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Suprisingly nifty "family" horror film!

Author: KolobosRexx from Las Vegas, Nevada
6 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hey, I don't know why folks are down on this film. It was awfully cool! I just watched this in April of 2004. I was pleasantly suprised by what I at first thought would be a crummy "HBO Family" movie inexplicably categorized as a horror-film. It was decently acted, creepy, and scared the crap out of the kids in the house! ;) The make-up for the goblins was quite well-done. I of course, love the "rapid-strobe/jerky movement" technique employed so well in fave flicks of mine like "House on Haunted Hill". And of course, the always cool Malcolm McDowell is the baddie, I mean, "helpful doctor"! ;) I should also mention that the Lady playing the mom is awfully cute! If you can, catch this one on cable, it's worth checking out if you like "creepy little creature" flicks and folklore. **** out of ****!! It's nice to actually see a good horror-film on Cable once in a while...

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Better than the average STV

Author: bison257 from Indianapolis, IN
14 October 2003

This little flick is reminiscent of several other movies, but manages to keep its own style & mood. "Troll" & "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" come to mind. The suspense builders were good, & just cross the line from G to PG. I especially liked the non-cliche choices with the parents; in other movies, I could predict the dialog verbatim, but the writing in this movie made better selections. If you want a movie that's not gross but gives you some chills, this is a great choice.

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Folie a deus.....

Author: MarieGabrielle from United States
24 October 2006

Malcolm McDowell diagnoses Megan Gallagher's daughter and she as having a form of illness, when they believe they are seeing "The Huldre", troll-like creatures which live with "the rocks and the roots" (to quote the movie).

Basically a family moves into an older house, which has a smaller doll-house in the backyard. The daughter (well played by Sofia Vassiliova) starts to befriend the creatures, until they become vindictive. The family cat also disappears.

There are a few good scenes with Megan Gallagher ("Millennium") and Malcolm McDowell as the psychiatrist. There is also something strange which occurred to one of McDowell's patients.

If you enjoy this type of story, you may also like "Bad Ronald", which had a similar odd theme, and the house is haunted by bad Ronald (Scott Jacoby) only that movie is from the 70's. 7/10.

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Relatively family-friendly horror

Author: moviemanic07
19 November 2004

A family of four moves into an old house with an even older 'doll house' in the backyard inhabited by the Huldre -- little troll-like people with an attitude. Fans of gore should look elsewhere, but those people with time enough to watch a relatively 'family-friendly' horror movie will not be disappointed. Other reviewers have called this a made-for-cable movie. If it is, I'm curious which channel produced it. It definitely has the feel of something that might have been produced for USA or TBS. It's not really scary, but it has a very professional veneer and solid performances. This film, however, falls apart at the end the same way so many other horror movies do by showing too much of the monsters. The Huldre seem fierce and mysterious when seen in short glimpses, but, when they are overexposed, you start to think you could take care of them all with a baseball bat.

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Blame it on the fairies.

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
24 November 2006

A family of four has moved into a new house that needs a real makeover. Out the back happens to be a fancy old looking playhouse, which the young daughter, Gina grows attach it. This is where she talks to her fairy friends and her parents (mother) believe she's just getting used to the move. Soon small, but dangerous accidents start occurring and Gina claims it's the fairies. To that response they seek the aid of a doctor who specialises in these cases, but is she telling the truth?

Two things were on my mind when I decided to give the film a view. That I'd be watching a haunted house flick and a real stinker too. The director, Kelly Sandefur brought us the laughably dumb and irritable family horror TV movie "Fangs (2001)". So I was in store for a childish themed movie. So there was another fact that wouldn't budge from my mind. Anyhow, I don't shoot me. I guess going in with extremely LOW expectations rubbed off nicely.

There's something about this ho hum fairy-tale family (yes, family-friendly) horror film that kept me more than occupied and rather surprised. I liked the concept behind it, although in the long run it's mechanical and there's a familiar pattern that developments. It seems to take its thunder from the likes of the third short story "The General" in the omnibus flick "Cat's Eye (1985)" and "Don't be Afraid of the Dark (1973)". The enchantingly, silly material has some imagination amongst its shallowness. It can get little rushed and over-stated in certain details. The mystery around "are they're real or not" isn't much, as we know how it's going to eventuate in first place.

Sandefur's direction is generic and lacks atmosphere, but workable with a certain professionalism and slickness coming off the cheap production. The quick flashes and ragged editing worked out when they showed glimpses of the nasty little critters. But when the main focus was on them the visual effects was a different story. The creative designs of the artful trolls are well crafted and so is the odd looking playhouse. In these TV movies the violence is lacking, and that's the scenario here. Most of it happens off screen and is very watered down. The scares are ineffective and you see them miles before they hit. What cues it up is an out-of-sorts score that doesn't translate well with the action and feel. The performances were shockingly above average with the likes of Patty McCormack and a manipulative toned down Malcolm McDowell leading the way. Megan Gallagher makes a potently strong heroine as the worried mother figure.

Yep, it's predictable. Throw in cheesy. Definitely risible. And how about a truckload of clichés. Oh, what a nice onslaught I can see you thinking. Despite that, it's hard not to be simply amused by it all.

I found it hard to recommend, as I thought it got me on a good night and I don't think I'm its target audience. It isn't aiming for anything big, but for an enjoyably relaxing viewing on the couch. I found it to be bemusedly watchable, PG b-grade horror.

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Conventional Horror B-Movie of Haunted House

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16 March 2005

When the Russell family invests all their savings and move to a huge old house, their young daughter Gina (Sofia Vassilieva) claims to have some small new friends, The Huldre, living in the doll house in the yard. Her reluctant mother believes it is fruit of Gina's imagination, but finally she accepts the advice of the schoolteacher and takes the girl to the psychiatrist Dr. Werner (Malcom McDowell). In the end, the family realizes that there are many Trolls living nearby their house. "Inhabited" is almost a good movie. The story has a good atmosphere, but the effects of the monsters are very poor and the conclusion of the plot is not good. In the end, "Inhabited" is nothing but a conventional horror B-movie of haunted house. One of the best movies about Trolls that I have seen is "Cat's Eye (1985)", in the module with a young Drew Barrymore. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Casa Do Medo" ("The House of the Fear")

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Pretty Basic PG Thriller about evil fairyfolk

Author: FionualaO from USA
9 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not a bad little TV Movie! INHABITED breaks no new ground in terms of classic Supernatural Thrillers, but it does pick up he themes of Classic Thriller DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK and tones down the violence enough so that kids can probably watch it without having massive nightmares. The EFX would have been rather pedestrian but the Production team employs the Old Joel Peter Witkin technique ALA JACOB'S LADDER and speeds up the evil fairies' movements enough that the step-printing effect makes them look like they are treading the border between two worlds. It works!

This is your basic Family-in-peril flick where a likable and fairly believably cast bunch of Surburban cliches face a supernatural menace. Typcially, one parent refuses to believe that it could be a supernatural evil.

Warning.... Very mild spoiler ahead.. doesn't reveal ending but does reveal some of the twists for parents who might want to know what is coming before letting kids watch..........

************************Do not read further unless you want to know details in order to decide if your kids should watch.

***************** ***** ** *

The red-herring of the house having been the site of a gruesome murder 50 years prior adds a little spice before the Family closes ranks and takes the Nasty Little Folk on for a fight to the death. However, that element might upset very little kids. While there is a death and another serious Fairy Attack...there isn't any truly gross violence and even the predicatable heavy metal music at the end is justified by the presence of a male teen in the family whose screams cannot be heard over his loud stereo.... at least for a moment.

Overall, not bad.

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As if made for television

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
19 February 2012

To be honest, I was hoping for this movie to have a lot more bite than it actually had. Watching it, more often than not I thought I was watching something that was made for television. There's no real gore, no swearing, not even any shocks. Even the way the movie has been photographed reminded me of a made-for-television production. But the biggest problem that the movie has isn't really its low-tech feel, but that for almost all of the movie, NOTHING terrifying or creepy happens. The movie feels like it is spinning its wheels over and over by not delivering anything for its horror-wanting audience. Movie is not a complete loss - towards the end of the movie, we are given several special effect sequences that look very impressive for a movie that had a low budget. Had there been more of these special effects throughout, it's possible the movie might have been livened enough to recommend. But as it is, there's not enough to recommend this movie even for a casual viewing experience.

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Troll 3: Nilbog goes Domestic!

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
3 May 2009

Thanks to silly horror movies like "Troll" and the indescribably atrocious cult-favorite "Troll 2", it has become practically impossible to take movies with kobolds, gnomes and various other types of little green hobgoblins seriously these days. Only just recently I watched the 70's made-for-TV movie "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", which is basically a quite terrifying and serious-toned film about domestic little goblin monsters, and yet I still couldn't help thinking back about the laugh-inducing potato headed critters dressed in garbage bags that were running amok in "Troll 2". Same thing happened to me now. As much as I tried going into "Inhabited" with a clear mindset, unconsciously I kept comparing the supposedly creepy and menacing garden fairies with the badly sculptured goblins of Nilbog! Still, even without all the prejudices, "Inhabited" is a remotely entertaining albeit unmemorable straight-to-video horror flick. It's a cheesy, soft and politically correct pastiche of family drama and Northern Europe mythology. The annoying and murderous little creatures in this movie aren't your plain average goblins; they are "The Huldre": wicked little Norwegian demons that live underground and attempt to chase happy families out of their houses through influencing the youngest children. This overcomes the Russell family as they move into their ramshackle dream house in a remote little town. The cherubic blond daughter of MILF-actress Megan Gallagher starts to behave strangely whenever she hangs out in the cute play house in the back of the garden. She claims her friends are fairies, and even though the sinister handyman also warns for strange occurrences in the past, Gina's parents simply think the girl has troubles adjusting to her new neighborhood. When she keeps rattling about fairies, they arrange an appointment with the acclaimed psychologist Dr. Werner whilst "The Huldre" are slowly coming out of their botanical shelter. Not much special to mention here. The pace is acceptable and the attempts to build up suspense are pretty cute. You understand this is a family-friendly horror movie, so no bloody murder sequences are graphically being shown here. Heck, even the cadaver of the family's pet cat is kept off-screen. This is the umpteenth nonsensical horror movie in which Malcolm McDowell pops up and he practically always depicts an unreliable, greedy and self-centered authority figure.

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Entertaining 'little' creature feature

Author: VonMalcolm from United States
4 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Minor Spoiler*

Inhabited isn't scary, but it is creepy. It is an interesting 'little' story with good acting and great special effects makeup.

Basic plot: A little girl blames the strange things going on at her family's new house and accompanying playhouse on her faerie friends.

The movie doesn't waste time getting moving, though the ending could have been more involved.

I don't recommend this movie to those expecting/wanting hardcore horror, but I do recommend it to those who want a chiller and not necessarily a thriller.

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