Comedian (2002) Poster


Plot Keywords

comedian stand up comedian
comedy club comedy circuit
comedy tour reality comedy
observational comedy comedy act
comedy routine standup comedy
live comedy aspiring comedian
private jet scene after end credits
ignoring advice advice
sports analogy reference to joe louis
reference to willie mays reference to muhammad ali
reference to bill russell the basketball player newark new jersey
reference to hbo reference to pizza hut
reference to adolf hitler reference to the nazis
telling someone to shut up levittown long island
west orange new jersey reference to sinbad the sailor
new york mets baseball cap hermosa beach california
los angeles california tempe arizona
cleveland ohio reference to johnny carson
reference to roseanne barr character appears on a tv talk show
bottled water reference to david letterman
limousine jazz score
reference to jerry seinfeld bill cosby
reference to bill cosby new suit
butt slap wet suit
backstage dressing room
feeling insulted feeling insecure
feeling stressed hotel room
reference to starbucks washington d.c.
reference to the academy awards reading aloud
photograph in newspaper character appears on front page of a newspaper
character appears in newspaper newspaper article
newspaper montreal quebec canada
watching basketball on tv reference to the los angeles lakers
yellow cab taxi ride
lying on the ground cell phone
stool heckler
looking at the camera talking to the camera
reference to george burns reference to carl reiner
reference to robert klein reference to george carlin
reference to lenny bruce cigar smoking
reference to norman rockwell reference to glenn miller
watching a video vhs
watching self on tv reference to jack nicholson
black leather jacket stage
reference to mike tyson microphone
cheering crowd applause
starting over one word title
stand up comedy museum
ambition comedy festival
show business surprise after end credits
title spoken by character

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