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Entertainment Weekly
The movie is a guzzle of yahoo-Mountain Dew empty-calorie satisfaction: A quick blood-sugar high, an eyeful of bikes and bosoms, and you're out of the theater in 80 minutes. And on a bleak winter's day, that can be meal enough.
The movie is as adolescent as it sounds, but Kahn keeps your eyes popping with truly nonstop action and some of the most outlandishly inventive effects you've ever seen. And of course Cube is so supercool it's worth the price of admission just to watch him.
Chicago Sun-Times
The first three minutes convince us we're are looking at a commercial before the feature begins. Then we realize the whole movie will look like this.
Invites you not simply to identify with its low IQ but to cheer it on. This is a movie that knows you know it's dumb, and that's enough to make the whole thing worth tolerating.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A good stupid movie: an energetic send-up of a discredited genre that does for motorcycle movies, say, what Jonathan Demme's debut, the 1974 drive-in classic, "Caged Heat," did for chicks-in-prison flicks.
The cycle thrills here are everything: flips, collisions, a chase across the top of a fast-moving train and even a zoom down the aisle of one of the train's cars as the passengers take it in stride.
New York Daily News
Despite all the bike chases and bullet-dodging, the real sport here is Xtreme posing.
The film occasionally pokes fun at itself, although not nearly as often as it should. I don't recommend it for anything more significant than a bottom-of-the-barrel rental or a desperation cable choice, but it delivers what it advertises, and I suppose that could be considered a virtue.
Chicago Tribune
It may entertain you if you don't mind senseless stories and screaming soundtracks.
The Hollywood Reporter
With the exception of a decent train-top chase, Torque is all vroom and no action.
It's only January, but already we have a strong candidate for the most thunderingly stupid movie of the year.

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