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Scott has the courage to let the imaginative story unfold at its own leisurely pace, and it's not surprising that the acting is excellent, considering that he's among the very best American screen actors.
Off the Map is visually beautiful as a portrait of lives in the middle of emptiness, but it's not about the New Mexico scenery. It's about feelings that shift among people who are good enough, curious enough or just maybe tired enough to let that happen.
Rambles without apparent purpose, and yet it blooms in emotional impact as it goes.
Chicago Tribune
One of those sweet, intelligent, nicely made films.
Wall Street Journal
The movie's sense of place is hypnotic, but there's more to it than gorgeous images -- Campbell Scott's astute direction; Joan Allen's beautifully laconic performance; a sense of lively, if occasionally pretentious, inquiry into the wellsprings of art.
Entertainment Weekly
This is a character study more than a forward-moving drama, plopped down with exquisite photographic care in a beautiful New Mexico desert, and starring good actors who make a feast of their flavorful roles.
The funny and heartbreaking Off the Map, directed with a poet's eye and a keen ear for nuance by Campbell Scott, resonates with something rare in today's movies: simplicity.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Directed with an easygoing grace by Campbell Scott, has the feel of a coming-of-age novel.
New York Daily News
Perhaps the most evocative movie of the new year, Campbell Scott's Off the Map, moves at the pace of a Southwestern sunset and ends before you're quite ready to let it go.
The people are just a little too calculatedly quirky in Off the Map, an otherwise engaging comedy.
San Francisco Chronicle
Its story meanders and doesn't build, and the pace is deadly.

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