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Much Better Than It's Reviews
swbigg4life7 March 2004
I have been sitting and reading the completly brutal reviews of this movie for about two hours now and I guess me and my two friends are the only ones that found this movie HILLARIOUS.

As the movie started, I was thinking "Oh great, Scary Movie 4". But the more that Club Dread went on, the jokes got better, and I couldn't stop laughing. From Sam the fun police to Jenni (played by the super hot Brittney Daniel) each charecter was histarical. Especially Cocanut Pete who everyone seems to think was a unfunny atempt at Jimmy Buffet, in case you didn't notice, in the movie they take a shot at him being a Jimmy Buffet rip off "Play Maragrita Ville!".

And before you dismis my recamendation as yammering from a Broken Lizard fan boy don't think so soon, I have never seen any other Broken Lizard flicks, but after this wonderfully executed movie, I plan on it.

I think it sums up to you have to have a certain since of bizar humour at some points and just keep a open mind when watching the movie. It wasn't the best movie I've seen by far, but I am going over lines in my head this morning from two nights ago and still laughing.

Broken Lizards Club Dread is a extremly funny movie that doesn't deserve to be bashed like it is. It is a very funny..... comedic slasher. The Jimmy Buffet rip offs and cheesy ending is exactly what Broken Lizard was aiming for, and if you look at it like that, many of the "mistakes" become funny as oposed to angering.

The Final Numbers 8 out of 10.
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What's people's problem?
dracovandam27 February 2004
The people that don't like this movie expected way too much from it. People have said that it is a standard horror flick, but they're wrong. This movie is a parody of the horror genre. If you watch the movie knowing that they're not making a serious horror movie (and that isn't hard to realize), then you're opinion would change drastically. This isn't supposed to be a smart-funny either. It's just something that you watch for a good time with friends. They're too many serious movies in theatres anyways, it's nice to have some relief from uber-serious movies with something that doesn't have several plot twist and emotional rollercoasters. People, just lighten up and realize the entertainment purposes of this film. It's not for over-mature parents or little school girls. It's for the teenagers that have to sneak into the movies because they're 17th birthday is in 2 weeks, it's for the general person that wants to laugh and escape bills and the real world. It's not a movie that will make you cry, it's a happy movie for happy people. Got it? ...Good
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cornsmee28 February 2004
Club dread is a cinematic treat. Fans of super troopers will understand the clever brand of comedy applied in this film. The accents aren't supposed to be realistic, the situations aren't supposed to be suspenseful, and most of all the acting isn't supposed to be oscar worthy. It's a joke people. It's a movie made by a comedy troop co-starring Bill Paxton. They're not exactly shooting for the stars. What they are trying to do is make you laugh. Let down your guard and admit that you like unnecessary nudity, brutal murders, and fake accents. If you didn't like super troopers you probably won't like this movie but on the same token, if you didn't like super troopers you're an uptight loser with no sense of humor. This movie is flat out funny when taken for what it is, so please do so. If you're looking for a life changing dramatic experience go see The Passion of The Christ but if you want to have a good time laughing at stuff you know is funny, even if you won't admit it, see this film. Smoke some, drink some, or go sober, but have a good time. Peace.
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I would like to think myself an educated film watcher...
Perfect_Tommy18 December 2004
With that being said, I loved this movie. With such terrible slasher spoofs as Scary Movie (I never bothered seeing the sequels) that was just one giant oral sex joke, this was a great breath of fresh air. The plot was typical (part of the spoof) and the acting at times hokey (yet again, part of the spoof), it's easy to get distracted away from the subtle humor and very entertaining dialogue.

Though the acting isn't classical actor's guild stuff, the characters are great. Especially Pete, Putman and Juan. I guess since I have seen the counter culture that this movie is mocking while spoofing the horror genre, it only makes it that much better.

If you're expecting a ground breaking horror movie, you will be disappointed. If you're expecting Super Troopers, you'll be let down. If you're expecting ground breaking in the spoof department... you might want to look elsewhere. If you just want a funny movie that doesn't try too hard and is entertaining on a subtle level, check this one out.

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I love this movie!!!!
David Browning (sobrdj41)15 February 2010
I see a lot of Super Trooper fans that hate this movie. Personally I enjoyed this movie far more than Super Troopers. I don't understand why anyone would try to compare the two movies though. They are two totally different style movies. Kevin Heffernan as Lars & Brittany Daniel as Jenny were both hilarious together. I personally thought it quite hilarious that a spoof of slasher flicks was actually a better slasher flick than most serious slasher flicks while being hilarious at the same time. It seems to me that the reason most of the critical people don't like this movie is that they took it seriously. That is the problem.
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Kind of in-between
smatysia16 March 2006
Club Dread was one of those in-between films. It wasn't bad, although it had bad parts. But it wasn't really good, although it had good parts. I had never heard of Broken Lizard or Jay Chandrasekhar, nor had I seen Super Troopers. So maybe I just don't get it. There was a lot of opportunity for nudity passed on, and I think that might have been part of the wry, just-under-the-radar humor that this was so full of. It has been called a horror movie spoof, but that's not completely accurate. It is a full-fledged slasher film, but they are obviously having a lot of fun with it. But not all of that fun making and thinking up this film translates into fun watching it. But I will give them credit for putting something out that isn't the same as everything else out there. Kudos for Brittany Daniel who made this easy on the eyes, too. I'd say check it out, but just don't have unrealistic expectations.
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Nothing to Dread
loafer29 August 2005
At first viewing of this comedy by Jay Chandrasekhar I dismissed it as a completely cheesy and off-the-wall spoof movie we have all seen many times already, and I was right! The biggest difference is that this fun film tries to be something all it's own, while still spoofing all the ridiculous slasher movies from the 80s. Bill Paxton was hilarious in this movie! It makes me completely forgive him for being in Titanic.

I'm not going to go on and on about this film. I'll simply say that if you are looking for another Super Troopers movie, you will not find it here. But Broken Lizard delivers a pretty entertaining movie that will not disappoint those looking for a fun ride.
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The fun is contagious
shumphre27 February 2004
The Broken Lizard guys, Erik, Paul, Jay, Steve, Kevin, once again put their warped minds together and came up with something creative, fresh, funny, and scary. Just like Super Troopers, the first big installment from Broken Lizard, this film WILL satisfy those who seek a good time. It's full of sly jabs and not-so-subtle laughs that are only going to get better with time.

I'll admit, this film is not going to win any awards - not from the critics anyway. But, if you want to take a time-out from deep, thought-provoking, and ultimately way-too-realistic-movies-that-remind-you-of-your-own-sad-life (like Lost in Translation, for example) a trip to an Island paradise filled with lots of tanned, toned skin, a fun sound track, delicious suspence, and the ever funny Broken Lizard guys, is going to be the perfect remedy!
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Funny Slash Movie
Claudio Carvalho28 November 2006
In Pleasure Island, Costa Rica, a serial killer slashes the employees of the Coconut Beach Resort, a paradisiacal place for having sex and fun. He advises the staff to continue working, otherwise he would slaughter the guests also. In a environment of suspicious, and with the afraid employees trapped in the island without communication, the number of deaths increases.

"Club Dread" is a funny slash movie. The forgettable story is very attractive, with beautiful naked girls and a nice cast. I liked this hilarious movie, a spoof of "serious" horror slash movies, showing a good combination of gore and comedy. If the viewer sees without great expectation, he or she may have a good surprise. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Pânico na Ilha" ("Panic in the Island")
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People are lame
greenpyro11 May 2012
Anyone who didn't like this movie wasn't really paying attention. This is a classic and deserves way better than in the 5's. Anyone who is reading this before they watch it needs to know that IMDb fans have screwed this one up. I gave it a 10 to boost it even though it probably won't but it really belongs in the high 7's. The writing, acting, direction, humor, and delivery are all brilliant and if you're a broken lizard fan it makes it even better. They all play great characters in this one and while it wasn't as popular as say "Super troopers" it was definitely as good if not better. The ending probably made a lot of people dislike it but IT'S A COMEDY PEOPLE! I personally love this movie more than any other broken lizard title and felt compelled to review it when I saw it had such a low rating. Seriously if you're avoiding it due to it's IMDb rating, you're missing out.
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