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10 Jan. 2003
With the loss of the Star Sabre, the Autobots keep losing battles. In a fog-bound valley, Megatron plots to get the Sabre from Starscream, at the same time boosting his crew's confidence in himself. Scavenger's secret is revealed.
17 Jan. 2003
The Autobots and Decepticons face off amongst snowy mountains in the battle for the latest minicon. Despite using the Star Sabre, this time Megatron loses - and Scavenger finally gains the Autobots' trust.
22 Jan. 2003
A weekend's camping trip to the valley below the dam goes wrong when a violent storm moves in. With Red Alert trapped in a mudslide, the sluice gates about to open, and local reporter Kelly filming, how will the Autobots escape detection?
23 Jan. 2003
Autobot Blurr joins the team, but proves himself not much of a team player. The Decepticons acquire the final minicon to create the Skyboom Shield, the most powerful defensive weapon in the universe.
24 Jan. 2003
Decisive Battle
Confident of his ability to finally overcome the Autobots, Megatron challenges Optimus to battle. However, when all seems lost Optimus' minicon summons the Skyboom Shield to protect his master.
25 Jan. 2003
Megatron's plan to split up the Autobot team and defeat them individually fails when it's revealed that the minicons have their own, secret agenda.
26 Jan. 2003
The Decepticons lose another battle: Megatron takes out his frustration on Starscream, beating him half to death for no reason. Sideways uses the situation to try to foment unrest and rebellion.
27 Jan. 2003
Trapped in cyberspace with Sideways, Alexis, Rad, Carlos and their minicons become aware of a massive evil entity, far more powerful and dangerous than Megatron, lurking threateningly in the background. Or was it all a dream?
28 Jan. 2003
A new transformer enters the solar system. On the moon, Thrust the master tactician arrives to assist Megatron in his battle against the Autobots, but all does not go according to plan.
29 Jan. 2003
With Optimus damaged and temporarily out of commission, the newly-arrived Jetfire takes command - and seriously underestimates the Decepticons. But on the verge of defeat, Optimus reveals a new ability.
1 Mar. 2003
On the moon, Thrust continues his plotting with Megatron. On earth, despite Jetfire saying he's one of the good guys, the kids are suspicious of Sideways - as are the Decepticons. And something huge and ominous is approaching earth.
8 Mar. 2003
The massive Tidalwave joins the Decepticons, but is, seemingly, defeated in battle by Hot Shot and Blurr. Alexis discovers three new minicons, which Sideways says combine to create another ultimate weapon, the Requiem Blaster.
15 Mar. 2003
The kids try to gather the three Requiem Blaster minicons together. Sky Blast at first resists, then sings the others to him to save Optimus. They all realise there's more to the minicons than first appears.
22 Mar. 2003
Understanding that the minicons want to be in charge of their own destinies, the kids sneak the new team out of the base. Thrust finds them, but so do the Autobots who save the day. It's agreed the minicons should not be forced to fight.
29 Mar. 2003
Enthusiastic young Sideswipe, Blurr's hero-worshipper, joins the team and Optimus tasks Hot Shot with training him. Wheeljack also arrives on earth, bent on revenge for Hot Shot seemingly abandoning him during a battle on Cybertron.
5 Apr. 2003
Past II
Desperate to make amends to his old friend, Hot Shot allows Wheeljack to shoot him, but this isn't enough. Wheeljack takes Sideswipe hostage, but Hot Shot rescues him. On the moon, Megatron welcomes Wheeljack to the Decepticons.
12 Apr. 2003
Megatron sacrifices Starscream, leaving him to face the Autobots alone while the Decepticons infiltrate the Autobot base to capture the Requiem Blaster. Smokescreen sacrifices himself to try to protect the Blaster minicons.
19 Apr. 2003
Hearing Megatron say he is nothing more than disposable cannon fodder, Starscream defects with the Star Sabre. To prove he's genuine, he gives the Autobots details of the moon base. Red Alert works on what's left of Smokescreen.
26 Apr. 2003
With Starscream's help, the Autobots infiltrate the Decepticon moon base, attempting to rescue all the minicons Megatron has captured and forced into building a spaceship.
3 May 2003
Alexis tracks a minicon in the vicinity of Mars. Starscream gets there first, but is disabled by Tidalwave. Jetfire rescues him: on the way back Starscream spots and tries to entice the minicon. But first they must get past Megatron.
10 May 2003
With the kids befriending and welcoming him, the Autobots deeply suspicious of him, and driven by his need to kill Megatron, the deeply conflicted Starscream trusts Thrust and returns to the moon base with the Star Sabre and Skyboom Shield.
23 Sep. 2003
Sabre, Shield and Blaster together create the Hydra Cannon. Installed on their new ship, the Decepticons test it on a comet - then Megatron orders Starscream to use it to destroy the Autobot base. Problem is, that'll also destroy the earth.
29 Sep. 2003
Optimus and Jetfire attack the ship, but can't stop the Hydra Cannon being deployed. Optimus makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes the full blast. Afterwards only his minicon and his matrix are found, but at least earth survives.
3 Oct. 2003
Hot Shot insists they should take vengeance on the Decepticons: Scavenger, with the support of the minicons, reminds him of their true purpose. With Hot Shot's realisation of the right way forward, Jetfire hands over command to him.
24 Oct. 2003
With the Autobot ship ready to leave, Hot Shot, supported by the rest of the team, refuse to let the children accompany them. But then the minicons refuse to allow the ship to depart unless the kids are on board.
17 Oct. 2003
As the Axalon chases the Decepticon ship, hundreds of minicons appear. The 'Cons turn back to fight, and the 'Bots seem doomed, but the minicons resurrect Optimus.
19 Sep. 2003
Hot Shot and Red Alert are sucked through a wormhole. The minicons guide the Axalon to their location, where they are all attacked by Nemesis Prime. As the planet breaks up, the 'Cons shoot down the Axalon and escape.
31 Oct. 2003
The 'Bots reach Cybertron to find Megatron (now calling himself Galvatron) already winning the war. The minicons fend off an attack by Unicron, warning of great danger, but Galvatron believes it just an Autobot trick.
7 Nov. 2003
While the battle continues, Hot Shot goes to Cybertron to try to convince Galvatron of the impending danger. Thrust's true allegiance and agenda is revealed.
10 Oct. 2003
Thrust flees into the depths of Cybertron, pursued by Hot Shot and Wheeljack - and, separately, Starscream, who saves the children from being killed. The children discover the origins of the minicons.
28 Sep. 2003
Thrust joins Sideways by passing through a portal deep underground: his pursuers follow and find themselves on Cybertron's moon, which begins to disintegrate. To everyone's horror, Unicron is revealed.
29 Sep. 2003
To convince Galvatron he must ally with Optimus to prevent Unicron taking over the universe, Starscream makes the ultimate sacrifice.
30 Sep. 2003
With the Decepticons and Autobots allied, both armadas engage the planet-sized, transformed Unicron in battle in order to save Cybertron.
1 Oct. 2003
The only way to defeat Unicron is to wake the minicons inside him and attack from within as well as without. Red Alert and the kids use the portal to travel to Unicron's core.
11 Dec. 2003
With the minicons protecting Cybertron and Hot Shot's team attacking Unicron from outside, and Optimus and Galvatron facing Sideways at Unicron's heart, the purpose and meaning behind the endless war is revealed.
3 Oct. 2003
Mortal Combat
With Unicron seemingly defeated, Galvatron insists on settling things with Optimus, and the fight wakes Unicron again. Galvatron makes the ultimate sacrifice to finally end the threat. Jetfire and Hot Shot return the children to earth.

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