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Chicago Sun-Times
Once in the jungle they have all sorts of harrowing adventures, and I enjoyed it that real things were happening, that we were not simply looking at shoot-outs and chases, but at intriguing and daring enterprise.
San Francisco Chronicle
The action sequences are novel, the performances are slightly askew, and the camera work is vigorous and mostly effective.
Entertainment Weekly
The Rundown is actually a lot of fun, mostly because The Rock, simply by standing there and being The Rock, cancels out Scott entirely.
New York Daily News
The screenplay is laced with wit and sharp dialogue, and the supporting cast more than makes up for Johnson's inexperience and occasional stiffness.
Chicago Tribune
Has what we usually want to see in movies like this: bravura action, tongue-in-cheek humor, but most of all attitude.
Offers everything a good movie of this sort should: plenty of suspenseful action, a few good laughs, and a share of obligatory "reluctant buddy" bonding.
Wall Street Journal
There's no doubt, though, that The Rundown will be a crowd-pleaser, despite a forgettable title and lots of roughness around the production's edges. It's a comedy-adventure with a frivolous soul.
The Hollywood Reporter
Those not in the smackdown frame of mind will find an overabundance of head-butts, body slams and pounding aural effects -- this is a definite contender for loudest film of the year -- but also will discover instances of innovative, spectacular stuntwork and, though the comic interplay often falls flat, a story with heart.
The Rock has a flair for action and comedy; he's a real movie star.
By nature, the character (Rock) is as gentle and affable as this Amazonian adventure is -- a yarn complete with an oddball robber baron, pro football linemen, Type-A monkeys and hallucinogenic fruit.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Somehow the star emerges from this mess smelling like pure testosterone. You can't stop the Rock.

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