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Nice little show for the kids (and parents)

Author: woodway77 from Kirkland, Washington
22 July 2005

This is a fun little show we discovered on our Comcast "On Demand" feature. It concerns the adventures of a team of firefighters in a small town in Wales. Fireman Sam is the main character, with several other folks in town contributing. One thing we appreciate about it is that it is not "diluted" for US audiences - the dialog contains several UK/Welsh specific phrases and terms, which my 6 year old son has had fun hearing, while learning how another culture expresses itself. The characterizations are standard but well-drawn; the firefighters are not superheroes, just brave and steady. There is the naughty boy who gets in scrapes and the average town folk who sometimes require the fire service. A good show for youngsters to view with characters they can understand, and very family-friendly without being sappy.

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One of the best shows ever!!

Author: Sleek Elite from Melbourne, Australia
15 April 2003

I remember this show from my countless hours of viewing in the early 90's (probably aged no more than 4 at the time). I saw it again recently and it brought back such memories...this show is an absolute classic. The theme song alone is great.If you liked postman pat or something like that then you'll love this.

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A funny show to teach kids about fire safety

Author: Electrified_Voltage from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2 August 2007

I can remember first seeing this stop-motion animated kids' programme when I was very young, probably shortly before or after its demise. Like most other shows I can remember from my childhood, I liked this one a lot. I can also recall still watching reruns of it several years later. It has been over a decade since then, but I remember accidentally coming across the show on TV once a few years ago, and even if that hadn't happened, I would still remember it very well!

Fireman Sam was a firefighter who lived in Pontypandy, a town in Wales. Other main characters in the show included Sam's fellow firefighters (Station Officer Basil Steele, Penny Morris, Trevor Evans, and Elvis Cridlington) along with several other townspeople. He was a hero to the town, and certain people in the community often needed the help of Sam and the other firefighters, whether it was for a fire or something else, including Norman, a mischievous kid who often found himself in trouble due to his lack of self-control.

"Fireman Sam" was an educational programme which could teach kids about safety. To make it entertaining as well, the show was also rich with adventure and humour. A lot of the laughs came from Norman's mischievous ways. Another highlight was the very catchy theme song. For all those reasons, the show is very memorable, and I'm sure many kids today could enjoy it just as much as those who watched while they were kids in the '80s or '90s! I'm sure there are still reruns of the show played, so it's not one of those kids' shows that have been forgotten, fortunately.

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One of the best kids-oriented shows ever!

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
4 May 2010

When we were in primary school, Fireman Sam was something that my siblings and I used to watch without fail every day. At 18 I remember it with such fondness. It looked wonderful, was funny, educational and adventurous. I often laughed at Norman's naughty antics, and often sang along with the irresistibly catchy theme song. I marvelled at how the characters looked, the construction of the village PontyPandy itself and how colourful it was. I loved the fun and creativity of the stories, while they taught us very important things without it being forced down our throats. And the characters are endearing, Sam, Norman, Elvis, Penny, Basil and Norman's mum all to name a few.Plus John Alderton was perfect with the narration and voices. Overall, a great show! 10/10 Bethany Cox

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Good for little kids who love firefighters

Author: Jordan H. from Seattle, WA USA
3 December 2013

I watched most episodes of this show with my son when he was 3 and 4 years old. While I loved the earlier stop motion version of Fireman Sam, my son roundly rejected it, instead preferring the shiny computer animated episodes. I think the computer animation lacks a little soul, but my son loved them.

My son was very interested in firefighting, and this is one of the few shows for little kids on the topic. So he loved watching it. The show was fairly entertaining for me.

Norman Price is the world's worst role model for a little kid. That said, he's so awful that my kids mostly griped about what an awful kid he is. That gave us a good starting point to talk about behavior.

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One of my first stop-motion children's shows and my favourite incarnation of Fireman Sam

Author: Stompgal_87 from United Kingdom
26 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have fond memories of watching this show as a child and as an adult I still enjoy watching it now. This original 1987 - 1994 series is the best (the 2003 - 2005 stop-motion and 2008 CGI series are nearly as good and have engaging if derivative plot lines) and not only do I own the entire collection on DVD (with the exception of the 20-minute-long Christmas special) but I have also watched it on Amazon Instant Video more recently. The most memorable episodes from my childhood are 'Norman's Tricky Day,' Camping,' 'Flat Tyre,' 'Chemistry Set,' 'A Spot of Bother,' 'Halloween,' 'Brass Band' and 'Trevor's Bus Boot Sale.' I didn't see the rest of the episodes until adulthood but most of them were as good as the ones I saw as a child.

The stop-motion animation is very well done and is produced in a similar manner to that in 'Postman Pat' what with well-crafted characters whose mouths don't move but have realistic hair and clothing nonetheless and the sets were made with such intricacy as well. The series as a whole is educational, informative and entertaining and focuses on a wide variety of scenarios such as an electrical fire in Bella's café in 'Telly Trouble,' Trevor being trapped on the roof in 'Brass Band' and Sarah sinking in quick sand in 'Lost in the Fog' while the topic of fire safety strongly features in 'Safe with Sam.' There is an appealing range of characters such as the prim and proper Station Officer Steele, the incompetent Elvis Cridlington, the heroic Sam, Sam's well-behaved niece and nephew Sarah and James and the mischievous Norman Price. Other things I liked about this show were its setting and production in Wales (where I grew up), all characters except Bella and Steele speaking with Welsh accents and, to a lesser extent, the music, especially the theme tune and the music played when the firefighters set out for the emergencies although I liked the sing-songs from Bella, Elvis and Trevor too.

While there are plenty of positives with this show, I have also noticed some flaws. Bella's voice in the first episode 'The Kite' was inconsistent but I put it down to John Alderton experimenting with her voice. Secondly Bella, Dilys and the children do not evacuate from the café when the television catches fire and thirdly I couldn't get how Bentley the Robot could rescue Penny from the burning locker room without getting damaged.

Overall despite the flaws I mentioned in the above paragraph and not having seen all episodes in my childhood, the original 'Fireman Sam' is still the best incarnation of its kind and is of sentimental educational value. 8/10.

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Fireman Sam

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
26 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think this is the same makers as Postman Pat, and if you liked that you'll love this. A local fireman named Sam works for the local fire service, and throughout the series him and his team help people. For example Sam helps the naughty Norman out of a deep dark hole/ cave in the ground, he gets his nephew and niece's kite off Bella's roof, he catches Trevor's tyre and many other "daring" rescues and services. I used to like the naughty Norman always skate-boarding and trying to steal his Mum's apples. His Mum always tried to get him away from the telly, she didn't realise he was a mischief. There was also the silly Trevor with his van, he always had a problem somewhere. So altogether, when I was young this was a very good kids show. Very good!

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This review is for both the 2000s stop-motion version and the CGI version

Author: Stompgal_87 from United Kingdom
25 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I found the IMDb page for what they call the 2004 'Fireman Sam,' I assumed it was for both the new stop-motion version and the CGI version. At first I thought both series were not quite the same as the original series but I was intrigued to watch them for the new characters and story lines.

The 2000s stop-motion incarnation isn't quite as good as the original but better than the CGI series. The stop-motion animation is more advanced than that in the original due to the characters' mouths moving with the dialogue. All the original characters returned with changes to them such as the fire crew's uniforms being blue instead of black/navy, Penny Morris having short blonde hair instead of reddish brown hair in a bun and Sarah, James, Dilys and Norman wearing modernised outfits. Dilys's shop may be bigger than it was in the original series but at least the front is pretty much the same. Bella's café is also the same as it was in the original albeit its differences of the pizza oven and the exterior. The original characters' personality traits are the same as they were in the original but this time around Sarah and James, alongside Bella, Station Officer Steele, Mike and Helen Flood and Tom Thomas do not speak with Welsh accents like they did in the original series and the CGI series. Further to the characters, I like Mandy's personality being a cross between Sarah and James's good behaviour and Norman's naughty nature, Helen is caring and motherly if a tad strict and Mike is just as incompetent as Elvis. My favourite episodes in this series were 'A Real Live Wire,' 'Norman's Invisible Friend,' 'Neighbourhood Watchout,' 'King of the Jungle,' 'Fiery Finale,' Twitchers in Trouble' and 'The Big Freeze' since most of them covered fire and safety hazards that were not fully covered or not mentioned in the original series. The theme tune is different but this series uses a couple of the same pieces of incidental music (Trevor's bus music and the rescue mission music when the firefighters set out for their emergencies) as in the original albeit their altered instrumentation.

The CGI series is my least favourite incarnation (I was somewhat appalled when I first saw a short clip from 'Floating Cart') but I watched a few episodes on Cartoonito and later on Amazon Prime Instant Video out of curiosity after having watched the engaging feature- length film 'The Great Fire of Pontypandy' and despite the characters being cheaply modelled and their movements being inconsistent (particularly in the earlier episodes) the backgrounds are nicely rendered and I found the story lines intriguing (I especially found 'Alarm on the Beach' cleverly written) if some of them recycled those from both stop- motion incarnations and other CGI episodes. For example 'The Great Guinea Pig Rescue' reminded me of 'A Real Live Wire' while 'Floodlights' and 'Santa Overboard' were similar. Other similarities in story lines were both adult and child characters competing with one another. One thing I dislike about this series is the absence of Bella but I like the new characters such as inquisitive toddler Lily and the wheelchair-bound and radical Hannah. The voice acting here is a mixed bag. Most characters have tolerable voices but those of Sarah, James and Norman are somewhat grating. Certain characters have had changes to their traits such as Steele becoming stricter yet unleashing his inner child at times, Elvis and Mike becoming more incompetent than ever before and Norman becoming more impatient and greedy.

Overall both series are not quite as good as the original but I like them for their story lines and new characters. 8/10 for the 2000s stop-motion series and 7.5/10 for the CGI series.

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Kids like it, I found it a little harder

Author: loveagoodstory from England
1 September 2013

This programme has a lot of nice elements. The dreamy village setting is nice, the messages of guidance are clear and the story lines easy to follow. Our young children like it a lot. Which means I end up watching it a lot, too :-) If I could, I'd change a few things. The utter hero-worship of Sam, modest though he is, is too much; the kids always end up wanting to be him. Also, he's a rescue service of every kind, if a fuse went in the telly they'd "ring Fireman Sam". But toughest is Norman's harshly horrible voice which is the most unpleasant kid's voice you've ever know mixed with the most OTT caricature of Welsh.

None of these things are crimes and the good of the show very much outweighs the bad. It's just when you've watched twenty or thirty of them in a summer, they start to grate just a tiny bit...!

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Not the same as before

Author: Melttalk2 from United Kingdom
11 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are new characters like Mandy and her mum,Dusty the dog and the return of old characters like Norman and his mum,Trevor Evans ,Bella and the fire's not the same as the old version.The voices aren't the same due to John Alderton doing the voices in the older version.There is a new theme tune which has bits of the old lyrics along with new lyrics.They use the same tune when they are off on a mission with their trusty fire engine Jupiter.Their mouths now move and they blink more often.I personally don't like it because it ruins the memories of the original.Luckily i have videos so i can always remember how it used to be and how the characters really were.GREAT FIRES OF London!!!!

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