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tagitrisha14 July 2003
Johnny Flynton is the most brilliant film I have ever seen. I saw it during a short film festival in Los Angeles and was completely blown away. I can't wait for the feature length version to come out. Even though it was only 35 minutes long I felt as if I knew and understood each character and had insight into their life experiences. The mastery with which this film was made is stunning. It is exciting to think what these brilliant young filmmakers will do next.
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What baloney!
Wendy1130 April 2003
I don't usually comment and rarely flame, but this movie just outraged me and my companions. Seeing this film especially on the same bill as all the other 2002 short film/live action nominees was truly annoying. Johnny Flynton demonstrated what is so egregious about much of current American filmmaking. The plot was trite and undeveloped, the characters were stock and undeveloped, and the message heavy-handed and confused. This filmmaker knows nothing about real working-class people; this was made most evident by the character saying he should do something *simple* like being an auto mechanic. What a putdown of a real working person's profession. Get some real life experience Laci and try again. Everyone else: go see This Charming Man.
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Powerful film
dg44013 July 2003
I first saw JOHNNY FLYNTON at the LA Short Film Festival at Arclight

last summer. I was impressed then. Recently I rewatched it on DVD... the

direction, the performances, the cinematography, the writing, the

music... every element is as good or better than any commercial

full-length film I've seen in a long time. Riveting. If you get the chance to see it, you won't be disappointed.
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Independent film fanatic!
cyndafer24 September 2002
I saw this 30 minute "short" at the end of a block of shorts and was blown away by it! The music is amazing and draws you in with every note. It does an excellent job of portraying the drama of this movie. The story brings you through the life of a shy boxer and his wife, makes you totally understand his troubles and care for him and what ends up happening in his life. You are going to be at the edge of your seats with the drama and realistic feelings that come across in the film!

I recommend this "short" to anyone looking for a jewel in the sea of so many independent films out there!!!

I look forward to seeing more from the brilliant young director Lexi Alexander and hope that her true story becomes a full length motion picture soon!
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Someone please distribute this film...
bradneo21 September 2002
What can I say... I just returned from the second premiere of the film at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. I was blown away. The performances, the cinematography, the writing were all great.

I remember hearing Lexi Alexander on a local radio station preparing to film the movie. Asking for extras and telling how great Alabama is to film. I was hoping that she would become successful in her efforts, and she was.

As for the acting, Dash Mihok stole the already great show. Best performance of the festival. This man is going to win an Oscar one day. If this film makes me want to dedicate my life to film. Watch this film if it is in a festival in the future.

Truly awesome.
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Good character study, strong acting
Thomas31 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Johnny Flynton" is an American English-language film from 2002, so this one has its 15th anniversary this year and it is an early career effort by writer and director Lexi Alexander. I see that she is originally German, but as a German I must say she really isn't known here at all and the main reason may be that she made films in the English language for all her life, so there wasn't any kind of transition from Europe to America. This one we got here is certainly not her most known work, but as it managed an Oscar nomination (lost to a Danish movie) and that's quite something, especially if it comes so early in one's career. Anyway, the film is another piece of evidence how much the Academy loves boxing-themed films. You don't see it too often that a movie has zero awards recognition (according to IMDb) and still manages an Academy Award nomination, not even in the short film category. While this film is fiction, it is based on real events witnessed by Alexander in her youth and that also explains the tribute at the very end.

As for the film here, it needed a little to get going, but then it became a film where you really couldn't look away. It runs for 35 minutes (without credits) and the title character is played tremendously well by Dash Mihok that some may know from Ray Donovan and I will definitely keep an eye open for him when I check that show out at some point. But the other cast members are decent too. Inexperience is never an issue here, even if you admittedly will not know most of the names in here. It was also a truly tragic movie and you shouldn't be scared of graphic violence if you decide to check this one out. I think you should as Alexander proves once in here that she is talented when it comes to making male-centered movies and that's a steady tendency in all her career over the years. Also I am not surprised with the story here that she may be attached to an upcoming Chris Benoit biopic. But if it happens, we will talk about that on another occasion. As for now, go check out Johnny Flynton. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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