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Good but Flawed

Author: Suziblue19 from Auckland, NZ
22 June 2003

It was a good idea, but not exactly pulled off well. It was entertaining (for a cartoon) but was wrecked by the bad New Zealand accents (They sounded Australian, there is a big difference!) Also, what was with all the Kiwis walking around? You never see them in New Zealand, they are nearly extinct! And also, Vegemite is Australian and is black, not light brown. But anyway, despite the flaws and the stereotypes, it was still OK. Rating: 5/10

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Author: Rocket Power Fan from United States
31 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought that Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand was amazing! it had a thrill of watching it if you like extreme sports. Many people h8 rocket power, but the dirt boarding race was the best. When Otto faces Theodore in all of the competitions, it was neck to neck combat in who would become Prince Waikikamukow. This movie wasn't only extreme sports, it also its funny parts, amazing music, and drama. Reggie gets totally upset at Raymundo for paying too much attention to Otto, and not enough to the rest of team. Reggie ends up purposely capsizing, and costing Otto one point, but he comes through. Of all of the Nickelodeon movies, I still think that this is in the top five best.

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good better than the series

Author: devil_girl15 from miami fl
9 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(there may be spoilers ahead)

this movie was good and better than the series because first of all it takes place in another place other than ocean shores, and they did all of the sports that they do on the regular series like wind surfing and those zorbs that look like giant bubbles,but the flaws are that ooto rocket is more competitive than ever sam's voice changed and reggie and ooto's dad was stupid not to notice reggie, but the good thing is it has more competition than just otto and reggie and twister and lars, they got the competition of that guy's son from new zealand, overall grade for this movie is a B-, the sequels that follow this will not come close to this good movie, even though i don't like the series, i do like this movie, it's better than the series, i recommend people who say they don't like the series, they should watch the movie and change their mind about rocket power.

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Great, but full of silly mistakes

Author: pinkunicornz from Wellington, New Zealand
27 July 2003

Like most Kiwis, I was overjoyed when I saw my normally ignored nation took a turn for international stardom, what with the success of the LOTR movies. But it gave me a real thrill to see a kids' cartoon showing the real New Zealand. However, the American producers obviously didn't do much research.

1.) The whole Vegemite thing. First off, Vegemite is Australian. MARMITE is from New Zealand. They taste virtually the same, although most will agree Marmite tastes slightly better and tangier, heh.

2.) Kiwis are almost extinct in New Zealand. You wouldn't see any wandering around, let alone eat Vegemite sandwiches! They're all protected under conservation units.

3.) Theo's Dad pronounces a very important NZ town as 'Wong-geary' where its pronunciation is really 'Fong-a-ray'. I cracked up at this, because the character is native Maori, and if any person would get this wrong it would least likely be a Maori, as the name is of that culture's language.

4.) The accents! My goodness, they were awful. I cringed when I heard a truly awful Australian accent - the producers could of least have cast some actors with New Zealand accents ... a lot more nicer-sounding I think.

There's definitely a lot more significant mistakes which make me quite peeved but that's all I can remember for now. Great feature, though!

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This Movie Rocks!

Author: rprocks99 from florida
15 July 2003

ok, so I love this show beyond all doubts, but this movie is great! More sports were featured than what we normally see on the show (like windsurfing, dirtboarding, and tubing), there was great music, and the characters were great. It may have had its mistakes, but what movie doesn't? The new characters were great and the movie was hilarious.

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Very enjoyable episode.

Author: (wswright) from Balboa Island, California
17 June 2003

A very enjoyable episode with obvious influences by events like Raid Gauloise, Eco Challenge, Amazing Race etc. with good plot and character development, as well as some not-too-subtle commentary on the ulterior motives some parents have for involving their children in competitive sports. My only problem with this movie is that with some additional time, it might have made a decent theatrical release, and its potential for home video has strangely been untested.

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Unwatchable crap

Author: m_jordan_jones from United States
18 June 2005

This is very unwatchable stuff here. I used to like nick toons but now it's all about Rocket Power and Spunge bob. This is one of the worst cartoons I've ever seen. It's about a couple of skater kids that do tricks that's it and the cartoon is done in that unwatchable nicktoons way. Nickolodeon shouldn't of banned the Ren & Stimpy show. That was the only cartoon I liked on nickolodeon. Teen nick is even worse. So if you come across Rocket power avoid it because you will hate it. If you want to watch a good cartoon then watch the Ren & Stimpy show. It's much better then this slop. Rocket power is as bad as any nick toon out there these days. So if you haven't seen rocket power or any other modern nick toon then don't bother. My two year old brother could make something better than this crap.

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