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So Sue Me
TheHardcase29 January 2006
No, it wasn't Oscar material. It wasn't even comedic genius. But it will make you smile and laugh and you will be entertained.

Tommy Lee Jones turns in his customary performance as a blunt, laconic albeit lovable curmudgeon. The plot is predictable, but then this isn't a Shakespearean tragedy, so how involved is it supposed to be? The girls are cute, little, perky provide enough eye candy to send you into diabetic shock. Of course, I could have done without the Texas Longhorn connection being a USC graduate and all. But that aside, I smiled, and I laughed, and when it was over, I felt good.

So sue me.
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Formulaic, saved by Jones, Cedric
rcmoorejr25 July 2005
Tommy Lee Jones, one of my favorites, is type-cast as a Texas Ranger. Cedric is a minister with a criminal past, and the girls are just short of interchangeable bimbos. Anne Archer is thrown in to be a love interest for Tommy and does very little except smile sexily at the camera (which she does well... I also love Anne Archer). The storyline is very predictable, with few surprises. So why did I vote it 7/10? It's a comedy, the writing does rise here and there out of cliché, and the stars - Jones, in particular - have perfect timing. I watched the entire movie, laughed periodically (many's the recent comedy that gets no laughs), and, as one must, didn't take it too seriously. 99% of the pyrotechnics occur in the first ten minutes, and after that it's up to TLJ and the cast to keep it moving and, somehow, they do. With less interesting stars to work the lines this movie could easily drop to below 5...
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If You Liked Miss Congeniality, Then You Will Like This, Too.
BigHardcoreRed1 March 2005
Man Of The House is about a Texas Ranger named Roland Sharp (Tommy Lee Jones) who is hunting down potential witnesses and leads to testify against a mob boss. While on the verge of capturing a potential lead, his partner is shot and he loses his witness. Everything is up in the air and no one knows which way to go when, luckily, five cheerleaders witness the execution of the man Sharp was trying to capture, who is named Morgan Ball (Curtis Armstrong - Who would have thought he would still be making movies long after his most successful stint as Booger has long been dead). After the girls decide to do the right thing, and tell the police, they are held in protective custody until they can capture the criminal who would surely be looking for them. They decide that Sharp will look after them personally and live in the same house as long as needed. This is where the comedy really begins.

The movie is meant to be a comedy, and I think Tommy Lee Jones did an excellent job with it, as well as Cedric The Entertainer. The movie opens like a typical action movie and then goes with the comedy all the way until the end, when it reverts back to that one big action sequence to end it all.

Jones and Cedric made the movie as good as it was. The cheerleaders were simply eye candy, which is just fine by me. My favorite being Barb (Kelli Garner). Jones comes off a little too old when he refuses to let the girls run around the house in the usual skimpy teen attire we all see nowadays, but that is just to show his character. You still get to see plenty of the girls, which is probably as much an attraction as Jones and Cedric.

This movie is a little hard to review for some reason but like I said in the title, if you liked the movie Miss Congeniality, then you will most likely enjoy this one, too. They are cut of the same cloth, so to speak. If you did not like Miss Congeniality, then you probably will not like this either. I guess that is the best way to put it. I enjoyed it for what it was. 7.5/10
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Typical Cranky Old Man Vs. Bubbly Young Girls hijinks ensue
TheMovieMark2 March 2005
There are movies that come out of nowhere, completely enrapture us, and have us singing their praises to anybody who will listen. Movies that will stand the test of time and be added to most DVD collections. Other movies (Alone in the Dark) appear in our theaters only briefly, and much like Funyon-induced flatulence, they stink up the joint and then disappear as quickly as they came. Then there are movies like Man of the House. They come, they moderately entertain, but they really don't add anything fresh or new to the industry. They simply manage to keep you smiling for an hour and a half before making their way to the Wal-Mart bargain bin.

The generically cheesy title (Man of the House? Come on!) should immediately warn you that we're not exactly diving into uncharted waters. No towing the line will be allowed here! But that's OK. Sure, the movie is by-the-numbers, predictable, silly, and whatever other clichéd buzz words you want to use for a movie that's not brimming with originality. It's a pretty simple mix really: we've got Jones, some hot cheerleaders to look at, and a few laughs. Fortunately, I like Jones and hot cheerleaders. And you know what? I laughed! I didn't have to see a doctor about my busted gut afterwards, but I was entertained, and sometimes that's enough to satisfy me on a Friday afternoon.

This is a fun, cutesy, fluffy movie that bases most of its jokes on the contrast of Tommy Lee Jones' no-nonsense, non-joking persona with the bubbly personalities of five college cheerleaders who don't appreciate his rules. Of course, this means they will do their best to rebel a bit. For example, they continue to dress scantily despite Jones' insistence that they try to wear a few more articles of clothing. No problem. TLJ just purchases an extremely expensive air conditioner to force them to cover up. It may cost the Texas Rangers a few thousand dollars, but it'll teach those girls a lesson in modesty! In a surprising twist that is bound to shake the very foundations of cinema as we know it, the gals grow to like TLJ despite his leather tough exterior. They really want to help him discover his inner sensitivity because let's face it, when you look like a piece of beef jerky you need all the help you can get. So when TLJ has a big date with one of the cheerleaders' professors (Anne Archer), they swoop in to trim his nose and ear hair, give him a manicure, and tidy him up. All the middle-aged women who love Tommy Lee Jones and his Southern drawl go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! And the scene where the cheerleaders help teach Jones how to skate is also sure to make those elderly female hearts flutter. I won't spoil it for you and tell you whether he falls or not. I'll give you the joy of finding out for yourself.

Then of course there are the jokes that play to the stereotype of some cheerleaders not being too bright. When Jones announces that he's with the Texas Rangers, one of the cheerleaders excitedly asks, "Do you know Derek Jeter?" Some people will find moments like this to be stupid, while others (such as my mother and sister) will think they're absolutely adorable.

The best advice I can give you is to picture in your mind Tommy Lee Jones living with five cheerleaders. How funny is the image to you? Let that be your guide. If you don't like TLJ, then there's not much here for you because he's responsible for keeping this from being a made-for-TV movie that I probably wouldn't have had any interest in watching.

THE GIST Man of the House isn't exactly a movie to get excited about, but it provides enough laughs to keep its head above water. If you like Tommy Lee Jones (or hot cheerleaders) and you thought the trailer looked halfway decent then this is a serviceable matinée (or a future rental). Otherwise, you probably won't find it worth your time.

Rating: 3 (out of 5)
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Great movie - funny and unexpectedly enjoyable!
Synaesthesia925 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Sometime around January earlier this year I saw the preview for this movie in the cinema. I can remember thinking "this movie is going to be a horrid, boring movie about Tommy Lee Jones, a serious and old policeman slowly being turned into a cheerleader by a group of college girls and becoming the cliché "one of the team". Another shallow movie with no point. All it's going to do is ruin Tommy Lee Jones' reputation and put the University of Texas to shame." I was still curious to see it, however, and as it turns out this movie is excellent. It made me spin around over and over literally screaming at it's pure hilarity. With quips and punch lines by Cedric the Entertainer and Tommy Lee Jones, this movie was very enjoyable. Surprisingly, Tommy Lee keeps his same opinions, they just find a level of understanding, which is, in my opinion, what would happen in that kind of situation. I think this movie was made with an honest opinion in mind, with the occasional eccentricities such as Cedric doing a row of back flips into a table at church. I loved this movie and I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for a good laugh. You'll be depriving yourself of a great time if you don't!
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Tommy Lee Jones - a treat for the Mature Woman!
AustinKatAnne26 February 2005
Ridiculous premise? Absolutely.

Predictable plot line? Unfortunately.

But I'll tell you what, when I saw this movie, the solidly-packed audience found it quite hilarious, and so did I. Of course, the Austin setting was a plus for me, and it was the first movie filmed around UT that was allowed to use the name and logos. It was fun to see local landmarks including Buffalo Billiards, Threadgill's, the campus and the Governor's mansion, but how could Tommy Lee Jones go to Threadgill's and leave without eating one deep-fried dill pickle??

I made a unofficial poll of the women that I know who are over 40 years of age, and every single one said , " I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones!" If that is part of his demographic, this movie should do really well, with TLJ delivering zingers in that cowboy voice, admitting to his 55+ years, and keeping his smiles for the womanly Anne Archer while wrangling the herd of young cheerleaders.

The supporting cast was also fun to watch - just remember this is not a film - it's a MOVIE!
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Protecting witnesses is a challenge. Living with them is impossible.
Jessica Carvalho2 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Texas Ranger Roland Sharp needs to protect a group of cheerleaders who are the only witnesses to the murder of a man, who is a key figure in the prosecution of a drug king. Sharp will need to live with the girls to his total undercover and to take care of them as well.

''Man of the House'' is a silly movie. It is not bad, but for sure it is not an outstanding comedy: I didn't laugh very much, but the movie has nice and positive messages for all the characters. It's that kind of movie that having an option, you would watch something else, but if you don't, it's not going to totally waste your time, I would say. The cheerleaders, most of them stupid and only wanting to go out and date, annoyed me sometimes, with the exception of one of them that is tough and mature ( I forgot her name). But even them learn to be better persons in the movie. By the way, I love Tommy Lee Jones in tough characters! ( Who remembers him in MIB?)
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I liked it
littlegoldwoman26 February 2005
I am very well known for scoffing at my husband for taking me to see movies that are not "Oscar Worthy". I have learned not to go to the movies with my teenagers because most of their choices, in my opinion, are dull and poorly made. Thus they didn't like that I drug them to "Mystic River" last year. They didn't understand why I like it.

Although "Man of the House" was not a well made movie and did contain a lot of clichés' I enjoyed it. The lines were quite funny and Tommy Lee Jones being the wonderful actor he is pulled off the "hard nosed guy with a soft side" very well. The interaction between him and the girls was believable and the girls all had their own distinct personalities.... the Latin hot head, the studious good girl, the dumb blonde, the beautiful ex-bad girl hick and the level headed but stubborn leader.

I might have enjoyed it because it has a touch of GIRL POWER in it.... (kinda like Thelma and Louise). I might have liked it because I love Tommy Lee Jones, and I might have liked it because I am an ex-cheerleader and currently a cheer coach (which would ACTUALLY be a reason NOT to like it because the cheerleading in it was for SHOW ONLY. Not a realistic portrayal of our sport by any means). None the less I tend to be hard nose where movie making is concerned and I liked it.

Its a safe bet as a rental. Watch your teenage sons.... there are A lot of half dressed girls (think "Coyote Ugly" but worse).

If you are looking for a "Bring it On" type movie... THIS IS NOT IT. This is more along the lines of "Sugar and Spice".
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Not exactly "Witness" with pom-poms
t_rex73729 July 2005
We aren't exactly talking rocket science here; in fact, in some ways "Man of the House" represents what is wrong with the American movie industry. It seems the movie was cobbled together by a bunch of movie execs. and preview audiences, so the movie feels vaguely familiar. Of course, each of the cheerleaders represents a typical stereotype: the dumb blonde, the too tightly wound pre-med major, the sassy black girl, the fiery Latina, and the "bad" girl. I felt like I was watching a movie script that was written by MadLibs. Hey, we need a laugh, so lets make Tommy Lee Jones buy tampons and watch the hilarity ensue! (Cause nothing says funny like men's reaction to icky feminine products!) The movie also misses the opportunity to properly utilize the talents of Pagent Brewster (so adorable as Chandler's love interest on "Friends"), who has only a few lines as the uber-perky cheerleading coach, Binky, and Ann Archer, who brings a quiet dignity to her underdeveloped role as a professor/object of TLJ's affection.

For those of you cheers fans, you will be woefully disappointed by the lack of actual cheerleading that is shown. Besides one ridiculous dance-off between the girls and Cedric the Entertainer (whose presence in the movie seems to be there purely because it is hilarious to see a large man dance in too small cheerleading uniform), which looks more like drill team practice to me, there is nary a tumbling pass or pyramid to be seen. Sadly, this is no "Bring It On." And, for all -the rah-rah girl power the movie feigns to promote, the girls are portrayed as bubble headed, appearance crazed, weight obsessed exhibitionists.

That being said, the movie wasn't all bad. The laughs were obvious, the characters broad, the plot unbelievable, but there were still the chuckles that come from a fish out of water comedy where you crack a smile in spite of yourself. Tommy Lee Jones does a good job of looking like an exasperated hard-ass, though you can't help but wonder if he's really acting or just cannot believe his agent actually sent him the script. By the way, he is a good example to young kids of why you should always wear sunscreen -- the man has NOT aged well! All in all, not a total waste of time, but I wouldn't suggest building your weekend plans around a viewing!
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Worth a look!!
CAVEDUDE27 February 2005
Very good!!!! Tommy Lee Jones i salute you!! This movie was a fun way to spend 90 minutes! I will go see again and get it on DVD!! Too many people don't know how to just enjoy a popcorn flick. if you want to see a fun movie and have some smiles, see this in theaters. Too many people slam movies that are only meant to be enjoyed. I fear if too many miss this movie, the studio hats will think we must only like remakes!!! For the love of fun flicks see this movie! You may not come away with all the wisdom & answers that some movie snobs complain about, but you will be able to say you had fun! The cheerleaders may get a little on your nerves, but it's all in fun..
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Great Movie
Rebecca Choate28 February 2005
I was skeptical of seeing Tommy Lee Jones in a comedy but it was WONDERFUL. He played such a great, cynical part and did it perfectly. The cheerleaders in the movie were a bit annoying but other than the catcalls from the immature high school boys behind us in the theater, it was tolerable. TLJ did a great job of balancing the comedy and serious parts! I give this movie two thumbs up and recommend it to anyone! I think it is awesome, too, that the University of Texas actually allowed the movie set to use their facilities and their traditions. I was also glad to see that there was not a whole lot of stereotype about Texas. It seems like every time a movie is shot in Texas or the plot is based in Texas you see people riding horses and a gun battle. Good movie. Worth the $$.
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A misunderstood gem of a movie.
noetorres20 July 2005
Such scathing reviews and misguided attempts at deep analysis -- all for a simple little Texas comedy! Really! Maybe it's a Texas thing, but I stand aghast at how far off target the negative reviews are. Highlighted by the tremendously funny deadpan humor of Tommy Lee Jones, "Man of the House" is a gem of a lighthearted film that does a great job of tapping into the energy of all things Texan and all things Austin. It's a mistake to expect a serious movie, as the corny, oddball stuff that happens is just a setup for Tommy Lee. Give us a break with this "University of Mordor" and "silly cheerleader film" stuff - this movie is a Texas-sized barrel of laughs! Go look for metaphysical truths in other movies -- put Willie Nelson on, invite some friends over, grab a Shiner Bock, and prepare to roll on the floor with laughter....
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A Lazy, Boring and Unfunny Comedy
christian12327 July 2005
Tommy Lee Jones plays Roland Sharp, a Texas Ranger who goes undercover as a coach to protect five University of Texas cheerleaders who were the only witnesses to a crime, but can the crusty law enforcer live in a house with five teen girls?

Man of the House is a lame comedy that fails to entertain the viewer. It offers a simple premise and it does nothing with it. I know movies like this one are supposed to be harmless fun but this one wasn't fun. It was a lazy and unoriginal movie lacking laughs and charm. The casting director did a good job but the actors do little with this weak material. The sad part is that there are five(!) credited screenwriters for this film and they can't even come up with anything interesting. This movie was made to make a lot of money not to actually entertain it's audience.

The acting is just as lackluster as the script. Tommy Lee Jones is obviously doing this for a paycheck and his performance is so dull. His dry sense of humor and his up-tightness gets old and annoying fast. Monica Keena probably gives the best performance. She has a few funny lines and she wasn't totally annoying. Christina Milian should stick to singing as her performance isn't very good. Vanessa Ferlito gives the worst performance and she isn't very pretty. Kelli Garner tried too hard to act stupid while Paula Garcés seemed bored in her role. Brian Van Holt was just pale and not very interesting.

Stephen Herek has directed good movies in the past but Man of the House is not a good example of his work. Of course, he shouldn't get all the blame since he is working with a weak script and no one really seems to be trying. The running time is a brief 95 minutes but it feels so much longer. The funny bits are very few and far in between. There were a bunch of slow spots as well as lame jokes. At least there was some eye candy and this makes the film somewhat tolerable. Besides for that, there is pretty no reason to see this film. In the end, Man of the House is a lazy, boring and unfunny comedy that's better left on the shelf. Rating 3/10
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A tough as nails Texas Ranger, and five free spirited cheerleaders, and add in some murder and mayhem, what you get is a funny movie.
DarkVulcan291 March 2005
I never thought Tommy Lee Jones would be so good at comedy, unlike the Men In Black movies, he was not comedy part of those movies, Will Smith was. But he will make fall out of your seat with laughter. He plays Roland Sharp, a take no crap Texas Ranger who is assigned to protect five cheerleaders after they witness a murder. It all maybe simply, but Roland is about discover that protecting people is one thing, but living with them that is another story. This was one funny movie, I have not laughed so hard since Are We There Yet. The Females who played the cheerleaders were good, but it is Tommy Lee Jones that pretty much keeps this movie on its toes, I mean he had the funniest reactions in this movie. I hope he will do more comedies in the future? If you are looking for a good time, then run out and see this movie.
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A fun movie
la_grits28 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Don't expect a long, detailed review here. Frankly there is too much taking time away from my day as it is, without tearing a movie apart. This was a fun movie. It was uncomplicated and fun to watch. That's what movies are supposed to be about, entertainment. Tommy Lee does great in the movie (of course!) The girls are typical bubbly cheerleaders. When Tommy Lee allows them to give him a makeover, that is one of the highlights of the movie! (Only a "real man" would be comfortable sitting through some of that!) I'm not a huge Cedric the Entertainer fan, but he plays well in the movie as well. If you're looking for a cute movie to while away an afternoon, this is a great choice!
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Be prepared for a wild ride of laughter
hcalderon16 March 2005
I haven't seen a movie that made me laugh so much in a long time. You will be laughing out loud. It was funnier than the movie Are we they yet. The story starts out in Texas where Ranger Roland Sharp takes the assignment of protecting five cheerleaders after they witness a murder. But can Roland live with their childless antics. Let's hope that they don't drive Roland nuts before the assignment is over. Tommy lee Jones was at its funniest that I've ever seen. It was a funnier cheerleader movie than Bring it On. It had funny slap-stick and humorous suspense. If you are looking for a roller coaster ride of a good time then check this movie out.
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Tommy Lee Jones helps protect cheerleaders who were witnesses to a murder
andreapaley6 March 2005
I left this movie thinking "This was a treat". Tommy Lee Jones spends this movie dealing with 5 cheerleaders who are under his protection due to their witnessing a murder. During the course of the movie, although others might have found certain scenes to be stupid and stereotypical (like finding the girls' undergarments hanging all over the bathroom, or having to shop for feminine items), I felt the way TLJ handled them made them quite funny and he handled his character very professionally.

Starting out very serious and structured, you also saw his humanity come through. When the girls began to pull him out of his serious/awkward shell, he played the humor very well and you really felt like cheering him on. My favorite scenes were when he submitted to a facial mask and when he allowed the girls to give him instructions during his date with the professor at the end.

Everyone knows him in cop/detective roles, but he obviously has a sense of humor you don't see in an extended way like in this movie. I also noticed I didn't miss the absence of foul language, obvious sexual content and extended violent scenes.
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Pretty good
desertrose060128 May 2006
Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor, and this movie was no exception. Though not his typical style, he played it very well, creating excellent comedy.

The cheerleaders were a bit annoying... I wish Hollywood would portray cheerleaders a bit more realistically. Is that too much to ask? I've known quite a few cheerleaders and hardly any are the ditzy, dumb-blonde type. In fact, they're rather smart, as they have a rigorous athletic schedule, as well as having to keep good grades.


Good movie - worth renting. Funny, without being stupid.
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Pretty good... Tommy Lee Jones interacts well with the cheerleaders
etsm922 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Man of the House/2005/**1/2

Main Stars: Tommy Lee Jones Anne Archer Brian Van Holt Christina Milian Paula Garces Monica Keena

R. Lee Ermey

When the first scene of this movie happened I was interested but confused. I had no idea really what was going on. Someone gets shot then they show a guy up on a roof of a building with a sniper rifle in his hand; then there's a chase; cheerleaders are in another scene seeing another person get shot; then finally I kind of catch up with the story. I guess the reason why they call it the "Man of the House" is because the main star (Tommy Lee Jones) meets up with these cheerleaders in I guess, a question room and asks them questions about the shooting they witnessed (mostly about the guy who shot the man in the shooting). Then the main star moves in with the girls in a house the cheerleaders' live in, and he is pretty much in charge of them even though it's only the cheerleaders' house. The movie was interesting at the end but in the middle I was kind of confused. I would say there were some confusing parts and most parts I knew what was going on. There was at least one scene where Tommy was thinking that maybe this guy in a mascot suit was involved in the scene of the crime. He especially thought that when he saw a gun in the mascot's hand and he plunged toward the mascot calling his men (apparently being cops) over, too. His men inspected the mascot and the gun was only a water gun and it was all a joke. I was sure in that scene that this guy was a real bad guy but he wasn't. That was the only scene Tommy thought he saw the real guy involved in the crime. I have to say that that scene was a very interesting scene that kept my eyes glued to the television. Also, in the movie Tommy kind of falls in love with this woman and has a date that lasts about fifteen minutes. That was one of the boring parts. In my opinion, this movie was better than I thought it would be. I can't tell you any more of the scenes in this movie 'cause that would kind of give it away. I told you the most important part- the main plot (with a few extra scenes here and there) and that's mostly what counts. Movie directed by Stephen Herek.
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didn't deserve such a bad rap
MLDinTN29 January 2006
Sure, this is not exactly Tommy Lee Jones' finest work, but it wasn't as bad as reviews made it out to be. It was amusing at times. Jones, plays Roland, a cop who goes undercover as a cheerleading coach. He is focused on his job. And of course it makes him and the other agents squirm to see cheerleaders prancing around in house clothes. Roland goes as far as to by a $7000 air conditioner to persuade the girls to cover up more. He introduces them to pizza and its fat content. and the girls give him pointers on dating one of their teachers. But we really didn't need the wedding at the end; it was overkill. I also liked the scenes with the spy cam and at the ball game. It was funny to see him tackle the mascot and hear the crowd cheer.

FINAL VERDICT: I thought it was an OK teen film. It was funny at times. So I recommend it if you want something that is silly and fun.
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Better than I thought it would be!
ReflectedGlory7 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was going to be really bad. The commercials made it look like a buddy comedy between Cedric the Entertainer and Tommy Lee Jones; in truth Cedric wasn't in there all that much. I don't even know why he was in there at all, his character didn't make that much sense. An ex-cheerleader turned ex-con turned snitch turned preacher? They were really reaching on that one, and his character didn't really have anything to do with moving the plot along.

On the other hand, Tommy Lee Jones was great. He plays such a great straight-man to the cheerleaders'antics. Was the plot formulaic? Yes. Could you see some of the jokes coming from a mile away? Yes. Did all that make it any less entertaining and funny? Hell, no! I rented it just because the video store didn't have anything else, but now I'm glad I did. Oh, and the cheerleaders are smoking hot, that never hurt a movie either. Worth the rental.
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Good Fun anyone?
westreal30 October 2005
It's the time to retire Tommy Lee Jones? i must admit not..because this role still represents everything we know about the Texas Ranger ! what i say it's important is that nothing must be judged by the looks.this movie starts as action ends as attraction and the chemistry of the girls is pretty has some plot flaws and also a few minor skipped details but makes good impact on average movie fan and that's the most important thing in movie industry..selling in theaters.because everybody who writes reviews and comments in this website doesn't give a "nickel" about average movie fan's opinion and gives low grades for movies that represent "nothing new" movies like this have not so many stars...i say we should give more movies a second chance..and don't forget the man of the house !
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This Is My Happy Face
ScooterKSU24 September 2005
How can you possibly go wrong pairing up Tommy Lee Jones with five hot cheerleaders? Luckily Man of the House doesn't disappoint. Granted, it won't win any awards, but it does a good job as a time suck with its standard fish out of water story and count them, five token hot chicks.

The story follows Tommy Lee Jones as a Texas Ranger, not the kind that would know Derek Jeter as some of the girls think, who is protecting a group of cheerleaders from the University of Texas who have witnessed a murder that is linked to a high powered businessman. The ladies he is protecting include the token hot chick from Undeclared as the brainy one with social anxieties, plays the tough as nails one but has all the deep thoughts not too mention the only one who could master the Texas accent, Paula Garces, who surprisingly is on the wrong side of thirty playing a college student, and Chistina Milian, best know for her singing career, well actually not really, both play the fiery Latina chick, not sure why they didn't just combine the characters. The standout of the cheerleaders though was Kelli Garner as the boy, and man, crazy dumb blonde, who brought depth and heart to what could have been just your routine Jessica or Paris caricature. Rounding out the cast was Cedric the Entertainer who's talents were somewhat wasted as the ex-con turned preacher.

Most of the movie is pretty predictable with the girls helping Jones character get in touch with his feminine side including the prerequisite makeover montage. And it's a given that they would help him out with his girl troubles including his estranged daughter and the professor of one of the girls. The movie may not be as good as the other cheerleader movie, Bring It On but Man of the House is worth a rental at the very least.
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Take it for what it is, and you shouldn't have a problem
guyfromjerzee20 September 2005
I'll be honest. My two main motivations for checking out this movie were the great Tommy Lee Jones and a bunch of hot cheerleaders. I expected a fluffy, predictable comedy, and that's what I got. But it works. There are few "laugh-out-loud" moments, but it's charming and fun the whole way through. Of course, I have to give much of the credit to Tommy Lee Jones. When you're dealing with a broad comedy of this sort, it's good to have a talented veteran actor at its center to give it some validity. John Cleese once said that watching a crazy person is not nearly as funny as watching someone reacting to a crazy person. Well, Jones does a great job at reacting to this group of wacky cheerleaders, and helps make the film even more amusing. I'm sure real-life cheerleaders hate the way they're almost always portrayed as ditsy morons in movies. Well, this movie isn't any different, so cheerleaders may be offended by much of the humor. I didn't think it was necessary for "Harold and Kumar's" Paula Garces to play a stereotypical Latina, phony accent and all. But unfortunately, it's hard to be of Latin descent of Hollywood without getting those degrading roles. Just look at Lupe Ontiveros, who was born in the U.S., yet has been stuck playing the typical Spanish maid throughout most of her career. But with all that aside, I think one of the reasons why the movie succeeds is because it doesn't often resort to crude and low-brow humor. There's one joke involving Jones sticking his hand up a cow's behind, but other than that, there isn't any real bathroom humor. And on top of it all, we have a nice action subplot, including an exciting finale. "Man of the House" is good, light-hearted fun, as long as you're not expecting too much.
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