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Nigel17 January 2005
I'm tempted to write a long piece explaining why this film was so bad, but I can all too easily summarise by saying "Everything".

It was poorly acted, predictable, unenthralling, clichéd nonsense. And that was just the first half hour, at which point, for the sake of my brain and stopping it melting with the sheer tedium, I walked out of the cinema.

If you're genuinely sad enough to believe that paying good money to see Halle Berry in a PVC suit is good enough reason to spend time gawking at this trash, then fine. Who am I to try to persuade you to try and do something more valuable with your time, like base-jumping without a parachute?

Utterly abysmal
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Instant Cult classic
timetwister7721 February 2005
remember this flick; recall every poorly crafted detail; recite every stale line repeatedly. Why? Because one day, my friend, this train-wreck will be playing at your local buck and a quarter cinema @ midnight 30 with a line of freaks rolling along the walls. Each will be holding a ball of catnip in one hand and a jar of face cream in the other; and you'll be the #1 popularoso if you can recite along with this mutt. All I can say is WOW. That is the worst villain of all time: Marbleface.. my face has become marble from too much toxic face cream? No, this wasn't directed by a Frenchman. I mean it..This movies is A+ cheese. CGI catwoman to real Berry is stunning. Goes from sleek to klutzy instantly. If you like this movie like i do, your rolling on the floor. Every second is purely genius. If you liked it for real, your bus just pulled up, get away from the comp.

Highlights: 1) This is not Catwoman. Catwoman is Selina Kyle; this is patience something or other. This movie was too embarrassing to be connected with such an awesome character 2) My fav part of the lame costume: the shoes with the toes sticking out. 3) Oooooh the most sinister thing we can think of: the fiend knows the face cream is ruining the beautiful girls faces, but wants to profit anyhow. This kind of villainy puts Lex Luthor to shame! 4) Catwoman's freak out with the catnip! This is when the Rocky Horror crowd crowd will toss the catnip balls at the screen 5) You cannot argue with the music too loud scene. period. A keg's nozzle will NOT squirt that far Patience. How did you achieve such a feat. You really are a super hero.
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I will never understand...
BHorrorWriter30 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers movies like this get rushed into theaters.

I honestly believe that when the idea of a Catwoman movie came across someone's desk several years back, it was a good idea. Unfortunately what turned up in theaters in 2004 was this mess! Having never picked up a Catwoman comic book, I cannot judge the film on that background. Knowing only of the old Batman TV show from the 60's, the 90's Cartoon and the brilliant portrayal by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton's exceptional Batman Returns in 1992. That's all I really have to go on.

However, this 2004 update on the character is flawed. Halle Berry is awkwardly cast as the lead. Her screen presence was boring and lacked any real motivation.

With 3 writers, it is no wonder the story goes in all directions, never sticking to one line for too long. It is disjointed and incomplete. It almost seems the script was written just to have CGI fight sequences and Berry in that silly (though hot) costume! Pitof, as director strings together a film that has no real entertainment value. Though many scenes are shot beautifully, I do not see where he treated the character of Catwoman as the focal point. It just seems like he was making a movie - nothing more nothing less.

All in all the film is bland. Trite. Scripted weakly. Sloppily acted. Well, you get the idea.

Long live the days when Michelle Pfeiffer wore the Catwoman costume. She truly demonstrated the characteristics of a true Feline Femme Fatale. She holds ranks with the women that have portrayed Catwoman - Berry, though I love her, does not! 2 out of 10
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what an absolute load of rubbish
kristianvolsing23 March 2005
I was so angry when I saw this film. I tried to like it, but from the moment a CGI cat appears when a real cat would have been far more effective and easier to produce, I couldn't stop cursing myself for having given the filmmakers my money. It is the most unmitigated piece of sh*t I have ever seen, worse still than Batman and Robin.

The plot is like an episode of Baywatch, Halle Berry is completely unsexy and the effects are pure rubbish. Not to mention the stinking direction. I hope that "Pitof" never sullies the cinema again with this kind of tripe.

Please, take heed: nobody else should ever see this atrocious film.
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Try to make a worse movie--I dare you
jjalan6 February 2005
Oh, where to start...imagine all the intellectual depth of Showgirls, plus all the excessive and ridiculous special effects of Charlie's Angels, and then throw in some dialog crafted by whomever wrote for Governor Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze in the fourth Batman movie, and only then are you even close to a movie as awful as this.

I suppose one should not expect much from a director who actually refers to himself as Pitof. But let's come back to that. Let's move on to Halle Berry. Note to Halle Berry: Letting Billy Bob Thornton ream you endlessly on camera is certainly degrading, but it was also a good career move--and you won an Oscar; feverishly eating catnip and licking people's faces on camera, however, is not a good career move--and you'll probably win a Razzie this time. They make you return Oscars for movies like this. Oh yeah, as for the supernatural explanation for Patience Phillips/Catwoman's superhero status--she gets CPR from an immortal Egyptian cat--I am not kidding.

And then there is Benjamin Bratt, who happens to be a pretty solid actor, but could have very likely damaged a good career. If his participation in this movie isn't enough to stigmatize him, then I'm sure he had to pass up a lot of good roles because of all the time he spent having his foot surgically removed from his former agent's rectum. There is a scene in this movie--probably the worst, and that's no small achievement--that is reminiscent of that ridiculous scene in Daredevil where Jennifer Garner/Elektra and Ben Affleck/blind superhero have a Kung Fu fight at a playground in broad daylight; in this movie it's Halle Berry and Ben Bratt playing one-on-one hoops and her doing Catwoman flips and yet no one appears to be too amazed by this, much less pants-soiling surprised, and on top of that it has a sort of VH1/Color Me Bad/early New Edition video feel to it. And I'm really not sure what city this is all supposed to take place in--Gotham, Metropolis, the land beneath the whole in the cutting room floor--but apparently this place only has one detective, the unfortunate Bratt. No matter what the crime is--burglary, murder, domestic disturbance, interrupted ballet performance--he's always there.

As for the rest of the cast, that annoying woman from Mad TV--I know that's not specific enough; I mean the most annoying one who plays what I guess is supposed to be some bizarre Asian lady--well, she plays Catwoman's annoying and sort of slutty co-worker comic relief since Rosie O'Donnell was apparently unavailable.

And then we come to Sharon Stone. Now I know her career is going down the crapper with all deliberate speed, but it's still hard to understand this one. The only thing I can guess is that the opportunity to break into silly, pseudo-feminist diatribes made this a role she couldn't turn down. Of course Sharon has often lamented the lack of good roles for older women in Hollywood, and she's absolutely right about that, but this is not the best way to lodge a complaint, and plus that's always been a little peculiar coming from an actress whose greatest cinematic achievement is the conspicuous exposure of her labia.

Briefly back to this Pitof character--I thought that pretentious one-named idiot who did the Charlie's Angels movies--McG, I believe--was bad enough, but this guy is even more shameless and obviously lacking in talent. What's with these guys who've never made a movie and are already going by only one name? Don't you have to work up to that? I mean if is Scorsese wants to go by Marty, fine; if Tarantino wants to be just Quentin, or even just Q, whatever, but where does a hack like this get off using one name? This movie deserves every Razzie it receives, and while some reviewers may say it's not really that bad, remember, it took a lot of money to make this godawful thing, and if people don't speak out about how dreadful it really is, they just might make Catwoman 2. Can you live with that?
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Dear Hollywood, please stop doing this!
udeaasykle11 February 2005
Oh my, where do I begin? Well I could tell you that this is a well made action movie, but obviously I would be lying my head off. So instead, I want to tell you the truth. Are you ready? Here it comes… "DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE" Let me tell you why. If you see this movie and are over the age of 16, you will end up hating yourself for letting yourself rot for 104 minutes without getting anything back, except an increased feeling of wanting to get revenge on Hollywood. They say that it is very hard to get your script into a movie. Well, after seeing this movie, I think a one legged monkey could write a better script, without either pen or paper. The fact that Halle Berry even uses a male stunt double, makes me loose all respect for both her and this movie. Besides the stunt double thing, the movie still sucks. The dialog sucks, the acting is not even present and the action looks sloppy and poorly thought through. This movie actually made me like The Core better, which is pretty much impossible. I rate this movie 1/10
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Crap in its purest form.
expiremedia28 July 2004
Directing 0/10, Writing 0/10, Cinematography 0.5/10, Editing 1/10, Acting 0.5/10, Overall Satisfaction 0/10

Final- 0.5/10

One word is brought to mind when thinking back to my viewing of, Catwoman- Crap. It might be inspired by my estimation of the film's display of only 12 minutes of living, breathing actors (which I will get into more below). Or it could possibly be inspired by the many errors that there wasn't even an attempt to cover, i.e.- Patience becomes Catwoman after wandering into a restricted area. How did she get into this restricted area, you ask? By walking through the door marked 'RESTRICTED AREA,' in bold, red text, which was simply unlocked and didn't even have a significant locking device on it. You know, I might've also hated the movie (not worthy of the word 'film') because of the pointless-undeveloped story line. And, really, it's not possible to look beyond the disgustingly audacious 'style' of one-named director, Pitof, which can only be described as the style of a headless chicken running through a maze of landmines. Oh, yes, said headless chicken is also being chased by angry natives wielding machetes.

I mentioned above that I estimated that only 12 minutes of living, breathing actors were shown during the entire 140 minutes of film. Almost every sequence of the movie featuring an actor seemed to be butchered by the insertion of CGI's. I'm dead serious. I'm not just talking high-flying, sucky action sequences- I'm talking scenes of Catwoman walking to a motorcycle and calmly getting on it, and the other one that immediately comes to mind is a sequence where a man (a baddie) is simply walking. Yeah, walking. It seems agents and managers are really watching over their clients these days.

Now, two questions I'm asking-

1) What is the point of Catwoman? What the [expletive] does she do?

It's explained in the film that Midnight, the 'magical' cat, chose Patience to become Catwoman, but something is wrong here- CATWOMAN HAS NO PURPOSE!! Every other superhero out there has a purpose- They save people! It seems Catwoman's only purpose is to kill the people who attempted to kill her and chase a cricket or two. There's nothing else to her!

2) Where is the REAL back story?

It sure as [expletive] wasn't in the film! Why wasn't she shocked and attempting to reason and deal with the emotional ass-kicking that would come with the revelation? She's told she's Catwoman by the cliché cat lady, she buys a mask and nails and the result is the 'superhero.' It's adds up, but not into anything of any value whatsoever. Shame on you terrible writers!

Halle Berry is a good actress. I'm not doubting or denying that. She fully deserved her Academy Award nomination and win for 2001's Monster's Ball, but something bad happened here. Her acting started awful and ended awful. I'm hoping the talents and reputation of Berry won't be harmed by her inadequate performance.

Now, My request to Halle Berry- Ms. Berry, I want my money back. I never thought I could see such a terrible performance from an Oscar winning actress. Maybe you were just doing your best with the material? But, you know, that really is not a valid excuse. After reading the screenplay, you should've thrown it in the face of the agent who dared display it to you. How could you not notice how awful it was? Make some better choices and hopefully your career won't plummet as so many others have.

I recall an interview with Ashley Judd, the original casting choice for Catwoman, who said something along the lines of, 'Turning down the role of Catwoman is one the things I regret the most.' Ashley, never say that again. You have only been saved by not appearing in this hilariously terrible film.

Listen people, don't waste your money on this…um..crap. It's not worth the $6-$15 bucks!

So now you ask, why not just give it a zero? Why the zero-point five? Well, The editing was sufficiently bad; the acting of Alex Borstein could've possibly taken some effort, appropriately placed CGI's were okay, and I like cats.

Directing 0/10, Writing 0/10, Cinematography 0.5/10, Editing 1/10, Acting 0.5/10, Overall Satisfaction 0/10

Final- 0.5/10
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Crap...caught on film!
shinlyle14 February 2005
Wow...I have never seen such horrendous footage in my life! I would normally never knock something without having seen it in its entirety, but this film is utter $hit! Put it back in the litter box and throw it out!

I've seen about 45 minutes of footage and it really looks like something someone did as a flash film and they thought "Hmm...this would look cool on film!!"

I think it's total and utter betrayal of the character's roots is bad enough, but to compound that by ripping off elements from other comic-based action films (The Crow, Spider-Man 1 & 2, etc.) is just adding more nails to this already sealed coffin.

The only positive reviews I have read seem to say that "It wasn't as bad as everyone said it was, but it was bad". That isn't a positive review. The only people who enjoyed this film are pre-pubescent guys who will never know the touch of a woman without shucking out a few hundred bucks for it.

This film is a disgrace to comics, movies, and mankind in general, and any woman who thinks this film is "empowering" is probably some young promiscuous woman will will be called "MAMA" before she hit age 17.

Beware this movie, and avoid it like the freaking' plague.
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Beware the Ringers pumping up this horrible movie
cannae28 July 2004
Isn't it strange that a whole back of positive comments for "Catwoman" just popped up in the past few days? What is even stranger is that 8 of these positve "reviewers" have reviewed only one movie: Catwoman. Draw your own conclusions. As for the movie: Sharon Stone phoned in her performance. Ms Berry danced and pranced to no avail. Is there any way I can get thoese 90 minutes of my life back? Quite a few people left, but I stayed to the end. "He chose poorly". All I can say is: Lame plot, wooden acting, bad special effects. Stay Away! Bad Kitty!
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Don't be fooled by the planted comments
WayToBlue30 July 2004
This movie is awful, the ever plunging score should tell you that.

There are alot of people involved in a movie, all the cast and crew, there families, etc . . . Bear that in mind when you read reviews about how great it is while it's scoring in the bottom #40 ever.

Terrible direction

worse dialog

shallow acting

In short, I want my money back.

Filler - ten line minimum for some reason Filler - ten line minimum for some reason Filler - ten line minimum for some reason Filler - ten line minimum for some reason
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Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't hate me.
Ruth13 February 2007
I liked it. OK, it wasn't the best film ever, and yeah, there have been better Catwomen (namely, Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer), but when you sit and watch it with no expectations, it's actually kind of cool.

From a superhero point of view it's a little one-sided- there aren't any real villains, at least, none who pose a real threat. Although Sharon Stone's character reminded me a tad of Poison Ivy, you know, super-beauty-products and all that jazz. But I quite liked that it showed how someone really quiet and shy can turn into a catty, sexy weirdo.

No offence meant to catty, sexy weirdos.

Catwoman has no real point to it, other than to explain how Patience gets her powers. It would be good if there was a follow-up where she beat Batman / Superman / Poison Ivy or whoever, but since the film did so badly this seems about as likely to happen as pigs flying, hell freezing over, and Ozzy Osbourne announcing a fondness for Girls Aloud. Which is a shame, because I didn't think the film was that bad.

They'd have been better off doing a spin-off from the Batman flicks with Michelle P (or a lookalike) as Catwoman, so the back story wouldn't be necessary.

Don't hate me for loving Catwoman. Please?
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Don't bother - stick with the comic book
awp52922 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have never rated a movie as awful but it was easy to do so with this one. Halle Berry is a beautiful and talented actress but in this movie looked and acted like a cardboard cut-out. What could have been a funny movie filled with campy humor turned out to be a meaningless sequence of events that neither told a story or developed a character. Even the special effects were not realistic or visually appealing. The real true star of the film was the cat who saved Halle Berry's character from death. This beautiful feline (the real cat) stole every scene it was in. If you start with a fantasy as the premise for a film be sure you support the fantasy and try to tell the audience a story, which is entertaining. Save your money there are a lot of great films available, unfortunately, this isn't one.
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Worst Movie I Ever Saw!!!
mussen4u7 October 2004
This Movie is the absolute worst movie I have ever seen. I have never walked out of any movie theatre in my life, I however walked out on this one and I'm mad that I even spent $1 dollar to go see it. They should pay people to see this move. Bad acting by Halle Berry and the cast, bad plot line, bad scenerios, bad writing, bad special effects, bad music score. Did I miss anything??? Yeah I got jipped out of two hours of my life, can they give me a refund??? I'm only writing this so that maybe, just maybe we can send a message to Hollywood that we will not tolerate this level of junk sold to us. We must send a message that we want great art instead of a formulated product that the public must buy.
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Not the cat's meow more like the cat's meouch!
Newsense10 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get it twisted. This is an awful film. Halle Berry cant take full blame for the reason why this movie sucks. The script was juvenile and corny. Halle Berry gives the worst performance of her acting career in this movie. She plays Patience Williams(wasn't the original Catwoman called Selina Kyle?), a timid beauty ad designer who accidentally stumbles on to an evil plan by the owner of the company she works for. The evil plan involves marketing a beauty cream that is known to cause skin disorder and cancer. Patience is chased out of the building and into a drainage system where she falls to her doom and is revived by a cat.

Opinion: This movie is humorously bad. Her origin with the cat that revives her is laughable. The way she walks so awkwardly(like she's had one too many catnip) in that tacky cat suit is a riot. The way she cracks that whip like an amateur dominatrix is hysterical. The fight scenes as well as the dialogue is laughable too. The most funniest and probably the worst scene in the movie is where she beats her soon-to-be boyfriend/cop in basketball with HIGH HEELS ON!!! She looked like a total goof dribbling that ball between her legs. Then there's those moments in the movie where you have to suspend your intellect like the time Halle slid through those prison bars without getting stuck or the fact that the toxic cream that the main villain is peddling makes her(the villain) immune to punches and kicks that would knock the average person unconscious.

Closing comments: This is the worst movie that Halle Berry has ever starred in and is another blemish is her movie career. The acting is dreadful and the action is a joke. I would be surprised if she could still find work but then again if Eddie Murphy could find roles to play after the crappy The Haunted Mansion then Halle should be able to bounce back from this.

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Bandwagon Negativity
Nedlock1 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so this is my first post here on IMDb and i had to do this because having just seen Catwoman i cannot believe the amount of people who just simply seem to be voting this low because of the negative press about it, the word sheep springs instantly to mind.

Now i've voted it as a 10 on the sole principle of my above comment, in reality i would have given it a 6 or maybe a 7 at a push.

It was by no means a great movie but for how it was hyped and the story line behind it, i thought it did very well not to make itself into a bad film.

Please put it into context before damning it so completely, this is a film about a woman who dies and comes back to life due to the powers of an ancient cat, who then goes on to investigate the reasons into her death which were brought about due to a cosmetics firms controversial new product. A STORY ABOUT BEAUTY CREAM, come on guys how much were you expecting from this for you to hate it so much, it's not like the production company hadn't been warning you for several months prior to release.

If you take this movie for what it is, i thoroughly believe it competently does what it set out to do, which is entertain.

Please do not hate this film because you were expecting something else (a Spiderman 2 or Xmen maybe) hate it if you think it is bad but on it's own merits, not compared to other films that are out right now.
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The Worst Movie I've ever seen
TheBodyHammer1 June 2007
When watching Catwoman, it is justifiable and understandable to enter a fit of rage for seemingly no reason. Subconsciously, this is your body using its animal instinct, fight or flight if you will, in an attempt to get as far away from this 'movie' as possible. This is the worst film ever made. Halle "I won an Oscar for sleeping with Billy Bob Thornton on camera" Berry pretends to act here, portraying Patience Phillips (Selina Kyle anyone?) a loser who works at an evil makeup company, wherein she stumbles upon an evil makeup plot by Sharon Stone and her evil homosexual sidekick. I guess it makes sense, especially to a man simply known as Pitof, who directed this mess. Direction would allude to clarity, which this film does not contain, most likely due to the fact that does not speak English. If he could, there is NO WAY that he would have read the script and felt that it was appropriate to go ahead and make this into a film. Lets not even get into specifics here, because the cinematography, soundtrack, CGI, and especially the acting is the worst I have ever seen. If you don't believe me watch the basketball scene and see if you don't want to hurt people. Watching this film is like someone punching your mother in the face. I tried, I desperately tried to finish the film twice, and neither time my intelligence and dignity simply wouldn't let me. Its just that bad. I could go on and on..... the scene where the cat lady explains to Halle that cats choose one woman like Neo from the Matrix and that cats are magic and whatever else was said while I wasn't paying attention....the laughable fight scenes, the fact that she becomes cat like and licks herself clean and chases crickets etc.... I'm mad at myself that I'm even writing this review, maybe its like Freddy Krueger and we can make it go away by not fearing it. Awful. Disgusting. Disgraceful to all of film. Catwoman.
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Worse than "Elektra", and the Star Wars prequels, and God knows how many other movies it makes look good by comparison
DarthBill27 July 2005
Moonlighting from the X-Men movies, Halle Berry unwisely portrays a shy, downtrodden advertising artist who gets stepped on by virtually everyone. When she finds out that the makeup firm she works for is planning to release a toxic skin cream that makes people ill if they don't keep using it, her bosses - Sharon Stone and that smug French guy from the Matrix sequels, conspire to have her bumped off, and she ends up drowning in raw sewage. She then reemerges as a "cat woman", with super agility and strength to rival that of Spider-Man or the Crow, and more ferocious personality, which she compliments by going with a short butch haircut instead of her initial long curly locks, and starts running around in a hooker/porn outfit with a whip and begins beating up people. Naturally, she's looking for revenge, but falling in love with cop Benjamin Bratt complicates things.

Like so many others, my mind is boggled as to how this piece of crap came to fruition. The plot is horrible, the dialogue and acting laughably bad, and the special effects and action sequences pitiful. There are no words out there that can sufficiently describe this failure among failures. True the film has problems that extend well beyond her, but Halle Berry, a former Oscar winner, is simply terrible in this film - and no, showing off how great she looks on the edge of 40 does not redeem her for this piece of junk (either they offered her too much money or she was so depressed over her divorce she just didn't care what the work was as long as it got her away from home and her troubles). Hell, Benjamin Bratt probably gave the film's best performance, and he was stuck playing the hapless love interest/boy toy cop.

In closing, this piece of crap makes other similarly crappy films like "King Arthur" look good by comparison (and KA was awful).
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Rotten through and through.
Christopher Vriend29 July 2004
It amazes me that with such a wealth of source material laying out a beloved a complex character, someone is given the power to decide to throw it all away and keep only "cat" and "woman." I've heard the excuse that they didn't want to be tied to the Batman stories, but does that require tossing away everything?

Clearly, however, the bad decisions didn't stop with the first, and the horror continues all throughout the movie. The writing is painful and the acting even worse.

One can only wonder why Halle Berry is being treated better that Affleck and Lopez, since this bomb surely cost significantly more than its mentor, Gigli.
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If you want to see Catwoman...go watch Batman Returns
Celine Boyer22 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Lets start with the very eye-sore basics. For one, the mask/hat is laughable and by no means sexy. This, at its basics, conflicts with the overly revealing cut-up outfit. Less is more, not lets rip them off rip them off baby!

Catwoman having super powers is painful and makes a mockery of who Catwoman is; a woman who uses her body, wit and skill to be a masterful thief of both objects and the hearts of others. The super power aspect undermines her as a character.

I didn't go in expecting a story, so bash on that is absent, but how dare you use one of my favorite DC Comic character's name! I expected to see some show of her! It is like they spat in the face of a classic fem-fatal character by using her name just to bait in fans.

If you want a new take on the name Catwoman, enjoy this movie for that...and the absurd art design. Sorry, I have nothing nice to say about this movie, I am bias as a fan of Catwoman.
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Wow... This is awful
Nyx_Selene12 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
So timid little female worker overhears evil plot, gets killed by people, gets revived by cat and then starts playing dominatrix, wearing a small amount of leather and the most unpractical shoes imaginable. She starts moving in a way that's probably meant to resemble the lithe, graceful lurk of a cat, but to me makes her look more like a paranoid squirrel on drugs.

The acting is all around bad, the action boring and the story laughable. An evil cosmetic company? Honestly? A bad facial cream? Was that the best they could come up with for a story? I'm baffled.

This movie will most likely remain on my personal "Bottom 10"-list.
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Disturbingly Erotic
hentaikittyprincess25 October 2004
Bad... just bad... to the point that it couldn't even be considered remotely sexy or even remotely empowering for females.

..And Sharon Stone looks funny in a jumpsuit these days.

At the very least, this movie reminded me of why MST3K should still exist. My friends and I had a blast.

And another thing:

Why bother with CG cats??? They're relatively easy to train and oh-so-cuddly.

Did anyone else notice that 15.7% of the people who rated this movie gave it a 10?

I challenge anyone to redeem this movie for me. Please. Do it for the kitties.

That's all.
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People were just hating on Halle!
Sherazade13 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The idea of a Black superhero/heroine must have been too much for some because after viewing Catwoman, the only conclusion I came up with was that there was a Vendetta against Halle. Harvard University just awarded her a honorary degree with their tasty hasting puddings annual whatever-s in exchange for her promising never to make a sequel to the film. And the Razzies people (The Oscars for bad acting and bad films) awarded her worst actress of the year for playing in the film. It was V for Vendetta for Heroine Halle. Anyway, back to the film, Halle's character is a scruffy looking secretary type working for a top cosmetic company when she accidental discovers the secret to the company's formulas and is killed for her curiosity. As she slowly slips away, a pack of wild and exotic cats make their way to where she is laying and I guess you can say they each donated a portion of their nine lives to her, and as a result, she comes back to life with a catlike vengeance. Sharon Stone plays the wife of her boss, with a mean streak, and that gorgeous hunk of a man Benjamin Bratt plays a police detective in hot pursuit of Catwoman for more reasons than one.
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It was a good film.
Kerry Dale3 August 2004
I thought Catwoman was a real good film. People started criticizing it mostly because it wasn't based on Selina Kyle. But, if the people would actually read about it before they criticized it, it would be a better understanding. In the old Batman show, the Catwoman played by Eartha Kitt had a granddaughter named Patience Phillips, who lived in Lake city. See?? but I thought it was good. Although there was too much animation opposed to real life, me and all my friends thought it was good. Her costume was real good, because it wasn't copying any other Catwoman of the past, and she looked good in it too. I say go suck a lemon to whoever said it was bad. I thought Halle was a purr-fect Catwoman.
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Has to be the Worst Spoof Film Ever Made (spoiler)
Phil B3 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
What a load of Rubbish. Now i know there's sci fi movies out there that are obviously fictional, but this has to be the worst fictional movie i have ever encountered. I watched the whole film just on the off chance that it would get better. Low and behold it just kept getting worse. Don't get me wrong i like Halle Berry but for her even to take a script like this it was obviously the money talking. OK the start of the movie where she happens to save a cats life that was hanging off a balcony and the man whom happens to turn up every second of the movie happened to bear witness to this and thought halle was gonna jump off the balcony, and turns out to fall in love with her straight away. Then a few minutes later halle goes to work and somehow ends up in a totally private and confidential area of her workplace where she witnesses her evil boss conjuring up some "addictive" make-up (how corny is that), then she gets shot at by some goons that couldn't shoot at an "open goal" from point blank range. Well i suppose halle did do some incredible matrix style dodging of bullets. Then to cut a long story short she ends up on the edge of a cliff where she plunges to her doom, all to be washed ashore where the cat she saved from the balcony gives her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Then low and behold, she turns into catwoman. And yes you guessed it she is now a "super hero." Now shes on a mission to avenge her death. Oh yeah the man who thought she was gonna kill herself turns up everywhere she goes, surprise surprise and cant even use his thick head to understand they are the same person, even though there is no difference in looks except a silly black thing covering her eyes. Well the only advise i can give someone intent on watching this is Don't WATCH IT, you'll get stressed and end up killing the nearest cat you see.
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what sick mind made this
Jamie_Seaton12 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
not much to say on this........ except that its f**king s**t !!! I'm sorry, had to let it out. as you will see with my comments i like to keep them fairly short and sweet. i don't like going on for paragraphs about each film because i think no one will read them if there too long. i especially keep them short with bad films because if i do a long comment it'll end up being a list of bad language and profanity

i just hate it when people make films like this. the director must of new this film would flop as soon as it gets public viewing. i just don't understand it

a few things i will tell you is that the acting in this is like a drama class in toddler school. i hope I've been blunt enough he he. Sharon Stone is terrible in this

just avoid this film, its terrible. if you want to watch a superhero movie then watch the batman films, transformers, superman or the fantastic four films........ 1/10........j.d Seaton
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