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Full Frontal Monkey
requiem28726 March 2005
It's no wonder they added the "X" in the title of this sequel to MVP and MVP 2. It has the best monkey shower scene I've ever seen. This monkey nudity only served to make the primate more "human" so I can understand it's inclusion in the film. With out it, it would have been merely a typical animal sports movie in the tradition of Air Bud.

I haven't seen monkeys and humans bond this well, since "Gorillas in the Mist". Not only does the monkey take a shower, but he also brushes his teeth, shave with a razor, plays the drums, plays video games, drinks a frozen drink and gets brain freeze, and oh yeah he snowboards too. What will Jack do next? I for one can't wait. Opposable thumbs way up!!!
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An Embarrassing Affair...Some Spoilers
AndrewJL21 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
If Disney's name was still somewhere on this one, I bet they wish they'd have taken it off by now. After affixing the Disney brand to five--count 'em, five--Air Bud installations, all laughable after the first one broke some modest ground (and prompted rumors from PETA that Buddy the dog was killed by bone spurs resulting from wearing tennis shoes in filming), any affiliation with this travesty must be purely contractual. This film does nothing, is nothing, and means nothing; it has all the Disney stereotypes: the unsure new kid in town, his surfer-talking, typical-teen older brother punk rock guitarist (played hilariously by Trevor Wright), the hot snowboard instructor girl (who inevitably falls for Wright's character, despite lack of screen time together), the single father, bumbling criminals under a kingpin boss who should just fire the two, and the apparently psychotic monkey lady who follows her chimps across two countries on airlines that apparently allow monkeys to use passports and occupy seats. This series has become the new "Land Before Time," trudging out the same tired stories, straight-to-DVD, and waiting for overeager parents to grab it off the Wal-Mart shelf, slap this tripe on and shut their kids up. Will it work? Unfortunately, yes. Is it shameful, the continued lack of creativity in producing childrens' films? Absolutely. "MXP: Most Xtreme Primate" is sickening to watch and is simply a bunch of flashy editing and colors to brainwash Junior for 88 minutes. Parents couldn't be happier, but anyone who actually takes a look at this will think, "Wait, didn't that dog do this in 1997?" Fortunately, no recognizable actors or actresses surface in this one to showcase just how hard they've fallen (as was not the case in something like "American Psycho 2," the deplorable sequel to a classic featuring Mila Kunis and ol' Bill Shatner). Get something like "Land Before Time ONE" or "Heavyweights" for the kids tonight--they stand up much better than this mistake ever will.
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The Best Snowboarding Monkey Movie Ever!!! 10+ !!!
makeham9821 January 2004
This movie is fantastic. From the opening, where four intrepid chimps wearing straw Mexican hats and serapes fly to Colorado on a commercial airliner to the breathtaking nordic stunts, this movie is a winner all the way! This series of movies rules! Highly recommended. I can't wait for the next installment.
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So ya like monkeys, huh?
Raggy_Dolls7 March 2006
In Britain, there is a drink called PG Tips. It's a kind of tea. It's quite nice. I personally enjoy it with a splash of milk and two generous spoonfuls of sugar. During the 90's it was the biggest selling tea in Britain, even outselling the tea conglomerate Typhoo. The reason for this was a clever marketing campaign featuring even cleverer monkeys who read the newspaper and erm, drink tea and stuff. During the 70's, the chimps were taken off the air only to be brought back 18 months later with PG tips facing rapidly declining sales. See? Chimps can do good stuff. In the name of moderniazation and er, animal rights (what's that?), the chimps have again been taken off the air and replaced with claymation bird models. However, clever Hollywood types sat up and took notice. People like monkeys. They look like people! But funnier! Ha Ha! Funny-like-people-monkeys!!!!!! Forcibly and hungrily breast-feeding itself on the PG tips monkey's success comes MXP, where chimps do all the things they were born to do: snowboarding, shaving, cooking and faithfully re-enacting the plots of all the Home Alone movies. This is not a film not to watch because you don't like monkeys. This is not a film not to watch because you are a card carrying member of PETA. This is a film not to watch because you will gnaw your own arm off and wish you were dead. No animals were harmed during the filming. Let us hope the same can not be said of the actors, producer, director and all involved in this sad, sad movie made for (and by) people who like gnawing their arm off and wishing they were dead.
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There's no way a chimp could do that
cfc323 December 2004
At the outset, I must warn everyone that I am an avid snowboarder and I have worked with many primates. One thing I can say for sure is that this plot is simply unbelievable.

I have seen the previous two installments of MVP, but this one by far is off the deep end. First, a chimp playing hockey. Yeah, I can see that. Then, a chimp skateboarding. A little less believable, but possible. But a chimp snowboarding? I think we're bordering on ridiculous now.

I've worked with chimps, and certainly, they're intelligent enough to communicate in sign language, and convey their feelings. But snowboarding? What's next in MVP IV, a chimp that can cure cancer? I mean, come on. Let's not forget, that this animal will OFTEN throw its feces at anyone within 50 feet. Sure, I understand that they're trainable, and come off well on the big screen. But snowboarding? Why not have a lawyer show with MVP giving birth to a donkey? At least science makes that a possibility. This just isn't worth it, folks. Unless you'd like to build a stable in your backyard for your unicorns or ride a giraffe to work backwards, then don't watch this movie. It's pure fantasy. I mean, a chimp that snowboards? C'mon.
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Fun adventure
vchimpanzee4 March 2008
Disclaimer: I have no particular interest in chimps. My name is a reference to the subject line on the first email I ever sent and has nothing to do with how I feel about watching primates on screen.

Julie considers skateboarding celebrity Jack and her other three chimps to be like family. And when Jack is depressed, she believes a trip to Mexico will cheer him up.

At the airport, Julie learns the chimps will not be able to sit together, but she doesn't mind. Jack is off reading a magazine when a group of children in beautiful costumes, apparently representing different countries, passes by. The child wearing a sombrero and serape like Jack's has to use the restroom badly, but the woman in charge of the kids can't be bothered. The kid goes anyway, and when Jack joins the group, no one notices the kid is missing.

Julie eventually discovers Jack is not on her plane. There is nothing she can do once the plane lands, because a hurricane is coming.

In Mt. Blackbrush, Colorado, 12-year-old Pete is having trouble adjusting after he and his older brother Jay have moved with their father from Oregon--and if that's not enough, the boys' father has to leave for several days. Pete is a talented snowboarder and Jay belongs to a rock band.

When the boys say goodbye to their father at the Denver airport, the colorfully dressed children--and Jack--arrive at the same time. Jack hitches a ride in a van which happens to be headed to the Mexican restaurant where the boys will be eating.

Jack happens to be there when bumbling crooks Gilfred and Stanley get kicked out of a limo for botching a robbery.

Pete joins a snowboarding group but he's still treated like the "new kid". A competition is coming up, and the winner gets to meet Bjorn Leines. But Pete has no partner.

Jack and Pete finally meet and go to the store where Shirley works--where Gilfred and Stanley are hiding behind magazines as they prepare to rob the place. But Jack is on the cover of one of the magazines. That's him! Wait, new plan!

If you're as smart as Stanley (or is it Gilfred), you can figure it out from here. (If you're no smarter than the other one, you shouldn't watch any movie more challenging than this.) Hint: I saw "Air Bud: Golden Receiver" several weeks ago and immediately recognized it as the movie Jack was watching. No, I don't know whether the chimp from that movie also played Jack.

The chimps here are talented; the humans are not. Actually, the snowboarders show a lot of talent, but since we don't see their faces I'm guessing they are stunt players. Not only are they very good, but so is the filming of their action.

The chimp or chimps playing Jack is/are amazing. Of course, we are likely seeing the results of a considerable amount of training and rewards for performance. But the character Jack shows outstanding intelligence.

As for human actors with lines, I suppose Devin Douglas Drewitz and Trevor Wright are at least good enough not to be bad. Another performance worth seeing came from James Crescenzo as the boss who torments Gilfred and Stanley--who are funny characters even if the actors aren't especially good.

One gag with the two bumbling idiots and a large snowball worked really well. It would be easy in a cartoon, but too dangerous for actual people. But with creative design and editing, it's great.

This is really a movie for kids. There is no offensive content, and most of the music is really loud rock not intended for anyone over 25. If it wasn't edited for TV, this deserves a G rating.

But I'm no kid, and I enjoyed this a lot.
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Most Xtreme Diarrhea
LD Kant28 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This title says it all. I watched this movie and then, boom, diarrhea. If you sometimes have diarrhea, I would not recommend this movie. This movie is about a chimpanzee who skateboards or snowboards or plays hockey. I think it involved snow. There was some dumb little kid who didn't have any friends at the beginning of the movie and at the end he got to snowboard with some dumb guy named Bjorn. So I guess that's a happy ending. If you like diarrhea. Also, at one point in the movie he (Bjorn) said something about "that's tight dawg." I laughed really hard. So hard in fact that diarrhea shot out of my butt and onto the guy sitting next to me. I don't recommend this movie for people with sideways pointing butts.
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Great family movie the kids will love and what the chimps do is amazing
dfcurran2 March 2008
I'm a filmmaker and I was amazed at how they put this movie together with the chimps. I've done one very short short called "Giant Mice From Outer Space" (youtube and veoh) with cats, ducks, dogs and deer and it took forever. The cinematography is perfect. The performances were very good considering this was tongue in cheek. I particularly liked Robbie Benson's performance.

This is a great movie kids will love and I suspect the low score here may be due to animal activists who feel chimps should not snowboard.

Parents should just be warned that you kid(s) will probably say, "Can I get a snowboard momma? It can't be hard monkeys can do it."
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This Monkey is EXTREME to the MAX!
artfarfle5 October 2017
This movie has a monkey in it who snowboards! He doesn't just snowboard he snowboards so hard and in your face that the only way to possibly describe this monkey's method of snowboarding is to call it.... "extreme!"

He is extreme to the max! If you saw the first 17 MVP movies about a primate who first is a huge hockey star, then a skateboarding star, then a huge star in about 139 other sports that there's no way the rules would actually allow him to even play, then you'll love this new movie where he is snowboarding to the extreme!

This movie has tons of drama and heart as you will wonder if the monkey will succeed in the end. Sure he did it in all the other movies but will he succeed again in yet another sport? Surely he can't be a champion in every sport he tries can he?

More important than that this movie has all kinds of "monkeying around" if you know what I mean.... monkey jokes is what I mean!

My score is 600 billion stars!
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The best movie about extreme primates since Tango and Cash
david-5531131 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Not since Sylvester Stallone played Ray Tango has the monkey condition been portrayed on film so convincingly. Most extreme primate threatens to expose the monkey snowboarding sub culture that is still largely ignored by mainstream society. Filmed on a shoestring budget of 12 million dollars, this film manages to transcend human primate relations by putting a sombrero on a monkey and making him brush his teeth.

The biggest take away from this movie is that the monkey learnt to snowboard doom drop by only watching snowboarding videos and playing xbox, which is a method I highly recommend to any kids who watch this.

I gave this movie an 8/10 only because the monkey went on to make an anti Semitic rant at the sundance film festival 3 years later.
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Moving, 3rd best movie of 2004
westcor10 January 2014
Just got done watching this much talked about, but forgotten cinema classic. A chimp named Jack snowboards. The chimp can also play X-Box, and actually pulls off some pretty sweet moves in the real and virtual world. A "Mob Boss" bets on the chimp to win a snowboarding race, $1,000 to be exact. Some snowboarding dude says "Tight dog" at the end. The human Mom to the chimps travels around the country with multiple chimps (who all have passports, which by the way are not needed for trips inside the U.S.). The bad guys steal the chimp for like 5 minutes, then he is snowboarding again. The kids keep telling Jack they are gonna take him home but they don't do anything for days but play video games, play guitar, and snowboard with Jack. It seems like some of the people have amnesia, and maybe some hidden subtext I am missing. Jack is there as a reminder Chimps will do almost anything for bananas.
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Scientologist Drivel
kingtimmydeluxe19 June 2009
Upon first viewing I was surprised by the depth of character the talented monkey-cast presented in MXP3. The simian thespians are present in every scene, emotionally and physically, and impressively match and in some cases surpass the emotional depth of the leading boy of the film, Devin Douglas Drewitz. Young Trip-D, as he likes to be called on set, provides the movie with an obstinately melancholy performance, tantalizing the monkeys' emotional receptors like so many ripe bananas. Trip-D's angst and sorrow, expertly captured by cinematographer Mike Southon, is as palpable and inspirational as his name is alliterative. Sadly, before my much anticipated second viewing, I learned that the primate performers playing the lead role of Jack, as well as his off-set monkey girlfriend playing Lucy (quite the looker if you ask me) are active scientologists. Furthermore, these two donated the majority of their paychecks toward dianetic research. Had I been privy to this information prior to my first viewing, I never, NEVER would have spent 75 dollars on the collectors edition DVD and silver-plated palm frond from the much talked about Mexican restaurant scene.
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Another great failure of cinema
airbrushbrian16 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Whats the demograghic? If you're under 3 you wont understand it. If you're 4 and over you will be looking for the hour of life wasted on this cinematic masterpiece. If I could contact the writers and producers, I would tell them to give up and give me that extra side of bbq they forgot to bring with my fries. This piece of crap was so big, no chimp could pick it up and throw it. I saw this movie on late night local TV and I feel like the network owes me money even though it was at no cost to me, well, my soul has been taxed heavily. What the hell. Im no longer watching movies, thanks MXP (Most Excellent Production) Assholes.
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