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Author: ( from United States
20 January 2005

I was surfing, not expecting to find anything good, when I saw this on TV. I stopped, deciding I had to finish seeing it. You Wish was really good, somewhat funny but also made me think. The story's about Alex (A.J. Trauth), who's so mad at his younger brother Stevie (Spencer Breslin) that he uses his peace offering magic coin to wish him out of his life. Of course, he doesn't believe it'll work, so he's shocked when he awakens to find it did! Stevie's a TV star, Terrence Russell McCormack (on the show Where's Stevie, of course). Alex is a rich, popular football star w/parents who treat him like royalty & the most popular girl in school as his girlfriend! But he finds out it isn't all good - his new popular jock friends' idea of a good time is tormenting his old friends, Abby (Lalaine) & James (Ari Boyland), who now hate him. & of course, after a while he misses Stevie. Now he enlists Abby's help to track down Terrence & another magic coin. This is better than most movies I've seen where the main character's wish gets them anything they want for the 1st few days, but then suddenly causes chaos. Alex enjoys his wish for a long time, though gradually realizes he's unhappy. The acting was good. The only problem: I thought playing "1000 Miles" during the depressed scene was weird - it overdid the emotion a bit. I got all choked up watching this; it's a good reminder about sibling love. I'd love to see this again.

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I really loved it!!!!!!

Author: Maria100 from San Diego, California
24 June 2003

You Wish was a really fun movie! I had a lot of fun watching it. I was already a big fan of AJ Trauth from Even Stevens, Lalaine from Lizzie McGuire, and Spencer Breslin from The Santa Clause 2, but now I like them much more. This movie is about a teenage boy, Alex who is incredibly annoyed at his younger brother, Stevie, makes a wish that he was an only child. The wish comes true and now he is very wealthy and the most popular boy in school. But he discovers that he is miserable because he misses Stevie and his best friends no longer want to have anything to do with him. So Alex and Abby (one of his old best friends) along with Terrence Russell McCormick (the movie star form of Stevie) try to figure out how to get Alex and Stevie’s old life back. Obviously, they succeed. I have already seen it a lot of times. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a funny film about brotherly love.

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Better than the rest

Author: ARCHTECHFL from Chicago, IL
3 January 2005

I've noticed something about movies that Alan Sacks does for Disney Channel, like "The Color of Freedom", "Pixel Perfect", and this one: his movies seem to have real morals and are not thrillers for pre-teens like Poof Point or Phantom of the Megaplex. While the "what if" premise has been scripted to death, "You Wish!" was a nice distraction.

The lead, A.J. Trauth, was believable as a teen who is stuck between loving his brother and protecting his territory. Lalaine was okay as his best friend, but she had far too little screen time. The real surprise was to see Breslin, who I thought was okay in "The Kid", in this movie. Overall, I couldn't help feeling rushed by the plot. The touching moments of dialogue between Lalaine and AJ just seemed too few in number.

Overall, "You Wish!" is a TV movie, but a better TV movie than a lot of the fluff that Disney Channel puts out on the air waves. This one had a real moral that a lot of people forget about, so getting it into the kids' minds ASAP was okay with me.

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A Bad Wish In A Moment Of Weakness

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
14 February 2010

Four American players and an all Kiwi supporting cast populate the credits of You Wish. Disney Studios filmed this pleasant and easy to take story in New Zealand.

I kind of, sort of identified with poor A.J. Trauth in this film. My brother and I are separated by about as many years as Trauth and Spencer Breslin. There were times he could be a real pain, but I would have been just as horrified as Trauth was when a bad wish in a moment of weakness was granted.

Trauth is your average high school kid who even though he's on the football team isn't quite total jock material. He has some oddball friends, at least some the cool kids would consider oddball and Trauth has some oddball hobbies like collecting coins.

Anyway Trauth comes across an old Roman coin from dealer Tim Reid and buys it. And then he's granted a George Bailey like wish for Breslin. He wishes he never was born and the next day wakes up in an alternative universe where he's the only child of Peter Feeney and Sally Stockwell.

No one will ever confuse You Wish with the Capra classic It's A Wonderful Life, but it's a nice feature, one of the Magic Kingdom's better made for television films.

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It rules!!!!

Author: yasxf from United Kingdom
2 September 2005

'What's so good about You Wish?' you say. Well, I'm here to tell you. You Wish is an excellent film. I can never get bored of watching it. It's a definite 10/10. All the actresses and actors were very good and the movie is just brilliant. It has an exciting plot that you can follow throughout the film, and excellent music. You just can't get fed up of watching it. Main Characters: Alex Lansing (A.J Trauth, also in Even Stevens Movie)

Abby (LaLaine, also in Lizzie McGuire)

James (Ari Boyland)

Stevie Lansing (Spencer Breslin)

My summary is that You Wish is one of Disney's masterpieces. Everybody definitely has to watch this. People have their own opinions about this movie, but my opinion is that its ROCKS!!!!! It's as good as Cadet Kelly, and that's saying something.

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better than i expected...

Author: Floated2
2 October 2008

when i first saw the reviews and trailers for this movie, i thought it looked a little stupid and weird but it was actually pretty good. I expected it as some cheesy Disney flick but i was wrong.

The acting starts off a little shaky then it turns up a lot more, the plot and storyline of the movie is original and very unique. Id recommend this movie to people that have time on their hands to watch and old Disney movie, its worth it...

id give it an 8/10

Really good and surprising movie. check it out


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One of ,if not the, BEST Disney Channel movies

Author: sanchez_trevor from Michigan, United States
26 May 2005

This movie was funny and it had great acting. A.J. Trauth is great as the boy who doesn't know how well he truly has it. Lalaine is truly the standout performer in this movie. For this being her first starring role it is truly awesome. As A.J. best "girlfriend" she is funny from the start, beginning to end. In this she proves that she can be funny, sarcastic, and serious when the occasion calls for it. She is put in a true challenge in this role because she has to be normal without being boring. She does this flawlessly. Her character is interesting because the actual Lalaine is not far from Abby. She has to play herself through a character. It has this underlying message of the most important things are Family and Friends. A.J. learns that after he has all he wanted that he isn't truly happy and he learns that he really misses the way things were. Spencer Breslin is funny as A.J.'s little brother. Coming from basically nowhere he gives a star performance. Funny in the Cat in the Hat he did this first and is absolutely great. His whole "You want me to start screamin'!?!" line is funny being used in some funny spots. The adventure they take in this movie you would think wouldn't be this great but the Director did a fantastic job of pushing the story along and developing such dynamic characters is incredible. Possibly the funniest DC movie ever not to mention the Highest rated in Disney Channel history. Take that haters! BOO YAH!!

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Good story and a wonderful cast! A.J. Trauth, Lalaine, and Spencer Breslin excellent!

Author: bluenoil from Southern Arizona
22 August 2004

When I first saw this movie back in 2003, I was greatly impressed. They definitely put together an impressive lot to portray the protagonists, with A.J. Trauth, Spencer Breslin, and the lovely Lalaine in the lead roles. With an interesting story line and a great lesson, as Lalaine put it, "Be thankful for what you have," this movie was actually pretty good. In some parts, it started to get dull, and I felt that it lacked a few things, like more interesting scenes and dialog, as well as more appearances by Ari Boyland and Lalaine, who had fewer scenes (but at least Lalaine became more important in, like, the last 30 minutes!)

you could tell that several New Zealand actors were used, but they didn't perform badly in my opinion. There were times when you could tell by their accents, but they did well. Disney did good by having A.J. Spencer, and Lalaine in the lead roles. 7.5/10

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Corny but enjoyable movie

Author: bumble472 from United States
15 January 2003

This is one of those Disney Channel movies that is enjoyable to watch, but makes you want to smack the TV and has a sappy message at the end. Alex is a kid who wishes on a magic coin that he didn't have a brother and suddenly his life turns around: he has the "hot cheerleader girlfriend" and he's great at football. But he realizes that he'd rather have his old life back.

It makes you want to smack the TV because the whole time you want him to just go back to the coin shop and buy another magic coin. But, it's enjoyable and I'd recommend it to most people who don't mind watching Disney Channel Originals.

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A fun movie

Author: Adam Gardner from Ottawa
9 April 2003

I thought this movie was really good. It was pretty formula like what you would expect from most movies where a kid gets a wish or sees his life as it could have been but I thought it was really well put together.

The cast is really good. A.J. Trauth, from Even Stevens, did a great job as Alex. Spencer Breslin is a great actor and was great in this movie as well. I would recommend anyone check out The Kid which he's also in for a great movie. Lalaine, who played Abby, delivered an excellent performance as well as providing the wonderful song "You Wish" which appears at the end of the movie.

This movie was a lot of fun to watch and I highly recommend it.

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