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A formally elegant, subtly savage and powerfully affecting film.
The acting is fine, the filmmaking is honest, and the class-conscious story couldn't be more timely.
The New Republic
Once we learn the story's terrain, we have a pretty good idea of the paths it will follow. Still, because the picture is tidily directed and acted--in one case, better than that--it has the comforts of well-made old things.
Arresting and fascinating.
As the relentlessly morose movie shows, a corporate hero is not the same thing as a humanitarian; in many ways, he's the antithesis.
TV Guide Magazine
Fly's striking, often suspenseful drama has all the elements of a Shakespearean tragedy: an insecure young prince who must prove his mettle and loses his soul; a cruel, manipulative queen who cares only for power; a close adviser whose motives aren't always clear.
The film is an initially insightful portrait of modern corporate society that unfortunately lapses into melodrama.
Village Voice
The Inheritance is most effective in its first half...But the film falters as it moves closer to home and the heart, veering off into melodramatic and quasi-surreal scenarios.
New York Post
The Inheritance has a promising start but soon becomes preachy and melodramatic.
New York Daily News
Don't see The Inheritance if you're already depressed. This airless downer from Danish director Per Fly is about an heir who makes one wrong decision from which even lousier decisions effortlessly flow.

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