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Philadelphia Inquirer
Tells Wilco's story so well that you'll leave the theater thinking the album is a work of genius.
This picture is jagged and exciting; it tells several plots imperfectly, yet makes them add up to a great American story about integrity challenged and triumphant.
Entertainment Weekly
A modest vérité portrait of Wilco, the engagingly melodious, deeply unglam alt-folk rockers.
This is a rare gem tripped over while making a run-of-the-mill rockumentary about a band's new album.
Shot in grainy black and white, the film features tons of entertaining footage of the band in the studio as well as an enlightening commentary from music critics Greg Kot and David Frick.
Boston Globe
To love Wilco is to believe in a certain rustic intelligence about popular music (and about yourself) and to embrace the Tweedy worldview that you need sarcasm and vagueness to cope with the pitfalls of sincerity.
New York Daily News
This is compelling stuff, but Jones seems almost pathologically averse to upstaging the songs themselves.
New York Post
The concert footage is stirring, the recording sessions are intriguing, and -- on the way to striking a blow for artistic integrity -- this quality band may pick up new admirers.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
May be anticorporate, it's by no means hype-free.
San Francisco Chronicle
Business intrudes on art.
Miami Herald
A slightly dull film by photographer Sam Jones.

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