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Entertainment Weekly
It's been a while since a movie made the game of love this winning.
The movie has been directed by the Farrelly brothers...Here, they're sensitive and warm-hearted, never push too hard, empathize with the characters, allow Lindsey and Ben to become people we care about.
Baseball, Boston and Drew Barrymore. Certainly sounds like a winning combination.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Fever Pitch works. At times, it works brilliantly.
Chicago Tribune
The gall of Peter and Bobby Farrelly. To think that a romantic comedy might work absent a sleazy wager or maddening miscommunication takes a lot of chutzpah.
The Hollywood Reporter
Ultimately goes the distance, it gets the job done with a halfhearted bunt rather than a solid line drive.
By contrast, other Hornby screen adaptations are "About a Boy" and "High Fidelity"- superb comedies both and, in Fidelity's case, a treatise on male obsession with far more depth and even more laughs.
New York Daily News
Relationship comedy like this is mother's milk to Drew Barrymore, who, as usual, is adorable and perfect.
Wall Street Journal
For all its various failures, Fever Pitch taps expertly into our nostalgia for an era when baseball really was the American pastime, unsullied by money, drugs or celebrity.
The movie is so soggy and anonymous, I had to remind myself that the Farrelly brothers, Peter and Bobby, directed it. It's sad to watch the kingpins of gross-out try to dial down to cute. Swung at and missed.
A romantic comedy that flirts with something serious but never gets past the flirting stage.

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