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Season 3

18 Sep. 2004
A New Kid in Town
Tyson has just returned back from the World Championships with another victory and he's decided to teach a class of boys in the neighborhood the fine art of blading. Just as he begins his session, a cocky kid comes down from the hills and challenges Tyson to a battle. His name is Daichi and the battle begins with the challenger going for the jugular and has put the champ in a real spot! And what's worse, Daichi's blade copycats Tyson's every move, stealing power from him as the battle progresses!But it's Tyson who finally wins the battle by calling out his Galaxy ...
18 Sep. 2004
A Team Divided
The first battle between Team Psykick and the Bladebreakers has begun! Max fights bravely against Jim and Cyber Draciel... and his teammates aren't the only ones interested in the outcome of the battle. Dr. B and Gideon watch from the sidelines, and the Saint Sheilds are there to watch their backs. Max defeats Jim, but amazingly, Cyber Draciel is repaired! It seems Team Psykick has the ability to repair their cyber bit beasts immediately. Even though everyone warns him against it, Max goes back for another round. This time, he isn't so lucky... the powerful Cyber ...
19 Sep. 2004
Invitation to Battle
Daichi continues to annoy Tyson with his constant battle challenges, which Tyson refuses to give in to - even after an embarrassing confrontation at the public swimming pool proves that Daichi is an impressive and highly skilled Beyblader. Meanwhile, Jin sends Tyson an invitation to a private battle, but Ray intercepts the message, and arrives in Tyson's place. Ray ultimately loses the grueling match, but Jin is suitably impressed, and decides that Tyson has chosen his friends wisely
25 Sep. 2004
We Were Once Bladebreakers...
Daichi and Tala have both been thrown from the dish at the same time, resulting in a tie game. Because they are in no condition for a rematch, Mr. Dickenson rules that the next match will determine the new tournament Champion. It all comes down to Kai and Tyson. Kai shows up for the match battered and bruised from his training session with Spencer and Bryan, just so he can put himself at Tyson's level of physical exhaustion, since Tyson had already battled earlier in the day. Kai wants them to be evenly matched so that he won't have any advantage in battle.Because of ...
26 Sep. 2004
A League of His Own
At the preliminaries for the World Championships, Daichi wins his matches easily, establishing himself as a new powerhouse on the Beyblading scene. Kenny also competes, defeating his opponents with such skill that even Tyson is impressed. Nobody thinks anything when a fan named Kotaro asks for an autograph and takes advantage of the opportunity to examine Tyson, Kenny and Daichi's Beyblades. But when he shows up as competitor and defeats Kenny with the Chameleon Fake, everyone is alarmed. Does Kotaro's Chameleon Bey have the ability to copy attacks as well as colors ...
9 Oct. 2004
Roughing It
The BBA Revolution Team heads to a remote training camp to prepare for the upcoming tournament. When they first arrive, Hiro tells Tyson that Kai has quit the team. Tyson is ready to quit to, but Hiro convinces him to choose a new partner. Tyson picks Daichi, then whisks him off into the wilderness to teach him survival skills as they relate to Beyblading. The plan works well until Tyson strays from the main path, and gets himself and Daichi hopelessly lost. From there it's one disaster after another: They fall in the river, lose all their equipment, and eventually ...
10 Oct. 2004
The Blame Game
Tyson blames his embarrassing loss to Ray on Daichi, telling the team he's better off competing alone. As Tyson runs away, the US Finals continue with Rick of the PPB All Starz against Claude of Barthez Battalion. Claude's skill gives him the upper hand until Rick's unleashes his full power, destroying the stadium to get to Rapid Eagle. Barthez orders Claude not to avoid the shrapnel and he is injured, turning the crowd against the PPB All Starz. Despite losing, Barthez is delighted to have undermined the US's popularity. Hiro finds Tyson and challenges him to a duel,...
20 Nov. 2004
Fire and Water
As Max prepares to face Kai in the next round, the members of BBA Revolution overhear a confrontation between Johnny and Robert of the Majestics and Barthez Battalion. It turns out Barthez Battalion won their qualifying tournament through trickery. Thanks to Kenny, the teams find proof of Barthez's underhanded tactics but it's too late to disqualify them from the Championships. Armed with his new Draciel Gravity, Max takes Kai to the edge of defeat only to end up defeated himself. Rick uses his frustration at the loss to overcome Tala and goes on to face Kai in a ...
11 Dec. 2004
Under Pressure
Tyson gets in a huff and leaves the team after he is dropped from the lineup against the Blitzkrieg Boys. This leaves Kenny and Daichi to pick up the slack against their opponents. Feeling rejected, Tyson wanders off and runs into a strange old man named Tao who takes him shopping. Meanwhile the competition rolls on and the PPB All Stars are victorious. Next up, the Blitzkrieg Boys face off against the BBA Revolution without Tyson. Daichi wins his match and Kenny nervously goes to the beystadium to face his opponent Tala. During the battle, Kenny finds himself way out...
8 Jan. 2005
What a Blast!
The entire city is pumped for Tyson and Daichi's rematch with F Dynasty in double-team play. At first, the awesome power of BBA Revolution has Raul and Julia on their heels. Raul manages to save Julia from a stadium out and his big sister lets him take command. Encouraged by the support of their circus family, the brother and sister use their experience and teamwork to push the BBA Revolution to the brink of defeat. Tyson and Daichi are losing strength when they realize they are having the time of their lives. There's nothing like competing against powerful, skilled ...
23 Jan. 2005
Beyblade Idol
A news bulletin announces that the BBA has been bought and transformed into a new, professional league, named the BEGA League and that Mr. Dickenson has resigned from his position as Chairman. The kids go off in search of their old friend and demand an explanation. Ashamed, Mr. Dickenson reveals that the board of the BBA had completed the plans to sell the league while he was occupied with the World Championships. Tyson resolves to show up at the press conference the next day and discover who is behind the plot. But at the press conference, he is faced with the new ...
19 Feb. 2005
Bega on the Rise
Hiro stuns the world by joining the BEGA League and coaching Brooklyn, their secret weapon. As the popularity of the new league rises, BBA Revolution find themselves unable to practice because Boris has cornered the market on new parts. Boris is satisfied with the progress of his top Blader's, who are training heavily in a series of practice and exhibition matches. Ming Ming and the rest of her teammates easily dispatch the competition. After meeting an exceptional Blader named Garland, Kai is warned not to go head to head with Brooklyn - the most powerful Blader at ...
19 Mar. 2005
Refuse to Lose
It's the second match of the Justice Five Battle and Ray and Crusher are facing off against each other. With Ming Ming's win against Daichi in the previous match, the BEGA League is already ahead by one so the pressure is on Ray to take the match. But Crusher is feeling the pressure too, not only for himself and his teammates but for his sister, Monica, who is undergoing surgery at the very same time. From the beginning, the battle is fierce with both Blader's inflicting significant damage. But Ray quickly gains the upper hand and it looks like its game over. It is ...
6 Apr. 2005
The Principles of Victory
All of G Revolutions hopes now rest on Tyson's match with Garland. Tyson is determined to make sure Kai's brave victory over Brooklyn isn't wasted. Garland is confident he will win. His family have been sports champions for centuries thanks to a book containing the Tzebult Principles of Victory. Those who follow the principles never lose! Tyson seeks the help of his friends to prepare, finding comfort and focus in their company. The match begins and Garland seems unbeatable due to the family principles. But Tyson isn't satisfied... he wants to fight the real Garland, ...
7 May 2005
Beybattle for the Ages
A mysterious stranger wanders the woods of White Tiger Hills, the headquarters of the White Tiger X team, and although this strange young man performs incredible good deeds, Lee and the rest of the team are suspicious, and tell their leader Ray, all about him. It isn't long until the entire team meets up with him again, and Ray comes face to face with the stranger's incredible abilities like leaping, flying and jumping through the air, not to mention Beyblading like a world champion. He calls himself Mystel and amazes Lee and Ray with the mixture of his incredible ...

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