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Chicago Sun-Times
Make no mistake: The Cannes version was a bad film, but now Gallo's editing has set free the good film inside. The Brown Bunny is still not a complete success -- it is odd and off-putting when it doesn't want to be -- but as a study of loneliness and need, it evokes a tender sadness.
Entertainment Weekly
It's hard to deny that Gallo has caught the freedom and melancholy, the intoxicating aimlessness, the lonely twilight beauty of a solo road trip in a way that no previous filmmaker quite has.
The Brown Bunny is certainly about how vain Gallo is. Yet rarely has narcissism produced such a handsome work of cinema.
An idiosyncratic document of sexual obsession and guilt, it alienates as easily as it mesmerizes.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Quite possibly the biggest ego trip ever to play Cannes, or anywhere else, at any time.
New York Post
As evident from The Brown Bunny and his directing debut, "Buffalo 66," Gallo is talented, although in an unconventional way. Call him an angry young man with a future.
The film stubbornly refuses to fill empty space with dialogue or adhere to any structure other than its own downbeat atmosphere, forcing viewers to be intensely patient or squirm. It's the best film I've seen in a while that I wouldn't recommend to anyone.
Gallo's earlier work suggests he has directorial talent, but here it's buried beneath too much ego to be detectible.
Wall Street Journal
An excruciatingly embarrassing display of ego and ineptitude.
New York Daily News
It is not the worst movie ever made, as some critics claim, but it does a passing imitation.
The Hollywood Reporter
In his second feature as a director, Gallo acts as writer, director, producer, star, cinematographer, production designer and editor. Thus, the failure is all his.

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