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The producers went through normal channels to try to obtain the rights to include a piece of the title song from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), but all their requests were denied. Finally, a friend gave them Tim Rice's personal phone number, and after seeing and loving the movie, Rice agreed to grant them the right to use the song.
All the prom songs performed by the Christian rock band Godflight were actually by The Replacements, a rock band from the 1980s.
The role of Hilary Faye was originally given to Anne Hathaway, but funding fell through and Hathaway was due to start Ella Enchanted (2004). This led to Hathaway being replaced by Mandy Moore.
The Hebrew on Cassandra's necklace (visible during the Christmas food court scene) says "Cassandra".
The woman who coached Mandy Moore and Eva Amurri Martino on speaking in tongues gave them several phrases that they could repeat, including "she bought a Hyundai" and "untie my bow tie."
According to director Brian Dannelly, before production, several fundamentalists working on the film quit. A church, a Christian rock band and the homeowner whose house was to be used for important scenes pulled out of productions because of objections over the film's unflattering content.
'Saved!' was reworked into a stage musical (with the same title, minus the exclamation point), which premiered for a limited run in 2008 in New York City, to mixed reviews. Music was by Michael Friedman and book and lyrics by John Dempsey and Rinne Groff.
As Pastor Skip enters the school library to talk to Hilary Faye and the Christian Jewels about Mary, there is a READ poster featuring R.E.M. visible over his shoulder. Michael Stipe is the lead singer of R.E.M. and also co-produced the film.
In January 2009, the medical journal 'Pediatrics' published a study showing that gay teens who face a high level of familial rejection (as the character Dean did) are several times more likely to engage in various risky behaviors, including unprotected sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, often to try to "prove" to themselves or others that they are not really gay.
According to producer Sandy Stern, the film had gone through "about 200 rewrites". The original script had Hilary Faye, played by Mandy Moore, shooting up the school.
Won the Audience Favorite award at the Nashville Film Festival.
The porn magazine that Dean hides under his mattress features adult film star Chris Steele on the cover. The magazine is called 'Honcho' and is a actual magazine.
Mary's character, played by Jena Malone, and Cassandra, played by Eva Amurri Martino, become best friends in the movie 'Saved!' (2004). In 1998, Jena Malone played Susan Sarandon's on-screen daughter in 'Stepmom'. Susan Sarandon is Eva Amurri Martino's mother in real life.
Martin Donovan and Mary-Louise Parker were also love interests on the show Weeds. Mary-Louise Parker played a drug dealer and Martin Donovan played a DEA agent.
Pastor Skip (Martin Donovan) tells Dean and his boyfriend, "What you're doing is wrong in the eyes of the Lord." In The Opposite of Sex (1998), Donovan plays a gay teacher who claims to have survived, among other things, "Anita Bryant, the pope, [and] the fucking Christian Coalition."
Viewers often misidentify the parochial school that Mary attends as a Catholic School, but it is supposed to be a Protestant one (albeit one for which a specific denomination is never identified).
In the original script, Hilary Faye and Cassandra were supposed speak in tongues to each other.
This is the second movie that Mandy Moore and Heather Matarazzo co-star in. The first was The Princess Diaries.
The film is set in Baltimore County, Maryland, just north of Baltimore City, as evidenced by Hilary Faye's Maryland license plate and the "Baltimore County Bus Company" public transportation that Mary takes to and from the clinic.
Patrick's T-shirt on the cover of the USA DVD box and the shirt (that says 'Jesus') that he wears in the movie is a parody of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC's logo.
Cassandra's bumper sticker says 'Jesus Loves You - Everyone Else Thinks You're An Asshole.' Hilary Faye ends up scratching out the "you're an asshole" part with the keys of her van.
Hilary Faye's license plate on her car says "JC Girl".
The school that Hilary Faye goes to is 'American Eagle Christian High School'. It is a fictional school and does not actually exist.
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Hilary Faye and Roland's last name is Stockard (which can be seen on a certificate hung in Hilary Faye's bedroom) and Dean's last name is Winters (which can be seen on the flier for his prayer circle).
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The gun that Hillary Faye uses at the target range is an IMI Jericho.
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