trek suburbia
joint headphones
sword bra
siren headstone
medicine airliner
organist casket
traffic jam slow motion scene
free spirit gas pump nozzle
improvisation pinball necklace
cuff links journey
trading card turpentine
knight in shining armor tea
guardian screaming
store clerk hardware store
underground cavern rock quarry
cake money
anxiety stepbrother stepsister relationship
emotional detachment bread
coolie digging a grave
carbon monoxide detector doctor's office
mayday medicine cabinet
writer reference to life magazine
joust medieval times
suit of armor stoned
robot grandfather grandson relationship
men's bathroom burying a dead hamster
death of a pet tickling
kidnapping bow and arrow
flaming arrow christmas tree
rutgers university waiter
kitchen trekkie
yacht lithium
song singing
singer sadness
law firm reference to brave new world
reference to aldous huxley shyness
reference to god vietnamese restaurant
cafe restaurant
newark new jersey turnpike
freeway medication
diving board diving
ellipsis numbness
dancing dancer
sauna operation desert storm
apocalypse reference to dick cheney
reference to wolf blitzer guitar
classmate suicide
peep show bellhop
topless female nudity bare breasts
female nudity nudity
junkyard quarry
escalator phone booth
pay phone telephone call
telephone prostitute
reference to lyle lovett reference to julia roberts
reference to robert deniro snorting cocaine
urinal police siren
police car policeman
police motorcycle
bathroom neck injury
student high school
football practice american football
snot dripping from nose shared bath
reading rain
paralysis ejaculation
orgasm peep hole
blowing one's nose on one's sleeve golf
trust grave digger
seizure paraplegic
pet cemetery party
reference to andrew lloyd webber audition
marijuana joint liar
lie coffin
graveyard bar
friend gun
cocaine invention
inventor cousin cousin relationship
swimming go kart
watching tv autobiographical
crying blindness
blind woman pit bull
doberman german shepherd
storytelling black american
sex african american
family relationships temple
yom kippur wailing wall
brother sister relationship kiss
underwear drinking
drink paranoia
husband wife relationship cigarette smoking
mother son relationship drug use
twenty something coming of age
love towel
hugging medical examination
bed briefs
bathing kissing in the rain
pet funeral serendipity
collision course meeting again
loss of mother loneliness
jew funeral rite
friendship dream sequence
directorial debut destiny
character repeating someone else's dialogue chance
burial budding friendship
atheist unhappiness
existentialism pot smoking
metrosexual hotel
hotel room gift
eye liner cannabis
peeping tom hole
dog mother daughter relationship
boyfriend girlfriend relationship adopted son
overhead camera shot animal in cast credits
seeing eye dog fingerprints
dusting for fingerprints cemetery
dysfunctional family unintelligible dialogue with subtitles
jewish vietnamese
tears swimming pool
police officer airplane crash
neurologist ice skating
home movie hamster
ecstasy ear
bathtub alligator
airport velcro
spin the bottle motorcycle with a sidecar
necklace marijuana
mansion helmet
headache grave robber
fireplace epilepsy
dog humping someone's leg dishwasher
brain scan bong
ark directed by star
unhappy childhood town
return to the past rejecting parent
psychiatric examination new jersey
neglectful son los angeles california
isolation father son reunion
father son relationship father son estrangement
depression best friend
death of mother based on true story

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