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Although the girls are seen smoking, the cigarettes were made mostly with catnip. The crushed pills they are shown snorting from the cover of a children's book were harmless dietary supplements.
Loosely based on true events in actress/co-writer Nikki Reed's life.
Throughout the film, there is a very prominent ad that shows a woman's white face, and underneath it are the words "Truth Is Beauty". The eyes of this woman belong to lead actress Nikki Reed. Throughout the movie, as Tracy falls deeper into trouble, the face becomes more distorted and dirty.
During the belly piercing scene, Tracy says "What the fuck did you do" that was not scripted because Nikki Reed had actually poked the top of Evan Rachel Wood's belly with the needle. She still has the scar to prove it.
Because of the film's low budget, the girls' clothes in the movie is mostly from their own wardrobe. Catherine Hardwicke noted that as filming progressed, the girls began to dress similarly without being told to.
During the scene in which Evie and Tracey inhale computer dust-off to get high, and then hit each other, Nikki Reed suffered a real injury.
The tongue stud that Nikki Reed wore in the film was real, but Evan Rachel Wood's was not. It was made like a suction cup, but occasionally would fall off. Because of this, she ended up accidentally swallowing a few of them by the time the movie had finished filming.
Except for a few scenes, almost the entire movie was shot by a handheld camera.
The low-budget film was shot in an actual house that the crew had rented out for the duration of filming. Holly Hunter (Melanie) was amazed to see that the water worked. Brady Corbet (Mason) only lived about a block away from the house so he was able to walk to shooting.
During a live Q&A on Ustream to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary, hosted by Reed and Wood, the actresses claimed that neither of can watch the movie since they both have such strong emotional reactions to the film.
Although she played the younger sister to the character of Brady Corbet, Evan Rachel Wood is actually older than him.
The director of this movie purposely changed the lighting through out the film to match the mood/distress of the characters. The further Tracy spiraled downward, the grittier and darker the lighting in the film became. By the end of the movie the color is almost completely washed out to black and white, as that is when Tracy finally reaches rock bottom.
The script was written in only six days.
In the scene before the intervention, where Brady picks Tracy up after school, the car had quit working so it was being pushed by crew members off camera.
Michelle Trachtenberg was originally set to star as Tracy, but was committed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) at the time.
The stars of this film Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood would both go on to play vampires in future projects, Reed in the Twilight (2008) franchise as Rosalie, and Wood in True Blood (2008).
In the scene where Melanie questions Tracy about her belly button ring, a reference is made to rapper Bubba Sparxxx. One of Tracy's lines is taken from his first single, "Ugly" in which he raps, "That's just my mood now, I hate it came to this. How else can I say it? I don't speak no other languages."
Many of the clothes, furniture and make-up used in the film belonged to the actual cast.
Tracy was originally going to be played by Nikki Reed.
Vanessa Hudgens' film debut.
The language that Evie and Tracy speak in the kitchen the morning after Tracy's fight with her mom is a fake language called Gibberish. Tracy asks "why does my tongue hurt?" To which Evie responds "maybe because you give head."
Teenage singer/songwriter Katy Rose wrote the song "Lemon" especially for Thirteen (2003) after reading an article about the movie in the paper. "Lemon" is played during the credits, while another Katy song, "Overdrive" is in the film.
Eliza Smith wrote the poem that Tracy recites in the beginning of the film.
To celebrate the film's 10th anniversary, Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood hosted a live Q&A on Ustream. The entire video is available on YouTube.
Feature film debut of Brady Corbet, who portrayed Mason Freeland.
Evie refers to Brooke as three different things to her in the movie. First she refers to her as her guardian, then her aunt, and finally her cousin. Time codes for these different references are as follows: Guardian 00:18:12, Aunt 00:43:15, Cousin 00:43:36.
The advertisement for Sibul that is shown throughout the movie is named after producer Christina Sibul.
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Nikki Reed and Sarah Clarke are also part of the twilight saga. Nikki Reed as Rosalie and Sarah Clarke Bella's mother, Renee
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