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The Hollywood Reporter
All elements click in "Sun," a shimmering, deeply felt film.
Chicago Sun-Times
What redeems the film is its successful escapism, and Lane's performance. They are closely linked.
San Francisco Chronicle
Chalk it all up to prettiness, if you like, but Lane's case has more to do with spirit -- with warmth and emotional readiness, plus a kind of open-book quality that makes her both lovely and comical, usually at the same time.
A fun movie to sit through even when you don't always buy it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Movie and book both are delightful, but very, very different.
Miami Herald
The whole movie is at once formulaic, clichéd and predictable, yet surprising, engaging and filled with subtle, unexpected details.
You come away enchanted less by the character than by the woman playing her.
Entertainment Weekly
The author was able to compensate for the book's plotlessness by contemplating other people leading full lives quite as important as hers. In Wells' movie adaptation, even the birth of a friend's baby becomes all about Frances and the play of emotions on Lane's busy, beautiful face.
Just soak up that Tuscan sun and wonder when Lane will get another movie, like "Unfaithful" or "A Walk on the Moon," that will let her really shine.
New York Daily News as stunning and changeable as that Tuscan countryside. Without her, this movie would be irksome, pandering as it does to stereotypes, including that of the American woman who goes abroad for easy sex with limpid-eyed hunks.
Unforeseeably bad things can happen to good performers.

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