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Boom mic visible 

Boom mic reflection visible in window over door in scene when Walter replies, "When I get back."


At the picnic, background actors change hairdos from shot to shot. They look different outside than when they are square dancing.
During/after the "If...one of your neighbors got sick, what would you do?" line, Roger sits back and crosses his arms twice.
When Walter is driving into Stepford, both Joanna and the kids disappear from the car, then re-appear again.
When Joanna enters the house looking for her children, her blouse is unbuttoned, then is buttoned again in a subsequent shot.
When Claire drives Joanna through Stepford, her seat belt disappears and reappears between shots.
When Roger, Bobbie and Joanna are at the bottom of the stairs in Sarah's house, their positions change between scenes.
After the wives are supposedly "deactivated," one touched a remote control, and the device sparks.

Crew or equipment visible 

A dark clothed crew member (cloaked?) raising an arm is visible in a reflection just before Matthew backs into a panel.
The beam of Roger's flashlight produces spots - a sign it's being reflected off the camera's lens.

Revealing mistakes 

Moments before Walter drives to up to the Stepford community gates, the scenery outside his window shows cars passing by him even though he is driving on a one-way street.
When the family is driving to Stepford, Pete says "But why are we moving?". Kimberly can be clearly seen mouthing his line before saying "to Conneticut?"


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Mike's wife is trying to put his head back on, the head switches from face-down to face-up between shots.


At the end, it is revealed that Mike himself is also a robot. If true, he should have been discovered and deactivated when the others were.

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