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The first song Ella sings, "Somebody to Love" was not the original song choice. Tommy O'Haver had discovered that Anne Hathaway didn't have very good chemistry with their first choice, a more classical "fairy-tale" song. O'Haver and Hathaway were relaxing when she starting singing along and dancing to the song that was currently playing: Queen's "Somebody to Love". They both decided that "this was it".
Anne Hathaway sang her own songs in the movie.
During the fight scene with the ogres, a horse fell on stuntman Rob Inch, shattering his pelvis in thirty places.
The woman who appears during the ending number carrying Edgar in a cart, is Anne Hathaway's cousin Meridith.
Overcast skies in Ireland were digitized a brilliant blue to create more of a fairytale atmosphere.
Twin babies were used in filming, one that cried a lot, and one that was happy. The Ella Enchanted title was strategically placed over the babies' face to hide the switch.
The opening shot took about 6-7 months to create, it mixed live action and models.
The Hall of Mirrors scene was the most difficult to film due to the mirrors and the complexity of the camera angles.
Lamia, where Prince Char lives, is modeled after downtown Manhattan, with castles in place of skyscrapers, bridges, rivers and island topography. It is also named after the Greek myth of Lamia.
The tailor working on Char's cloak is an actual tailor in Dublin, Ireland.
The actors that portrayed the ogres, Jim Carter, Paraic Breathnach, and Daniel Naprous, were told that it would only take two hours to get into make-up and costume, when in fact, it took four to six hours.
Edgar's portrait reads "Hubris, never humility". Char's reads "Valiant, never Vainglorious".
EASTER EGG: There are several faces hidden in the image throughout the movie. In order of appearance: 1. During the opening pan across the countryside, when you see the unicorn, the side of the wall where the branches are broken forms the silhouette of a face in profile. The broken part of the wall makes the forehead, nose, and mouth; the branches make the hair, eyebrow, and eye. 2&3. There are two hidden faces in the pages of the magic book when Mandy (Minnie Driver) first opens it. 4. When Prince Char and Ella see the giants working in the field, there's a face hidden in the hill on the left side. You can see it in the shot that starts on the guard towers and pans right to the field (the last shot of the giants). It might also be visible in the very first shot of the giants, but only in the wide-screen version. 5. When Ella is chained to the tree, there is a small face hidden in the middle of the tree in between the two outreached branches (that look like short arms). It can be very hard, if not impossible, to see on some copies of the film (especially if the print is kind of dark).
The scene where Char and Ella meet, was the first day of filming. Director Tommy O'Haver had them move, so that the waterfall could be seen in the background.
When Benny teases Slannen for being frightened by a bunny, he mentions that "the last known case of a bunny attack was, well...never." Ironically, Eric Idle, who plays the narrator, is a part of comedy group Monty Python, whose film Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) features the deadly "Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog".
Tommy O'Haver affectionately called the Lamia Castle Guards his very own Stormtroopers, referencing Star Wars.
(At around ten minutes) Lucinda is holding Ella as a newborn baby. The baby wees on her, but the wee should pour to the floor, not squirt all over her. Which indicates that the baby she is holding is a boy, not a girl.
Originally, Heston was going to be a puppet, but Tommy O'Haver quickly realized that is wasn't going to work, and became a digital character.
DIRECTOR_CAMEO(Tommy O'Haver): Squirrel-on-a-stick vendor.
After Ella kicks a Red Guard behind her, taking him out, rather swiftly, Ella's stepmother (Joanna Lumley) is appalled by the act. Joanna Lumley also played Purdy in The New Avengers (1976), and was known for her kickboxing fighting style.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The shoes that Ella has to steal in the mall scene, were really made of glass, there were two pairs made, and through filming, Anne Hathaway unfortunately broke both pairs.
There are several references to Cinderella - Ella gets a stepmother, and two nasty stepsisters. One of her stepsisters tells Ella to go home and clean the fireplace. Ella is made to steal glass shoes/slippers. Ella has a fairy godmother, who puts her in a gown for the ball. The stroke of midnight is significant. Another word for "Char" is "Cinder", when you combine the names it becomes "Cinder-Ella". This is actually because the original book by Gail Carson Levine, was supposed to be a spin on the Cinderella story. In the book, many of these connections are made much clearer. Also, Char's full name, Charmont, is actually supposed to be a play on the name Prince Charming.
Lucy Punch also plays the wicked stepsister, Lucinda, in Into the Woods (2014), but that time with Cinderella, rather than Ella.

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