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Entertainment Weekly
It's every bit as nonsensical and overitalicized a mess as ''The Whole Nine Yards.''
Destined to be on DVD by the time 2004 reaches the 50-yard line, Ten is more stale than it is ungodly.
The Hollywood Reporter
Things spin swiftly out of control with uneven acting and misfired physical gags.
Chicago Tribune
A big, empty picture full of star turns, artificial energy and jokes that don't quite work, even if stars Willis and Perry do their best to slam them across.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The obvious problem with The Whole Ten Yards is that it begins with the wrong kidnapping. Instead of taking Oz's wife, the criminals should have grabbed the authors of the original movie.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Where the first pic breezed along with gags and gunplay, this forced follow-up is artificial to the hilt - fueled on a kind of trying-too-hard hilarity that makes even good actors look bad.
Chicago Sun-Times
A fog of gloom lowers over The Whole Ten Yards, as actors who know they're in a turkey try their best to prevail.
Lacks the clever twists and turns that made the original such fun. The sequel has exactly one twist, and it's not very clever.
New York Daily News
The funny thing about this unfunny movie is that the cast is brimming with actors who are usually quite engaging. The Whole Ten Yards must be very potent chloroform, indeed, to make Willis, Perry, Peet and Pollak such zombies.
Strenuously unfunny sequel.
Not as desperate, unfunny, and nonsensical as its title. It's worse. Worse than you can imagine. Unless, of course, you've imagined 90-something minutes of bloopers and outtakes that congeal into a story -- much the way a scab is formed.

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