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Early in filming, an insecure Robert Tsai approached director Richard Linklater and tried to talk him out of letting him be in the film because he felt he wasn't right for the part. Linklater responded that it was his very insecurity that made him exactly right for the part, and kept him in.
The rock band Led Zeppelin are notoriously hesitant to allow their music to be licensed for commercial purposes. Knowing this, Richard Linklater filmed a plea by actor Jack Black in front of 1,000 screaming fans, imploring the band to let the production use the "Immigrant Song" in the movie. The plea worked and the filmed request is included on the DVD.
All the kids really play their instruments, and the backup singers are real vocalists. Jack Black also played a bit of guitar in the movie (for example, when he is teaching "Smoke on the water", "Iron man" and other songs to Zach), but he didn't do the guitar solos.
Jack Black thought of all the nicknames for the kids.
Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Summer in the movie, can sing. She took about a 45-minute "bad singing" lesson to sing horrible for the song "Memory" when Jack Black's character was looking for backup singers.
Writer Mike White is actually not a fan of classic rock. The basis of the movie is actually used so Jack Black could perform his own favorite music.
The idea for the movie came when writer Mike White moved into an apartment next to Jack Black. White would often find Jack Black running naked through the halls or blasting much of the music featured in the movie at full volume.
Although the children in the film are supposed to all be the same age, the child actors ranged in age from Kevin Alexander Clark, who was nearly 15 by the time of the film's release, to Miranda Cosgrove, who has just turned 10 by the time of the film's release.
A DVD bonus feature reveals that the movie was originally going to be a musical.
Stunt men were used to catch Jack Black at the end for the stage dive (just in case).
Dewey's nickname for Freddy the drummer, "Spazzy McGee", is a reference to an early draft of the character in which Freddy is a spastic sufferer of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and can be seen taking Ritalin during class.
When Ned asks Dewey to sell one of his guitars to pay rent, Dewey replies, "Would you ask Picasso to sell one of his guitars?" and Sarah Silverman's character calls him an idiot. Guitars are a prominent subject in many of Picasso's paintings.
In the photo that Dewey holds up of his and Ned's old band, the other person is Richard Linklater, the director.
When the class are at the tryouts for the Battle of the Bands contest, Summer and Dewey are on the stage talking to the director. In this scene, when Jack Black's character gets frustrated, he throws a chair. According to the commentary on the DVD, this wasn't part of the script and Miranda Cosgrove didn't know this was going to happen. You can see her react by jumping when the chair is thrown. This is a completely real reaction.
Richard Linklater taught Miranda Cosgrove how to do the screwed mouth face after she finds out what a groupie is and confronts Dewey about it.
The finger point and nod that Jack Black teaches Zack is actually a move that Angus Young of AC/DC performs in concerts. Black also imitates Young's schoolboy attire during the Battle.
During the band practice montage, Summer is seen reading "This Business of Music," a guide to legal and financial issues in the music industry that has been published since 1964.
When the band first starts learning Zack's song, Dewey hums a solo and asks Zack if it's cool that he rocks a solo there. The solo he hums is the exact solo he plays at the Battle of the Bands
The script originally called for Jack Black and Joan Cusack's characters to fall in love following their outing to the bar.
When asked for his opinion about testing from the other teachers, Dewey dodges the question with song lyrics including the line "Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be". One of the teachers asks if it is from a song, but he denies it. They are in fact from the song, "Greatest Love of All".
All parents' cars are Volvos.
There was a part in the original script where Freddy Jones, played by Kevin Alexander Clark, would forget his drumsticks to class and having Jack Black to say: "Would Keith Moon forget his sticks? No! He might get drunk and pass out on the floor, but he would never forget his sticks!"
The title font (seen on posters/cover art/etc.) is that used famously by Rolling Stone Magazine. The magazine is credited on the small print as the copyright holder.
After the first band rehearsal, Dewey gives the kids some musical albums to listen to at home for inspiration and influences. The albums are: "Led Zeppelin" by Led Zeppelin, "Parallel Lines" by Blondie, "Fragile" by Yes, "2112" by Rush, Axis: Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix and "Dark Side Of The Moon" by Pink Floyd.
Originally in the script, Dewey was supposed to have run the teacher over before she came to school which stopped her from teaching the class for 3 weeks. After, they changed it to her falling in the shower instead.
The big posters in Dewey's bedroom are of the The Sex Pistols, The Who, and New York City rock band Evil Jake. They were included because set designers photographed lead singer Mike Jacobs' apartment as research on how struggling musicians actually live, and Dewey's apartment is partially modeled on Mike's.
The school's name, Horace Green, is a reference to the highly prestigious school, Horace Mann.
The original screenplay was called "The School of Rock", and it was later shortened to "School of Rock". However, the opening credits had already been designed and partially shown in theaters with the word "The" in the title. Director Richard Linklater decided not to digitally remove the extra word from the credits.
During the class lectures, Dewey shows a slide-show that features a picture of the Ramones. In the end credits scene, Zack is wearing a Ramones t-shirt, showing how thoroughly he has changed from the beginning.
When Dewey Finn is teaching bass to Katie in the classroom during the Ramones teaching montage his bass guitar has no strings.
The riff of The Darkness song "Black Shuck" is used in the film, but "Growing On Me" appears on the soundtrack. This is because Black Shuck contains the line "Black Shuck, that dog don't give a fuck" repeatedly.
The shirt that Freddy is wearing in the end is from Green Day's 2001 "Warning" tour.
In Spain, Jack Black was dubbed by singer-actor Dani Martín. Martin had no dubbing experience but it was chosen because in the time of the movie his rock band "El Canto de Loco" was a big hit in Spain. This dubbing is considered one of the worst dubbing ever made in Spain due to Martin's casting choice.
The piece the children play in the band hall is Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez".
In 2014, it was announced that Andrew Lloyd Webber was working on a musical adaptation of the film. It is set to head to Broadway in November 2015 at the Winter Garden Theater, starring Alex Brightman as Dewey Finn.
In the background at the battle of the bands, you can spot members of the metal bands Poison the Well, and Candiria.
Freddy Jones' name is the same as the character from Scooby Doo.
Ned's old band, Maggotdeath is a reference to the metal band, Megadeth.
Jack Black and Miranda Cosgrove would later star together in the season four one-hour special of iCarly (2007) iStart a Fan War.
Jack Black is a musician in real life. He is also a member of the rock band Tenacious D.
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Andrew Lloyd Webber made this movie into a musical, which opened on Broadway in late 2015.
Dewey's guitar is a Gibson SG Standard.
First film role and second role overall for Miranda Cosgrove.
Jack Black and Joan Cusack previously worked together in High Fidelity (2000) that also starred Joan's brother John Cusack.
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When Miranda Cosgrove's character sings badly as an audition for a backup singer, she sings "Memory" from the Broadway musical Cats, which was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Webber would go on to write the music for the Broadway musical version of School of Rock.
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Stephen Frears was originally approached to direct.


The Mooney Suzuki: As Dewey heads into the Battle of The Bands contest towards the end of the film he walks through a corridor and past two musicians wearing shades, leaning against a wall. The two are members the band who provide extra instrumentation on the soundtrack.

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