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Chicago Tribune
An often brilliant, always revelatory, deeply interesting omnibus film.
Chicago Sun-Times
9/11 was a savage and heartless crime, and after the symbolism and the history and the imagery and the analysis, that is a point that must be made.
New York Daily News
Some segments are anti-American, but to concentrate on that is to miss the variety, depth of opinion, and fierceness of the emotions that drive each director.
They vary enormously in style, quality, and ideas, but the best of them -- by Gitai, Chahine, and Iñárritu, among others -- pack an enormous emotional and intellectual punch.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The results are not monumental, but they are a variety of sober responses to the tragedy that help place the event in a global context. Some of the films may be, as has been suggested, anti-American in tone, but none come anywhere near defending the attacks.
Overall, the film contains personal and political stories, as well as the macrocosm and the microcosm of chaos, rage, sadness and confusion.
The filmmakers' attempts come to terms with a recent catastrophe of indeterminate meaning but global consequences are often fascinating.
Entertainment Weekly
In the most shocking contribution to this self-conscious but fascinating sampling of art challenged by life, Mexico's Alejandro González Iñárritu (''Amores Perros'') makes a horrifying suspense story.
As a whole, September 11 never reaches any conclusions or ready insights. But as a collection of moments, the film often soars.
Taken as a whole, the film says, "We grieve too, but like this, and this, and this."
The results are mixed. Many of the films are too long, and even worse, the collection as a whole doesn't come to grips with the human scale of the tragedy.

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