Coraline (2009) Poster


Plot Keywords

new home dream
secret door parallel worlds
eye button
bechdel test passed laptop computer
husband wife relationship little girl
moving crew pet cat
stuffed animal pet dog
old woman thunder
letter water well
bicycling little boy
dowsing forest
movers search
clue flashlight
fear riddle
tears fireplace
stage anger
spotlight beetle
big top child protagonist
female protagonist search for parent
sleep void
alternate world camera
walker stabbing a doll
cane hanging from a flagpole
angel snow
eccentric pizza
lemonade stuffed toy dog
moving swinging on a door
stuffed animal toy reflection
motorcycle other father
tea catalogue
gloves clothing store
toy chest texas
michigan suitcase
rain hummingbird
flowers breaking mirror
candy disappearance of one's father
disappearance running away
dinner theatre audience
theatre production diving into a barrel
song singing
singer shakespearean quotation
reference to william shakespeare lightning
moving van mermaid
actress cheese
balancing on a balcony railing balcony
parachute knitting needle
mirror computer
voice over narration wallpaper
corset cell phone
dog oregon
player piano pianist
eyeglasses circular staircase
photograph scissors
skipping stone milkshake
tent pajamas
presidents' day lorgnette
hide and seek cake
candle bedroom
nightmare sleeping
prayer eating
food buxom
boy mother daughter relationship
father daughter relationship sewing
thread needle
horror for children dark fantasy
theatre blue hair
tunnel trapeze
toy train tickling
tea leaves snowglobe
slug praying mantis
peeling skin mouse
high dive garden
fortune telling fog
dowsing rod cat
cannon bicycle
bat poison oak
mirror as portal blowing a raspberry
well shaft spider web
rat old mansion
metamorphosis mechanical hand
insect grandmother grandson relationship
eye cut out cat and mouse
bug acrobat
impostor talking animal
secret passage rescue
piano old dark house
neighbor kidnapping
key ghost
ghost child game playing
fantasy world doll
cotton candy circus
talking cat surrealism
3 dimensional cult film
stop motion animation based on novel
title spoken by character character name in title

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