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The Hollywood Reporter
Things spin swiftly out of control with uneven acting and misfired physical gags.
Entertainment Weekly
It's every bit as nonsensical and overitalicized a mess as ''The Whole Nine Yards.''
Chicago Tribune
A big, empty picture full of star turns, artificial energy and jokes that don't quite work, even if stars Willis and Perry do their best to slam them across.
The strain needed to extend The Whole Ten Yards a yard -- and to feature length -- is so painfully evident it breaks new pic's comedy spirit, making it a particularly dubious member of the Sequel Hall of Shame.
The A.V. Club
The least necessary sequel since "Agent Cody Banks" embarked on a London mission a few weeks ago.
New York Daily News
The funny thing about this unfunny movie is that the cast is brimming with actors who are usually quite engaging. The Whole Ten Yards must be very potent chloroform, indeed, to make Willis, Perry, Peet and Pollak such zombies.
Strenuously unfunny sequel.
L.A. Weekly
Miserably unfunny, wholly unnecessary affair.
Disastrously unfunny sequel.
New York Post
Bereft of inspiration, the agonizingly witless screenplay - blamed by the credits on George Gallo - resorts to pathetic cheap jokes about flatulence and impotence, lame slapstick and that juvenile gag about the horror of two men waking up naked in the same bed.

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