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L.A. Weekly
Fans of the TV series will again be happy to see some of the old Saturday-morning villains, and Bill Boes' excellent production design outdoes his work in the first film.
Dallas Observer
Like its predecessor, this cartoon adaptation is a bit too all over the place for its own good, never entirely clear on whether to play as parody or homage.
Sequel is louder and more elaborate (and even slightly longer) than predecessor, but the law of diminishing returns has caught up with this franchise.
New York Daily News
The good news is the script for Scooby-Doo 2 is marginally better and the eternally irritating Scrappy-Doo is nowhere to be seen.
Entertainment Weekly
There's nothing overtly better or worse about this sequel. But the ''kids'' look to be pushing 30 now -- an awkward age for theme-park performers.
The New York Times
Looks like a Saturday morning cartoon (the characters all wear color-coded costumes) and unfortunately feels like one, too, with its thin characterizations, largely arbitrary action and feeble jokes.
Could be a tough go for those not already Scooby-Doo fans. It has a totally artificial quality, starting with Prinze's blond wig.
The Hollywood Reporter
By the time they're done with all the tinkering, "Scooby-Doo" ends up bearing as much a resemblance to Hanna-Barbera as the recent "Cat in the Hat" did to Dr. Seuss.
Village Voice
As one five-year-old critic at the press screening astutely observed during a would-be sensitive moment: "Boooorrring!"
New York Post
Little more than 91 minutes of cheesy special effects in search of a remotely coherent story.

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