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Attention, Browncoats! Joss Whedon’s Firefly Online Game Announced at Sdcc

If there’s anything that can get a geek fist raised in frustration, it’s the mention of the beloved television show Firefly that was ended too soon for devoted fans. Years later, the reuniting of the cast of the show with it’s creator Joss Whedon is at the top of most fan’s list for things they’d like to resurrect from the ashes.

It is more and more unlikely to happen as the years continue to role by but hope will never be lost. And while we wait for what could be forever, we can now busy ourselves immersed in the world we love through an online Firefly game.

Here’s a blurb from the creators:

On behalf of QMx Interactive and Spark Plug Games, we want to say thank you.

Together with you, our fellow Browncoats from around the world, we’re about to do the impossible.
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Jet Li heads to China for dramatic role

Martial Arts star and all-around master of bad-assery Jet Li will head back to Chinese filmmaking with the upcoming drama Ocean Paradise.

This film marks Li’s first Chinese project since 2007’s The Warlords from Peter Chan.

Ocean Paradise also stars Kwai Lun-mei (All About Women) and will be directed by Together With You scribe Xue Xiao-l.

Details of Ocean Paradise are still unknown. However, seeing Li tapped for a “drama” instead of high-flying actioner should give readers a double-take. The 46-year-old Wushu champion just wrapped up filming of Sylvester Stallone’s action ensemble The Expendables and was last seen in the States via The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and The Forbidden Kingdom.

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'Shaft' tops at Tribeca fest

'Shaft' tops at Tribeca fest
NEW YORK -- Blind Shaft, the piercing indictment of the Chinese mining industry from first-time director Li Yang, took home the top narrative feature Sunday night as the Tribeca Film Festival wrapped up its second year with a ceremony that meted out 11 awards. Two films won the Budweiser/TriggerStreet.com Audience Award for Best Feature: David G. Berger, Holly Maxson, and Kate Hirson's Keeping Time: The Life, Music & Photographs of Milt Hinton, a portrait of the bass player/photographer; and Chen Kaige's Together, a Chinese story about a father and his son, a young violin prodigy, who move from their rural hometown to Beijing to study with a master teacher.

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