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Entertainment Weekly
This is a B movie rooted in gut-level stirrings of power and retaliation.
The Hollywood Reporter
A smooth blend of visual special effects, exceptional stunts, fluid photography, sharp design and a possible best-selling soundtrack.
Theater of the absurd, masquerading as an action thriller.
There are really only two kinds of big-budget action movies: stupid, and good and stupid. Surprisingly, XXX: State of the Union is good and stupid, which makes it an immediate improvement over 2002's meatheaded "XXX."
At least this movie seems more aware of its trashiness than "National Treasure" was. It's therefore freer to have some off-the-cuff fun the way Steven Seagal's more tolerable vehicles once did.
Most of the movie is standard action fare, but the political commentary is interesting when it's allowed to surface.
Miami Herald
Basically the first movie all over again, with plenty more of the bridge-jumping, rocket-launching action that audiences loved about the original.
New York Post
A big, loud, proudly brainless popcorn flick that blows up cars, trucks, tanks, boats, helicopters and even a train.
New York Daily News
Critics are inclined to describe the action in films like "XXX" and Lee Tamahori's sequel, XXX: State of the Union, as "cartoon violence." I'll resist doing that out of respect for cartoons.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Appalling sequel.
How bad does it get? How far past the basement can one elevator go?

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