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Needed more realism

Author: Pro Jury
17 November 2002

Made-for-TV movie TORNADO WARNING and its sister film produced for the same network and in the same year, ATOMIC TWISTER (2002), share identical special effects and cinematography. Both have one "stand out" female breast scene to help with youth marketing. Both contain stealth tornados that pop down in partly sunny skies and dissolve equally as quick.

Real tornados are born inside the rather specific storm cells produced by clashes of warm air masses and cold fronts. Severe thunder and lightning surround the funnel clouds whirling down from inside the DARK storm clouds.

These blue sky, lightning-free stealth twisters blowing down barns but unable to release drying laundry from a clothsline a few feet away (TORNADO WARNING) suffer from a lack of realism.

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Must see to believe

Author: blackie-5
25 September 2002

This movie was a complete and total embarrassment. I couldn't believe how

cheap and awful it was. I mean, just ridiculous. Why would PAX bother to make a movie that's so horrific and embarrassing when they could probably get the

same ratings airing their reruns of Touched by an Angel and Diagnosis Murder

instead? If anyone sees this, the film's representation of a "parade" (this small town's annual celebration/parade are endangered by an approaching tornado)

is truly pathetic. It's one of those movie parades where all you seem to see is the trail end of it -- in one shot they show one lone clown walking along as if that constitutes a parade. And they have about 10 extras watching the parade as if that's the entire town.

Joan Van Ark tries hard, but she clearly received very poor direction. Her comic take on her drawling character just doesn't fit with the rest of the movie, which takes itself fairly seriously. This movie to me is the nadir of what the

once-awesome TV-movie has degenerated into. Look what the genre that gave

us The Burning Bed and Brian's Song has ultimately become... a cheap way for

a cheap network like PAX to fill airtime. Depressing.

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Author: Fairuza Noire from Virginia U$A
2 August 2006

This is one of the better made-for-TV tornado movies I have seen. Like most of these movies, they save all the tornado action for the last part of the movie. This movie had a pretty decent plot, and some known actors. Sadly, like all if not most tornado movies, the producers did not get their tornado and weather facts right. The part where they give a tornado warning, no one heads for shelter. When a tornado warning is issued it means that a tornado or funnel cloud has been witnessed by a person, or detected on radar and the people in the path of the storm should seek shelter IMMEDIATELY. The movie takes place in Oklahoma, which is in the heart of tornado alley, and the people of the town did not take any sort of action when the warning was issued.

Not a bad movie, I would watch it again.

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Awfully fun

Author: tunesnc from US
27 January 2003

This movie was so bad, I loved it! It's one of those movies that you know is going to be just awful, yet somehow you can't bring yourself to change the channel. So you resolve yourself to see it to the end just to see if it's going to really get as bad as you think it's going to be. And your prayers are answered by Joan Van Ark in snakeskin pants, fringe suede jacket and cowboy hat with an awful accent playing the crazy mayor of the town that's going to get hit by the F5 tornado, who's in denial about it really happening. (Much like the viewers of this movie are in denial about what they are watching!) Gerald McRaney and Thea Gill are good actors who stand no chance against this really horrible, painful script. But they give it full effort and bless them for trying! My only real disappointment with this was that when the F5 did hit, it was entirely anti-climatic. If you delight in awful, made for TV movies, this movie is a must see!

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It was almost a comedy

Author: jerrywilson from Indianapolis
21 September 2002

The special effects, the acting, and the script were so bad that at times I couldn't figure out if this movie was a drama or just a bad comedy. The mayor was especially awful.

The special effects were pretty lousy, too. In one scene, the good guys are driving with the mayor following, yelling through her bullhorn that everything's alright. She then gets swept away. But a few moments later, down the same road, the tornado is seen about a mile away off in the field.

I'm sorry, but I was expecting a thriller and got a lame, unbelievable sci-fi pseudocomedy.

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Author: dewwy321 from Canada
24 January 2009

This has to be one of the worst movies to ever grace the TV. So the plot is about a guy who has a reputation for tornado warnings that don't happen but has now perfected his weather warning system while his daughter that he has pushed away is following him cause shes a reporter, also he has storm chasers following him...No one is expecting a TV movie to be the greatest movie ever, if it was that good it would be in the theatres, but this takes bad TV movies to a whole new level, I actually think most of the budget was spent making said hole...Cameras constantly change in quality, tornados come out of nowhere, with no rain, no lightning, no thunder, the sky changes from bright to dark in one shot then back to light in 2 seconds, cgi is something you'd expect to see in 1993, an f5 tornado cannot even blow off shelter doors but it can overturn cars, stock footage from real life tornados is used. Nothing make sense, nothing is done right, there's no continuity, there's no scientific fact used. Some how a man can predict a storm is coming at 435 the next day and its destruction path. This is just horrible, and if anyone likes this movie, someone help you!

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What a 'cheap' thrill

Author: ianl from London, England
18 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Just flicking through the channels this morning and I came across this film - it was about 2/3rds the way through but I watched what was left. It struck me that I had seen this film before and then I realised I hadn't but it followed the same storyline as all other 'b' disaster movies. It made me laugh how cheap it looked and I thought there is hope for me yet - to produce a film and even get paid for it and see it on air!!!

One of the final scenes where the 'reporter' is doing her piece to camera and says 'there is only one building standing in two rivers' it it then cuts to the 'shelter' building where they pour out and then back to the reporter. What made me chuckle is that there are about 6/7 buildings and signs standing in the background!!

Oh well it's ok towatch when there is not a lot else to watch.

Enjoy it for what it is.


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Well-written Movie of the Week with sold performances

Author: rickygrove from North Hollywood, CA
12 September 2002

This movie of the week clears up many of the popular myths regarding tornados. You don't open all of the windows the "equalize the pressure"; you don't go a certain part of the house to escape the brunt of the tornados fury. The writers have certainly done their homework regarding the science of studying tornados. It also features refreshingly intelligent dialogue and believable female characters. While still fitting into the PAX network theme of 'family in peril', "Tornado Warning" manages to avoid many of the cliches and pitfalls that accompany this kind of movie. In addition, the performances by Gerald McRaney and Thea Gill are excellent - simple, clear and uncliched. Surprisingly good is David Milbern as the smarmy newscaster Kirk Reed. Usually this kind of part is played with moustache twirling cliche. Milburn imbues his character with a sticky charm that stays in your head after the movie is over. The only real drawback to this film is it's low-budget production design. It would have been nice to see the computer screen that the characters are looking at. However, this is a flaw in most lower-budget MOW's of this type. "Tornado Warning" is a promising opening for the PAX family network and is a good omen of things to come.

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No different from a dozen others

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
26 February 2015

Another terrible made-for-TV disaster flick from director Tibor Takacs. This one starts out EXACTLY the same as another I saw, with a young girl losing her parents to a twister and then growing up to become a storm chaser some 20 years later, although - unsurprisingly - I can't remember the title of that previous film. They all roll into one anyway.

TORNADO WARNING might as well have been called 'Storm Chasers the Movie', because that's exactly what this is: a film that follows the adventures of various rival storm chasing groups as they attempt to tackle the big one. The running time is mixed between lame scenes of actors overacting and really low budget storm set-pieces. Needless to say, rubbishy-looking CGI is the order of the day here.

The cast is headed by various ageing actresses who once had fame in the likes of KNOT'S LANDING before being reduced to this level of fare. The performances are over the top and almost as unbelievable as the special effects. In the end, they roll out the old cliché of having a stuborn mayor refusing to cancel the annual town festival/fete/event/gathering, and suffering for it. Inevitably, TORNADO WARNING is a waste of time, a play-it-safe and completely forgettable TV movie of the week.

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If you care about realism then avoid this movie.

Author: Cliffyboy1962 from United Kingdom
4 January 2013

Anyone who has the most basic knowledge of meteorology, which is almost everyone, knows that typical tornadoes are spawned from huge cloud formations. It is almost, if not completely impossible to be near such events and be in sunshine, yet so many of the chase scenes are filmed on sunny days with the storms CGI'd at a later date. This just looks silly. Wind tends to be a factor in tornadic storms but so many scenes were filmed on still days with barely a breeze evident. One classic moment where the heroin attempts to get back in her car but struggles with the door as if wind was keeping it closed, looks very convincing but for the completely still trees in the background.

I can't say it wasn't well acted or written/directed but to me, none of this is relevant if the realism of the whole premise of the movie, is ignored for the sake of budget. It might as well have been a book !

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