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Reviews & Ratings for
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185 out of 289 people found the following review useful:

Instant Cult classic

Author: timetwister77 from United States
21 February 2005

remember this flick; recall every poorly crafted detail; recite every stale line repeatedly. Why? Because one day, my friend, this train-wreck will be playing at your local buck and a quarter cinema @ midnight 30 with a line of freaks rolling along the walls. Each will be holding a ball of catnip in one hand and a jar of face cream in the other; and you'll be the #1 popularoso if you can recite along with this mutt. All I can say is WOW. That is the worst villain of all time: Marbleface.. my face has become marble from too much toxic face cream? No, this wasn't directed by a Frenchman. I mean it..This movies is A+ cheese. CGI catwoman to real Berry is stunning. Goes from sleek to klutzy instantly. If you like this movie like i do, your rolling on the floor. Every second is purely genius. If you liked it for real, your bus just pulled up, get away from the comp.

Highlights: 1) This is not Catwoman. Catwoman is Selina Kyle; this is patience something or other. This movie was too embarrassing to be connected with such an awesome character 2) My fav part of the lame costume: the shoes with the toes sticking out. 3) Oooooh the most sinister thing we can think of: the fiend knows the face cream is ruining the beautiful girls faces, but wants to profit anyhow. This kind of villainy puts Lex Luthor to shame! 4) Catwoman's freak out with the catnip! This is when the Rocky Horror crowd crowd will toss the catnip balls at the screen 5) You cannot argue with the music too loud scene. period. A keg's nozzle will NOT squirt that far Patience. How did you achieve such a feat. You really are a super hero.

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161 out of 255 people found the following review useful:

I will never understand...

Author: BHorrorWriter from Ohio, USA
30 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers *** movies like this get rushed into theaters.

I honestly believe that when the idea of a Catwoman movie came across someone's desk several years back, it was a good idea. Unfortunately what turned up in theaters in 2004 was this mess! Having never picked up a Catwoman comic book, I cannot judge the film on that background. Knowing only of the old Batman TV show from the 60's, the 90's Cartoon and the brilliant portrayal by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton's exceptional Batman Returns in 1992. That's all I really have to go on.

However, this 2004 update on the character is flawed. Halle Berry is awkwardly cast as the lead. Her screen presence was boring and lacked any real motivation.

With 3 writers, it is no wonder the story goes in all directions, never sticking to one line for too long. It is disjointed and incomplete. It almost seems the script was written just to have CGI fight sequences and Berry in that silly (though hot) costume! Pitof, as director strings together a film that has no real entertainment value. Though many scenes are shot beautifully, I do not see where he treated the character of Catwoman as the focal point. It just seems like he was making a movie - nothing more nothing less.

All in all the film is bland. Trite. Scripted weakly. Sloppily acted. Well, you get the idea.

Long live the days when Michelle Pfeiffer wore the Catwoman costume. She truly demonstrated the characteristics of a true Feline Femme Fatale. She holds ranks with the women that have portrayed Catwoman - Berry, though I love her, does not! 2 out of 10

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195 out of 330 people found the following review useful:

Dear Hollywood, please stop doing this!

Author: udeaasykle ( from Sandnes, Norway
11 February 2005

Oh my, where do I begin? Well I could tell you that this is a well made action movie, but obviously I would be lying my head off. So instead, I want to tell you the truth. Are you ready? Here it comes… "DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE" Let me tell you why. If you see this movie and are over the age of 16, you will end up hating yourself for letting yourself rot for 104 minutes without getting anything back, except an increased feeling of wanting to get revenge on Hollywood. They say that it is very hard to get your script into a movie. Well, after seeing this movie, I think a one legged monkey could write a better script, without either pen or paper. The fact that Halle Berry even uses a male stunt double, makes me loose all respect for both her and this movie. Besides the stunt double thing, the movie still sucks. The dialog sucks, the acting is not even present and the action looks sloppy and poorly thought through. This movie actually made me like The Core better, which is pretty much impossible. I rate this movie 1/10

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178 out of 304 people found the following review useful:

Crap in its purest form.

Author: taken_335 from Palm Springs, CA
28 July 2004

Directing 0/10, Writing 0/10, Cinematography 0.5/10, Editing 1/10, Acting 0.5/10, Overall Satisfaction 0/10

Final- 0.5/10

One word is brought to mind when thinking back to my viewing of, Catwoman- Crap. It might be inspired by my estimation of the film's display of only 12 minutes of living, breathing actors (which I will get into more below). Or it could possibly be inspired by the many errors that there wasn't even an attempt to cover, i.e.- Patience becomes Catwoman after wandering into a restricted area. How did she get into this restricted area, you ask? By walking through the door marked 'RESTRICTED AREA,' in bold, red text, which was simply unlocked and didn't even have a significant locking device on it. You know, I might've also hated the movie (not worthy of the word 'film') because of the pointless-undeveloped story line. And, really, it's not possible to look beyond the disgustingly audacious 'style' of one-named director, Pitof, which can only be described as the style of a headless chicken running through a maze of landmines. Oh, yes, said headless chicken is also being chased by angry natives wielding machetes.

I mentioned above that I estimated that only 12 minutes of living, breathing actors were shown during the entire 140 minutes of film. Almost every sequence of the movie featuring an actor seemed to be butchered by the insertion of CGI's. I'm dead serious. I'm not just talking high-flying, sucky action sequences- I'm talking scenes of Catwoman walking to a motorcycle and calmly getting on it, and the other one that immediately comes to mind is a sequence where a man (a baddie) is simply walking. Yeah, walking. It seems agents and managers are really watching over their clients these days.

Now, two questions I'm asking-

1) What is the point of Catwoman? What the [expletive] does she do?

It's explained in the film that Midnight, the 'magical' cat, chose Patience to become Catwoman, but something is wrong here- CATWOMAN HAS NO PURPOSE!! Every other superhero out there has a purpose- They save people! It seems Catwoman's only purpose is to kill the people who attempted to kill her and chase a cricket or two. There's nothing else to her!

2) Where is the REAL back story?

It sure as [expletive] wasn't in the film! Why wasn't she shocked and attempting to reason and deal with the emotional ass-kicking that would come with the revelation? She's told she's Catwoman by the cliché cat lady, she buys a mask and nails and the result is the 'superhero.' It's adds up, but not into anything of any value whatsoever. Shame on you terrible writers!

Halle Berry is a good actress. I'm not doubting or denying that. She fully deserved her Academy Award nomination and win for 2001's Monster's Ball, but something bad happened here. Her acting started awful and ended awful. I'm hoping the talents and reputation of Berry won't be harmed by her inadequate performance.

Now, My request to Halle Berry- Ms. Berry, I want my money back. I never thought I could see such a terrible performance from an Oscar winning actress. Maybe you were just doing your best with the material? But, you know, that really is not a valid excuse. After reading the screenplay, you should've thrown it in the face of the agent who dared display it to you. How could you not notice how awful it was? Make some better choices and hopefully your career won't plummet as so many others have.

I recall an interview with Ashley Judd, the original casting choice for Catwoman, who said something along the lines of, 'Turning down the role of Catwoman is one the things I regret the most.' Ashley, never say that again. You have only been saved by not appearing in this hilariously terrible film.

Listen people, don't waste your money on this…um..crap. It's not worth the $6-$15 bucks!

So now you ask, why not just give it a zero? Why the zero-point five? Well, The editing was sufficiently bad; the acting of Alex Borstein could've possibly taken some effort, appropriately placed CGI's were okay, and I like cats.

Directing 0/10, Writing 0/10, Cinematography 0.5/10, Editing 1/10, Acting 0.5/10, Overall Satisfaction 0/10

Final- 0.5/10

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55 out of 74 people found the following review useful:


Author: Nigel from United Kingdom
17 January 2005

I'm tempted to write a long piece explaining why this film was so bad, but I can all too easily summarise by saying "Everything".

It was poorly acted, predictable, unenthralling, clichéd nonsense. And that was just the first half hour, at which point, for the sake of my brain and stopping it melting with the sheer tedium, I walked out of the cinema.

If you're genuinely sad enough to believe that paying good money to see Halle Berry in a PVC suit is good enough reason to spend time gawking at this trash, then fine. Who am I to try to persuade you to try and do something more valuable with your time, like base-jumping without a parachute?

Utterly abysmal

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117 out of 205 people found the following review useful:

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't hate me.

Author: Ruth from United Kingdom
13 February 2007

I liked it. OK, it wasn't the best film ever, and yeah, there have been better Catwomen (namely, Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer), but when you sit and watch it with no expectations, it's actually kind of cool.

From a superhero point of view it's a little one-sided- there aren't any real villains, at least, none who pose a real threat. Although Sharon Stone's character reminded me a tad of Poison Ivy, you know, super-beauty-products and all that jazz. But I quite liked that it showed how someone really quiet and shy can turn into a catty, sexy weirdo.

No offence meant to catty, sexy weirdos.

Catwoman has no real point to it, other than to explain how Patience gets her powers. It would be good if there was a follow-up where she beat Batman / Superman / Poison Ivy or whoever, but since the film did so badly this seems about as likely to happen as pigs flying, hell freezing over, and Ozzy Osbourne announcing a fondness for Girls Aloud. Which is a shame, because I didn't think the film was that bad.

They'd have been better off doing a spin-off from the Batman flicks with Michelle P (or a lookalike) as Catwoman, so the back story wouldn't be necessary.

Don't hate me for loving Catwoman. Please?

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42 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

Crap...caught on film!

Author: shinlyle from United States
14 February 2005

Wow...I have never seen such horrendous footage in my life! I would normally never knock something without having seen it in its entirety, but this film is utter $hit! Put it back in the litter box and throw it out!

I've seen about 45 minutes of footage and it really looks like something someone did as a flash film and they thought "Hmm...this would look cool on film!!"

I think it's total and utter betrayal of the character's roots is bad enough, but to compound that by ripping off elements from other comic-based action films (The Crow, Spider-Man 1 & 2, etc.) is just adding more nails to this already sealed coffin.

The only positive reviews I have read seem to say that "It wasn't as bad as everyone said it was, but it was bad". That isn't a positive review. The only people who enjoyed this film are pre-pubescent guys who will never know the touch of a woman without shucking out a few hundred bucks for it.

This film is a disgrace to comics, movies, and mankind in general, and any woman who thinks this film is "empowering" is probably some young promiscuous woman will will be called "MAMA" before she hit age 17.

Beware this movie, and avoid it like the freaking' plague.

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42 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

Try to make a worse movie--I dare you

Author: jjalan from louisville, USA
6 February 2005

Oh, where to start...imagine all the intellectual depth of Showgirls, plus all the excessive and ridiculous special effects of Charlie's Angels, and then throw in some dialog crafted by whomever wrote for Governor Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze in the fourth Batman movie, and only then are you even close to a movie as awful as this.

I suppose one should not expect much from a director who actually refers to himself as Pitof. But let's come back to that. Let's move on to Halle Berry. Note to Halle Berry: Letting Billy Bob Thornton ream you endlessly on camera is certainly degrading, but it was also a good career move--and you won an Oscar; feverishly eating catnip and licking people's faces on camera, however, is not a good career move--and you'll probably win a Razzie this time. They make you return Oscars for movies like this. Oh yeah, as for the supernatural explanation for Patience Phillips/Catwoman's superhero status--she gets CPR from an immortal Egyptian cat--I am not kidding.

And then there is Benjamin Bratt, who happens to be a pretty solid actor, but could have very likely damaged a good career. If his participation in this movie isn't enough to stigmatize him, then I'm sure he had to pass up a lot of good roles because of all the time he spent having his foot surgically removed from his former agent's rectum. There is a scene in this movie--probably the worst, and that's no small achievement--that is reminiscent of that ridiculous scene in Daredevil where Jennifer Garner/Elektra and Ben Affleck/blind superhero have a Kung Fu fight at a playground in broad daylight; in this movie it's Halle Berry and Ben Bratt playing one-on-one hoops and her doing Catwoman flips and yet no one appears to be too amazed by this, much less pants-soiling surprised, and on top of that it has a sort of VH1/Color Me Bad/early New Edition video feel to it. And I'm really not sure what city this is all supposed to take place in--Gotham, Metropolis, the land beneath the whole in the cutting room floor--but apparently this place only has one detective, the unfortunate Bratt. No matter what the crime is--burglary, murder, domestic disturbance, interrupted ballet performance--he's always there.

As for the rest of the cast, that annoying woman from Mad TV--I know that's not specific enough; I mean the most annoying one who plays what I guess is supposed to be some bizarre Asian lady--well, she plays Catwoman's annoying and sort of slutty co-worker comic relief since Rosie O'Donnell was apparently unavailable.

And then we come to Sharon Stone. Now I know her career is going down the crapper with all deliberate speed, but it's still hard to understand this one. The only thing I can guess is that the opportunity to break into silly, pseudo-feminist diatribes made this a role she couldn't turn down. Of course Sharon has often lamented the lack of good roles for older women in Hollywood, and she's absolutely right about that, but this is not the best way to lodge a complaint, and plus that's always been a little peculiar coming from an actress whose greatest cinematic achievement is the conspicuous exposure of her labia.

Briefly back to this Pitof character--I thought that pretentious one-named idiot who did the Charlie's Angels movies--McG, I believe--was bad enough, but this guy is even more shameless and obviously lacking in talent. What's with these guys who've never made a movie and are already going by only one name? Don't you have to work up to that? I mean if is Scorsese wants to go by Marty, fine; if Tarantino wants to be just Quentin, or even just Q, whatever, but where does a hack like this get off using one name? This movie deserves every Razzie it receives, and while some reviewers may say it's not really that bad, remember, it took a lot of money to make this godawful thing, and if people don't speak out about how dreadful it really is, they just might make Catwoman 2. Can you live with that?

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70 out of 121 people found the following review useful:

Don't be a puppet of the critics, see it for yourself first.

Author: bedshapedboy1986 (
3 August 2004

After reading some horrendous (and I mean really, really bad reviews of 'Catwoman', I was definitely considering giving it a miss). I have to say that after having seen it, I am absolutely at a loss to words as to why the critics have mauled it so doggedly, and in my opinion unfairly. Were we watching the same film? What was so bad about it? Sure so the plot was on the thin side and the dialogue was highly camp, but other than that I can't see what has provoked the spewing of critical vomit all over this film. Halle Berry makes an adorable Patience, and displays her vulnerability believably and effectively. On the other hand, she really sexes up the screen as Catwoman with the witty one-liners, the hot costume and the raunchy whip cracking. Once again Halle has displayed her versatility.

This film is called Catwoman, the name should explain itself. I don't understand why people are ripping it to shreds or calling it laughable, e.g. as in the way Patience acts becoming Catwoman, i.e. the catnip incident (once), the hissing at dogs (once), the tuna (once, which I found to be amusing), the prancing around. What exactly did you expect her to do? How else do you act like a cat? How else does a human gain feline tendencies? Got any better ideas? I didn't think so. Yet we don't rip Toby Maguire to shreds when he shoots web from his arms (yeah like THAT makes sense.) There is clearly a double standard approach adopted by some critics, who contradict themselves more then they'd care to admit. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy Spiderman as well as this.

This not brain food and you don't have to evaluate your life after it but hey, people need that once in a while. It's a fun movie... The CGI was NOT bad, sure it was obvious at times that it wasn't Halle but for the most part it was done to a high standard. Let's be honest here and give credit where credit is due the cinematography is superb. It has such a visual allure, a dark, rich atmospheric look, and it is almost sexy to look at. The camera work is very original looking, kudos to Pitof, am I the first person to actually praise him? I think so. The scene where the Egyptian Mau brings Patience back to life is beautiful and picturesque. The music creates an epic mood.

Sharon was fun to watch as the 'past it', shallow, bitchy Laurel Hedare. Alex Borstein shined as Patience's best friend and Benjamin Bratt did the best that he could with what he was given as dialogue. Lambert Wilson plays his part, in the usual camp style, but does it to perfection. All in all the acting is not bad, and unless somebody has a personal vendetta against Halle Berry, it can't be said that she didn't put her all into the part. She was sizzling as Catwoman. One critic in particular said that she looked "as sexy as a hairball in the outfit". Either a jealous woman or a man with terrible taste in women must have written that. Halle has undeniable sex appeal in the part. The soundtrack is typical summer movie fare with the usual dramatic theme song, mixed with the current popular styles, hip-hop, r'n'b. This is after all a film that has to appeal to a teenage audience. The action scenes are exciting and well executed. The ending is suitably over the top but still entertaining. One scene that I thought was ridiculous was the basketball scene and some of the dialogue could have been much better, however the positives weigh out the negatives for me.

This is no Citizen Kane or Pulp Fiction but its no Gigli or Swept Away either. I have seen way worse comic book movies. Daredevil, Hell Boy and undoubtedly Hulk were worse than Catwoman. It is, on no level one of the worst films ever made. What were people thinking writing that? I went in with the lowest expectations possible for Catwoman and came out of the theatre having seen a supremely entertaining, undeniably above average film. Critics should be ashamed of themselves and audiences should not be puppets. This is worth seeing. There has been a 'Let's jump on the bandwagon' attitude regarding this film. One person bashes it and suddenly everybody does. I'm glad I went to see this film so I could make up my own mind regarding it. I usually do agree with critics but on this one, I beg to differ. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, you might not like mine, and I might not like yours but there is no need to be downright nasty and unfair when reviewing something. There is such a thing as being balanced. Oh and before people start complaining about the absence of Selina Kyle, and Gotham city, who cares, life is too short.

So if you want to some light, leave your brain at the door entertainment, go to see Catwoman. If you want to see a high drama Oscar category film, go to see something else. It's fun, sexy action-packed, camp, stylish summer fare. It is a step above the usual Hollywood fare in the style stakes. Pitof shows a typically stylish French attitude. Halle Berry does herself proud. If you want to be a gullible puppet, believe the 'we're failed artists', overly critical, intellectually snobby critics. I don't really care if that seems like a generalisation because it is most likely true. I bet many of them haven't even seen it. See it for yourself, and make up your own mind. I look forward to a sequel…..

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67 out of 117 people found the following review useful:

Bandwagon Negativity

Author: Nedlock from Suffolk, England
1 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so this is my first post here on IMDb and i had to do this because having just seen Catwoman i cannot believe the amount of people who just simply seem to be voting this low because of the negative press about it, the word sheep springs instantly to mind.

Now i've voted it as a 10 on the sole principle of my above comment, in reality i would have given it a 6 or maybe a 7 at a push.

It was by no means a great movie but for how it was hyped and the story line behind it, i thought it did very well not to make itself into a bad film.

Please put it into context before damning it so completely, this is a film about a woman who dies and comes back to life due to the powers of an ancient cat, who then goes on to investigate the reasons into her death which were brought about due to a cosmetics firms controversial new product. A STORY ABOUT BEAUTY CREAM, come on guys how much were you expecting from this for you to hate it so much, it's not like the production company hadn't been warning you for several months prior to release.

If you take this movie for what it is, i thoroughly believe it competently does what it set out to do, which is entertain.

Please do not hate this film because you were expecting something else (a Spiderman 2 or Xmen maybe) hate it if you think it is bad but on it's own merits, not compared to other films that are out right now.

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