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Plot Keywords

troy trojan
greek prince
bronze age ship
power epic
battle queen
throat cut city
long blonde hair long brown hair
blonde kissing while having sex
passionate kissing sex scene
female removes her dress bare breasts
opening action scene ends with funeral
gore blood
soldier's helmet tragic hero
greco roman wrestling shot with a bow and arrow
female rear nudity scantily clad female
cleavage ancient world
fireball martial arts
brutality custom
treachery rite
ritual cremation
battlefield retreat
bow and arrow invasion
helen of troy palace
empire mycenae greece
trirene sparta greece
village soldier
thessaly greece achilles tendon cut
achilles tendon wilhelm scream
main character dies antiquity
rape of prisoner blood splatter
stitch mythology
achilles' heel undressing
place name in title city name in title
stabbed through the chest decapitation of statue
spear through one's chest revenge
greek myth human branding
duel branding
stabbed in the shoulder trojan empire
homer's iliad ancient troy
walled city tent
sword wound shot with an arrow
shield pyre
priest poseidon
myth impostor
hammer greek god
glory gate
flaming arrow feast
desecration dagger
coward corpse
challenge broken arrow
baby armor
sword shot in the foot
blockbuster chariot
tragedy throat slitting
stabbed in the face person on fire
nudity mistaken identity
loss of husband looting
kingdom honor
greed fight to the death
female nudity falling from height
egotism death of hero
burning city broken pact
archery adulterous wife
war ship trojan horse
classical temple sword fight
stabbed in the throat stabbed in the side
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the head
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
stabbed in the arm spear
siege priestess
impalement husband wife relationship
hand to hand combat greek mythology
funeral pyre fleet
father son relationship cousin cousin relationship
brother brother relationship best friend
archer aegean sea
adultery trojan war
ancient greece ancient civilization
army king
warrior betrayal
vengeance hero
sword and sandal title spoken by character
surprise ending

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