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Sweet little film

Author: ellagreyeyes from USA
9 December 2002

A feel good film that won't win any awards but will leave you 'feeling good.' It was very predictable (as expected), but not boring by any means. There was just the right touch of sentiment, you ended up caring about the characters and happy that it ended just the way you thought it would.

Holliston Coleman was delightful as the little girl. The rest of the cast also held their own in their respective roles.

I absolutely loved the house which I have read was the Brookfield Plantation in Griffin, GA. A beautiful old mansion and a quiet and charming town, just like you picture a small town in the south to be.

All in all worth a viewing, especially around the holidays.

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Only a Grinch Would Dislike This Wonderful Movie

Author: Chris Winston from Fairbanks, U.S. Territory of Alaska
3 March 2003

Wow, what a movie! What a wonderful, great feeling movie!! For anyone to be completely put off by this, well, it's just beyond words. This movie is touching throughout and very well acted by everyone in it, great acting that compliments the fine cinematography, writing, and directing. I'm blown away by the incredibly charming Hollister Coleman. Excellent. What a delightful and perfect performance. Tops amongst all kid roles of all time. Yes, that's a hefty list but yes, she deserves a nomination to be on it. Charlie Robinson here turned in the best performance of his career, without a doubt. And Irma P. Hall was nothing less than great in her brief appearances, very integral to the story. I truly cannot think of anything that would have made this movie much better. If it was better it would get a 10 rather than just a 9 and I don't give many movies even an 8! It was sad at times but sadness that was important to show. If the story didn't have sadness in it, it wouldn't have worked as well as it did, would just have been candycoated. Instead of another la di da di da Christmas movie we're taken on an emotional rollercoaster focusing more on the several months leading up to the Christmas day miracle. Even though we knew pretty much how it would end it was worth the entire ride getting there. The messages of love, family, faith and God are so tremendously touching, it makes me sad this movie will only get shown once, maybe twice during the month of December. Movies like this should be on the air for people to be able to see more often. If you haven't seen this then I HIGHLY recommend it. If you have seen it then tell someone else about it and watch it with them. If this movie doesn't move you to tears you're like Miss Lettie was, carrying around a stone for a heart. I am happy to announce my grade for this movie, I watch a lot of movies and maybe 1 out of 100 gets what this movie gets: A+!!!

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Bring on the Kleenex

Author: ( from Savannah, GA
21 December 2002

I loved this movie! The actress who played Travis was engaging, and all the other performances were excellent, too. Sure, it was rather predictable, but who cares? It's Christmas, and everyone needs a good family story now and then.

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A movie only a plastic surgeon could love.

Author: Damien V. ( from United States
19 December 2005

In the future, any closeup of Burt Reynolds should come with a disclaimer or at least a warning from Vincent Price. This fact is made especially more frightful in this film because Burt's character has no reason to exist in this story. I mean...why frighten children for no reason?

Ugh, what am I doing home on a Monday afternoon watching this horror show on Lifetime TV? Between Mary Tyler Moore and Burt Reynolds, this movie had me in stitches -- too bad most of them were behind Mary and Burt's ears and eyelids.

This movie was made for simpletons and first year plastic surgery residents. I'm sorry but it's just terrible. The story is contrived, the acting is dull and the payoff is predictable. I even sensed a little racism in that the African American characters who figure largely in the script, seem to be wrought from a 1930s movie. I mean, it's nice that they make Charles Robinson and Irma Hall wiser than the white folk but they're still depicted as "help" -- geez!

The only thing nice I can say about this movie is that the lamb is cute.


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Beautiful and Touching Holiday Fare

Author: tymflyer from California
12 December 2002

You'd have to be an unreformed grinch not to be touched by this glowing story of a torn family rediscovering life and love. The story revolves around "Me", played with beautiful subtlety by 10 year old Holliston Coleman. Holliston endows the story with life, playing joy, pain, anger, and love with equal force. I don't think there is any other child actor out there who is as natural or whose face can change so subtly to reveal her thoughts within. I'll never forget the look on Holliston's face when Miss Lettie pulls out the ugly dress she wants her to wear to school -- not overdone, but her polite horror is completely transparent and really funny. Later, on the road, she's equally transparent and utterly moving as she explains the loneliness of being without a father. Holliston is on screen almost full-time for the entire 2 hours; I'm not really sure how a 10 year old pulled that off -- it must have been quite a challenge.

Mary Tyler Moore has trouble playing the mean old lady, but brings humor to what might otherwise have been a tedious role, and love-interest Burt Reynolds connects well with her. Charlie Robinson is utterly real: his "wisest of the wise men" role is convincing and gentle, and he and his mother Irma P. Hall do a great job providing the loving moral guidance to the story. The cinematography captures beautifully the sun-drenched countryside and elegant house.

All in all, this film is a much-needed re-telling of the ultimate importance of family and friends, love and commitment. I'd recommend it to all who need a shot-in-the-arm this holiday season. I hope it comes back to TV for many years to come.

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If you open your heart, you can learn something from everybody.

Author: mark.waltz from United States
3 April 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't expect either sweet Mary Richards or on the other side of the spectrum a Shirley MacLaine like old grouch in this TV movie with Mary Tyler Moore. She's an embittered recluse, running business from an office in her house, and cranky enough, yet hiding a huge heart underneath it all. Moore's big hearted handyman Charles Robinson ("Night Court") takes a fancy to Moore's niece (Holliston Coleman), bringing her into the home of his close knit family where his even bigger huge hearted mother (Irma P. Hall) gives Coleman a piece of family history. It's up to Robinson and Hall to open Moore's heart up to family, an easier task when Moore's old beau (Burt Reynolds) comes back into her life.

Showing that love, wisdom and heart come from places that one might not expect. Coleman learns that people aren't their skin color, but what is in their heart, and Hall's family has more than enough for anybody open up to receiving that love. Coleman shows the open mindedness of a young girl not shown the ugliness of racism, and anybody who has had that education is truly lucky. This is a film with heart, a word I overuse in this review with no regret. Moore plays a character filled more with sadness than she allows herself to reveal, using her cold exterior to hide the tears inside. There are a ton of small moments that will grab your emotions, and it's the complex simpleness of this story that makes this TV movie truly special.

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This TV movie is very entertaining. Very enjoyable never dull.

Author: mthusberg ( from Australia
28 December 2002

I watched this movie 3 times while I was spending my holiday in Dallas Texas. The story is great and the acting is superb. The girl Travis is a very caring girl and is quite obvious being raised without luxuries but with much love. Her non-stop chatter is so entertaining. Every word she said is very interesting. Mary Tyler Moore, the aunt, has that proud attitude but quite a soft heart. And the helper, was it Morgan Freeman?, he is just so good. He is always a veteran actor and very competent whatever role you give him.

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Disappointing family fare

Author: dhalgren74 from Tampa, Florida
8 December 2002

I usually know how good or bad a picture is within the first fifteen minutes and this return of Mary Tyler Moore to the small screen was no exception. The tip off? The little girl playing her niece Travis. I say 'little girl' as opposed to 'actress' because if this child's abrasive, one-dimensional performance is any indication, the wonderful Dakota Fanning ("I Am Sam", "Taken") will have nothing to worry about come her next casting call.

In fact, the only actor who gives a really decent performance here is Irma P. Hall as Charlie Robinson's mother, Miss Rose. She is warm and all-knowing, and having worked for ice queen Lettie Anderson's family for 75 years, she knows a lot of family secrets. Nothing too profound, mind you -- did I mention that Dalene Young's script is incredibly boring? I kept waiting for Lettie to really lose her cool and smack that snotty kid upside the head; I also found Robinson irritating in his nonstop upbeat attitude.

If you're looking for a well-acted family drama set in the south, stick to the likes of "My Dog Skip".

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Rots your teeth...boring too

Author: jaxla from Los Angeles, CA
28 September 2003

Mary Tyler Moore can still turn the world on with her smile, but she rarely gets to do so in this grim, tedious family film that harkens back to the days of such solemn treacle as "Mrs. Wiggs Cabbage Patch." The script is ponderous, loaded with cliched dialogue and moves things along at a snail's pace. There's an awful little girl "actress" that makes you want to reach for the curtain swag to strangle her with. Then Burt Reynolds shows up with yet another face lift and that pancake toup of his; he's beginning to look like an alien. Mary and Burt in an old fashioned TV movie sounded like a good deal, but I've had better times at the dentist than I did with this stinker. Beware

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