Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

tournament goblet
fire magic
wizard challenge
tent maze
teacher dragon
bildungsroman based on young adult novel
year 1995 year 1994
1990s slow motion scene
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
lifting someone into the air boy with glasses
female journalist gramophone
dance best friend
immortality heroism
tragic event teen angst
hand cut off newspaper
cut arm memory
insanity secret identity
tabloid jealousy
interview journalist
dark fantasy snowy owl
opposing energy beams hereditary gift of witchcraft
flying broom supernatural power
unconsciousness flashback
false accusation bathtub
invisibility cloak evil wizard
cult figure cult film
studio logo segues into film altered version of studio logo
rivalry revenge
nemesis witch
goth gothic
no opening credits love triangle
teenage boy child hero
owl black magic
sequel glass eye
dining hall ship
graveyard dead boy
coming of age young love
witchcraft vision
turning into an animal trial
theft spider
reporter person on fire
patricide mermaid
magic wand lake
impostor identical twins
fireplace eye
england curse
crush chase
cemetery captive
blockbuster bathroom
bathing dance lesson
torture severed hand
self mutilation loss of son
giant snake explosion
drowning dream sequence
corpse waltz
trophy train
snake resurrection
rescue potion
orphan nightmare
murder living portrait
library letter
good versus evil ghost
friendship forest
flying fireworks
duel camping
blood bird messenger
woods transformation
invisibility ferret
underwater trident
school dance scar
spilling a drink on oneself headmaster
giant flying horse
falling from height escher stairway
communal dining hall child in peril
cat castle
carriage boarding school
arena evil mark
egg teacher student relationship
fourth part fictitious sport
wand broomstick
death of son death of friend
based on novel character name in title
surprise ending

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