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MPAA Rated R for brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • Boys are shown swimming in their underwear several times
  • A boy wears a pink shirt. Another comments saying "Don't you think people might think you're..." But he trails off, implying that the shirt looks gay. The boy is not gay though.
  • A boy accidentally wears a tie around his waist instead of a belt. He says "It's good I wore something. I could have lost my pants right here." They laugh. No sexual innuendo though.
  • Sex/Nudity : 1/10

Violence & Gore

  • A boy pushes another boy out of a tree. We hear a sickening "thud" and see him lying on the ground unconscious. It is discussed that his leg is shattered.
  • A boy falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his leg.
  • A boy hits another boy in the face while shouting curses at him.
  • Boys throw a ball at each other in a playful manner.
  • Violence: 3/10


  • Two Fs. Typical teenage language. B**ch, bastard, damn hell. Several uses of Christ and God.
  • Profanity 7/10

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A boy falls out of a tree but is caught. It takes about a minute for him to be pulled back up to safety.
  • A boy is pushed out of a tree and falls, breaking his leg.
  • Boys are taken to a mock trial on account of an incident during the school year.
  • A boy goes off to war and loses his mind. He accuses the main character of having no knowing of what friendship is. He gets slapped in the face and yelled at for this.
  • Several boys scream at each other, resulting on one falling down a flight of steps.
  • It is discussed that a boy is killed during a surgery - bone marrow getting into his bloodstream and stopping his heart. We do not see his dead body or see him actually die.
  • Total Explicit Content: 11/50 The film is not focused on sex, nudity, or even the language, but about the friendship between the two main characters and their relationship as jealousy and miscommunication enter the picture.

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