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Shayla LaVeaux, Mandy Fisher, Julia Partonex & Randy Spears~(the husband)
nnomad13511 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Crystal Strickland~Shayla thought she had the perfect life, a loving husband & posh surroundings. But all this comes crashing down when her unfaithful husband attempts to murder her! Confused & terrified, Crystal finds herself immersed in a world of lust & sexual intrigue & just around the corner is danger, where sex & money is the motivation for murder. All the while, her bisexual psychiatrist Dr. Rachel~Mandy & her lovers Amy~Julia & her husband conspire to manipulate Crystal & get their hands on her vast wealth... (I give the acting a B- but the sex scenes an A++). Purtry good for a bunch of porn-stars who made this soft-core movie.
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DVD is censored
Sandoz16 April 2013
IMDb lists the running time for this film at 88 minutes...the DVD clocks in at 72 minutes. Take a guess what could be missing from it? Yep, the fun stuff. I actually can kind of enjoy a Skinemax style soft-porn film, just as long as the sex scenes aren't too watered down, but the ones in this version are a joke--each one of them is barely a minute on screen consisting of each camera set-up shown for about 4 or 5 seconds, then done, over and out. That adds up to not even a minute. What's left is the "plot", and the magnificent acting from the cast. Um, yeah. It took Netflix forever to finally send me this from my queue...the anticipation to get it just made me hate it all the more.
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mayuko24 June 2006
I love this movie... it's really up there with nausica... I have to say that i was surprised. It ws just really awesome. GREat acting and cinematography.Some people say that it isn't for everyone... but they should give it a try. I thought each character was intimately created and followed. You could really tell that the director put effort into making the audience involved. I understand now why people rave about this film. You know, you here people go on and on about Schindler's List and The Godfather, but this film should be up there too. The raving has started, but it should be continued and praised just as much as any other film. OH well, maybe one day when people understand the film's impact and artistry. God bless.
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Fairly good
movieman_kev8 April 2004
Aging porn star ,Shayla LaVeaux stars as Crystal, a woman seemingly suffering a mental breakdown, but in reality only being messed with in an not-so-elaborate plan to get her mansion. Aging porn star ,Randy Spears is the detective who's going to get to the bottom of it (and her.. heh heh heh) As far as soft-core flicks go, you could do worse then this one. The ladies are all fairly good looking, the sex scenes have moaning (that's always a plus), and knock-out Mandy Fisher is pretty drool-worthy in it. So I'll go ahead and recommend it to any fellow perv with some free time.

9 sex Scenes (M/F/F,M/F,F/F)

My "Soft-core Skin-flick" rating: B-
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Not bad. Suprisingly good, actually......I give it a B.
Smooth B8 April 2003
I have just finished watching this movie, and I'll have to was better than I thought it would be.

The story goes as follows: A messed-up patient of a crooked psychiatrist is pushed and persuaded (usually with drugs) to do things she wouldn't normally do, such as sign her various real estate holdings over to her shrink's lawyer. It seems that they (meaning the psychiatrist, her lawyer and their entourage) were trying to kill her in order to get her hands on the money, but that never came out in the story. Instead, the lawyer tries to drug the poor girl up and make her think she's going out of her mind.

The storyline had good intentions, but faltered somewhere toward the middle. As for the rest of the film, it was your usual softcore sex-fest. An appearance by Amber Newman really put a smile on my face. There are some women in this film who are also hardcore porn stars (like Shayla LaVeaux) and a porno guy too (Randy Spears, first time I've seen a porno guy in a Skinemax-type film, not that I've ever noticed). The women as a whole don't look too bad, so the "Women" grade stays high. The sex scenes are standard bump-and-grind stuff, although there's quite a bit of moaning.

Women: B+ (There are hardcore porn actresses in this film, but they seem to be the ones who have been around the block one too many times. You can see the wear and tear on their bodies. Amber Newman is alright with me, though.)

Sex: B+ (The scenes were believable, and there was a fair share of moaning, which somewhat adds to the realism if it doesn't seem canned.)

Story: C+ (It was well-intentioned, but poorly written. A few too many plot-holes, but you usually have to forgive something like that in a genre full of movies like this.)

Overall: B (Good-looking women, decent sex and an average story. This is about the best grade a film will get from me with attributes like that.)
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