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San Francisco Chronicle
Coraci has given us a film that is not only amusing, but well-acted, and not only well-acted, but gorgeous. Micha Klein's animated transitions alone, which are used to signal each change in location, are wondrous and lovely to behold.
Chicago Sun-Times
None of this amounts to anything more than goofy fun, but that's what the ads promise, and the movie delivers.
Kids deserve an adventure movie like this, one that might inspire them to become junior inventors and ignite their interest in the world's many wonders.
Entertainment Weekly
What's new and nutty, though, is the physical comedy of Jackie Chan as Fogg's manservant.
Wall Street Journal
A tatty but good-natured time-passer.
Just going through the motions here (and mild ones at that), both Chan and the movie should have stayed at home.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Not even Chan's imaginative fight choreography redeems this folly.
Chicago Tribune
Brightly colored, spiffily designed and easy to sit through in a harmless Disney sort of way, but the comedy never accumulates any momentum.
Coogan and Broadbent are agile and expressive, but too much time goes to Chan's silly stunts. A colorful disappointment.
The Hollywood Reporter
Any resemblance between Jules Verne's marvelous science fiction novel or Mike Todd's enjoyable 1956 movie is pure happenstance. This is simply a Jackie Chan movie pitched to youngsters who enjoy slapstick fights and goofy caricatures.
New York Daily News
With the exception of one masterfully choreographed - and improbably bloodless - martial-arts gang fight, the new version of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days is one of the lamest remakes of a classic film I've ever seen.

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