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Truly funny, even if the plot is full of holes.
fiera12128 September 2002
This film had me laughing out loud. No, it's not one of the all-time great dramas. In fact, the plot is weak, juvenile, and full of holes -- almost a parody of a real cop movie. But none of that matters because it's hysterical! Run to your local video store now, and rent it!
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xredgarnetx27 April 2008
Dooley (Jim Belushi) and his canine partner Jerry Lee are back for a third go-round in K9:PI. This time, they are battling thieves over some stolen computer chips in a plot so thin, it makes Belushi look extra fat. Also, Belushi is now retired from the police force and working as a private investigator, hence the title. The excitement and action and comedy of the first movie are long gone, replaced by endless flatulence and poo jokes. K9:PI is passable, but barely. The first half, about the chip robbery and Dooley accidentally getting involved, is more entertaining than the second half, during which Dooley "pimps" Jerry Lee in order to make some money when he finds his pension temporarily frozen. As this subplot drags on and on, the action really dies and barely picks up in time for the end. And I wasn't kidding about Belushi being out of shape in this. He looks terrible.
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Ruff really ruff
ed_two_o_nine2 February 2009
This is a pretty run of the mill family move that I am sure most children will enjoy but with really no that much to please any adults viewing the movie. The premise of the film is that Belushi's cop character takes his retirement but gets drawn into a case which results in him becoming a private investigator. The movie's plot is so obvious most of the kids will surely pick the ending before it happens. But additionally to that there seem to be story arcs and sub plots that are forgotten about as the movie progresses. This coupled with a sub plot where the titular K-9 gets pimped out by Belushi. One to be avoided I am afraid.
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Move over, Coppola...
Daniel Pulliam24 September 2002
James Belushi gives one of his most poignant performances in this gripping action-adventure yarn about a cop and his human. Every aspect of this film screams Oscar, and it's a travesty that such brilliance is rarely acknowledged in Hollywood anymore. Not since the original Godfather has a film so transcended what has come before. From the rip-roaring opening sequence (making this one of the very finest of the summer's slam-bang action-thrillers) to its sweeping finale, this film deserves more than its fate as a direct-to-video feature. The two leads create the best onscreen chemistry since, well, Brando and Pacino. If there were any justice, this film would be best picture every year. The greatest motion picture ever made. Period.
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A really lazy sequel that doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment
callanvass29 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Det. Mike Dooley and his lovable companion (K-9) retire from the force. After a great party, Dooley notices some suspicious activity nearby, getting involved in a federal investigation accidentally. Dooley sets up his own P.I business to solve the mystery, when a mysterious woman asks for his help, regarding the disappearance of her husband. The first movie was innocuous for what it was. Even the second sequel had a little bit of merit to it, though a sequel was pushing it. The premise is a one-trick pony, one that shouldn't have had two STV sequels. James Belushi had fame in the late 80's, early 90's, a hit TV show called "According to Jim" . This movie is desperate for laughs, resorting to cheap gags with flatulence and poop. None of it works, except for one admittedly amusing scene where Dooley's dog is having trouble going to the bathroom. Dooley uses beans, cabbage, prunes, curry powder, wieners, and mineral oil to use as a mix for pizza. If that's not enough, there is plenty of failed comedy with dog auditions. The biggest problem with this movie is the lack of an interesting plot or any intriguing characters. This movie relies heavily on Belushi, and he's not up to the daunting task. His clown routine doesn't do much for the film, nor does Belushi seem all that interested in trying. He's overweight and a bit daft. I've always liked Belushi, but he was terrible in this movie. I'm guessing he needed a quick paycheck. They do a hapless romance that has little care or thought into it as well. Even the dog isn't all that great

If you're gonna watch any movie in this pointless trilogy, watch the first movie. This movie wasn't intolerable by any means, but it gave me a big case of the blah's. It's lazy, unfunny, and silly.

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Enough funny, but totally unnecessary
salciuco@inwind.it7 March 2003
K9(1989) directed by Rod Daniel was a good movie, where a hard Miami cop coupled with a strange dog. The movie was supported from an exciting screenplay and the mix between action and comedy stay high all the time thanks to a great James Belushi in the lead role. After 14 years there are two sequel for the original movie: K9:11(1999) and this K9:P.I.(2002). Both of them useless, because every good points of the movie is lost, even the argument between the cop and his dog, that in the first movie were very hilarious and funny , are off and without energy. The story is totally absent, all of the movie based to the gags between the cop and the dog , that its are funny but too little for do the entirely movie on this. Because in this years the story of the dog cop have been exploit in every of his aspect and now is relegated for SitCom, TV series or actors beginners, not for a professional as James Belushi . In this new adventure the cop Dooley and his dog partner is ready to the retire, but they are involved in a case of steal a microchips, and till to the guilty going to discover the retired is frozen. The plot is totally undeveloped and it stay only a idea for all the movie, Belushi is off, but he heave not materials to work, and he seems only a caricature to the fascinating cop on first `K9'.Belushi is a great actor, his character in movies as `The Principal', `Dimenticare Palermo' or in comedy as `Taking care a business' and the nostalgic `Mr Destiny' were the work of a professional and good actor, but it's a real sin that you see spoiling this talent in this sequel for the video. Ultimately Belushi is relegated to the TV and video production, but I think that he heave the quality for back on the cinema, I hope that some good director succeeded to emphasize. Now Belushi is on the set to the movie `Easy Six', a independent production directed by Chris Iovenko where he play the role of Elvis Presley. It seem a good return, I good hope.
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Schizo comedy
Wizard-817 March 2010
Having seen all three of the movies in the series (all for free - thank goodness!), I am bewildered by the evidence being that this series was popular enough to spawn two sequels. It's more of the same for this second sequel, though the subplot about the dog's advancing age and the policewoman with a dog of her own from the previous movie are both not mentioned at any time here. Anyway, I don't think this entry in the series, like the previous part, has a potential audience. On one hand, there are infantile attempt at humor with stuff like dog flatulence, and on the other hand there are harsh violent sequences, as well as wink-wink sexual gags thrown in. So the movie is not safe for younger kids, and adults will feel their intelligence is being insulted. Making matters worse is that the main plot of the movie advances very slowly, throwing in a number of subplots that don't need to be there. There's no reason to watch this movie, even if you worked on it.
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" The Odd Couple Is Back! "
adonis98-743-18650327 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Having spent many years in the police force, Detective Dooley, finally retiring. Although his colleagues organized an unforgettable farewell party, he was not particularly happy free time that awaits him. On the way home he and his partner Jerry dog will note robbery in the laboratory for assembling chips. In conflict with the burglars Jerry will swallow one of the stolen chips. If you liked the previous 2 films on the K-9 Trilogy you're going to love this movie as well, James Belushi and King as Jerry Lee have an amazing and funny chemistry together and their the heart and soul of this Series. Plus it's a pretty hilarious movie and Jerry steals the show most of the time he is cute when he shakes his head, he is awesome when he chases someone and he is funny when he starts farting. There's also a really good chase scene threw the stairs with Belushi and Eklund. Also i loved the scenes with the Agents and one of them is played by Kevin Durand (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). In the end K- 9: P.I is funny, action packed, lighthearted and succeeds where so many direct to DVD sequels have failed thanks to the amazing chemistry between the 2 main leads. (A+)
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Jerry Lee
kai ringler31 July 2013
Our favorite crime fighting duo is back for a third installment in the series, this time after leaving his retirement party, him and Jerry Lee are walking home when they stumble upon an upscale robbery involving electronic chips, they try to stop the robbery and are foiled somewhat by the crooks, and the FBI,, Jerry Lee has swallowed one of four computer chips,, and the other three don't work without the fourth,, so his ex -boss get's wind of things, and his pension is frozen,, so out of cash he decides to breed Jerry Lee for quick cash,, he then get's a Private Investigator's license to make ends meat,, he takes on a client who is very beautiful and the chase is on.. very funny movie without a lot of dog humor,, as well as the interactions between Jerry Lee and his owner,, not as good as the first two , but definitely worth a watch.
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An enjoyable third outing
wi_rcarlson3 August 2002
In this third K-9 adventure, Mike Dooley (James Belushi) and his four-legged partner Jerry Lee are at the end of their career with the police department and beginning a new one as private investigators. There are many humorous moments as our heroes trail some hi-tech thieves. The cop and dog pairing that made the first two films appealing is still fresh and the action keeps the pace up.
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This dog isn't even fit to be Chinese food
movieman_kev14 February 2005
Dooley and his canine partner, Jerry Lee are together again in this 2nd sequel (?!!?) I sincerely had no clue that they made one sequel let alone two. And for a film that was only slight better than "Turner & Hooch"? This time after Dooley retires, he has to mate his dog (with other dogs, people) and wait around for Jerry Lee to poo. Real classy stuff. I mean come on now. The original had at least a few good laugh. This one has nary a one. Jim Belushi just looks old and worn out. Both Belushi brothers were great in the '80's. If John hadn't died, would he be so bad today like his brother? That thought makes me sad for some reason.

My Grade: D-

Where i saw it: USA network
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nothing new!
EasternMafia26 February 2007
sorry, sorry but sorry. nice, very nice production, very nice actors, also funny. But, this type of the movies with a dog (Rex German, Gery-Jerry American) with a private detectives, with a pretty rich woman???????????????????????? Hello producer, how many movies we have out there with the same plot?????????? What do u have on your minds when you make the scenes like dog having a pupu. Or any king of that dog activities????? Micro chips who can make you rich? Micro chips who wort a fortune? There is three master chips, wow? And the creator of the chips can't make the same chips again? Hello, wake up. can give us something smarter than that? Best, D
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A good movie, but not fluent with previous movies
Joshua Maguire13 February 2005
The movie is hilarious, but it doesn't go with the previous movies. What happened to the female detective from the previous movie, at the end, they were going out on a date, they should have incorporated that, and other such things from k-9, and k-911 into k-9 PI. Other wise, it was an excellent movie, and a great family film, it had me laughing from beginning to end. James Belushi is an excellent actor, and really brings the role of Detective Dolley to life.

If you buy, or rent any movie this year, you should definitely make it this one. This movie is definitely gets a vote of 9, out of 10. I would give it a ten, but the fact that it isn't fluent with the first two movies was quite upsetting.
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A comedy with bite...
theteeto29 August 2002
I concur. This is the finest film about a dog cop I have ever seen (not counting Turner and Hooch, of course). Jim Bulishi shines in what is clearly his finest moment since Jingle All the Way. You really believe he is a cop with a dog for a sidekick...or is he really the dog's sidekick :) I found the female dog love interest to be a bit of a stretch. I mean, what could he see in that bitch? Anyways, great film all around, good times. Fun for the whole family, including Rover! 9/10
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