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Achieves Excellence!
staplek22 September 2003
"Secondhand Lions" is a movie which has achieved excellence. The story line is fast-moving and packed with nuance. Various elements of the plot overlap and blend for a harmonious whole. It is not a series of action scenes played primarily for visual impact, but a compelling story which demands attentive viewing.

Flashback scenes are intentionally cartoonish, so that the audience, like the character of the boy Walter, is left wondering whether the fantastic tales of the old uncles' adventurous youth are really to be believed. Uncle Garth tells the stories, which we see through Walter's imagination. We see in the flashbacks what Walter envisions as he hears the stories, and Walter doesn't have the age and experience to see anything other than the caricatures which appear in the flashback scenes. It's not a photo-accurate rendition, it's what a youngster imagines while listening to oral storytelling. For instance, a twelve-year-old Texan in the 1950s wouldn't have been likely to know what a really angry Sheik would have looked like in the 1920s. These flashbacks, and the ways in which they are depicted, are central to the plot of the movie. Through his storytelling, without realizing it, Uncle Garth nurtures a creative potential in Walter (who will grow up to become a cartoonist).

Christian Kane is a magnificent casting choice as young Uncle Hub (the younger incarnation of Duvall's character), displaying just the right kind of spark for the daring adventurer. Kyra Sedgwick is eerily believable as Walter's shallow and self-absorbed mother. The family of hick relatives is superbly annoying.

Haley Joel Osment delivers a solid portrayal of Walter. Sometimes his voice sounds like that of a boy, sometimes like that of a young man, as would be expected in a male of Walter's age. Sometimes Walter cries like a child, sometimes he displays stoic maturity, as would be expected from a boy who is in the transition of becoming a man. We see Walter unsure of himself in the beginning, but later finding his footing. Not too sugary, not too hard-edged, Haley Joel Osment is ideal for the role. He may be overshadowed by Caine and Duvall, but actually holds his own reasonably well, working between these two living legends.

Michael Caine's accent as Uncle Garth is a perfect portrayal of a Texan who has lived outside Texas for much of his life. Garth is no bumpkin hick, but a man who has traveled the world, and in light of his experiences it would not have been credible to give this character a strong country drawl. Even though, as the plot progresses, we don't know how much of Garth's fantastic storytelling we should believe, there is never a question of whether Garth has ventured outside the Texas borders. (Education and travel tend to have the effect of diminishing regional accents. I have lived in Texas for twenty years, and have known many older native Texans whose diction is much like Garth's.) Michael Caine gives Uncle Garth just the right combination of toughness and tenderness, and treads the fine line of allowing us to see Garth as a trustworthy character regardless of his adventurous stories.

The uncles are very realistic characterizations, and Texas holds many characters like them. The aging uncles had, as young men, gone away to find adventure, and lived on the edge for much of their lives. Then they returned home to retire in a rural Texas setting which they were finding to be just a little too tame, no longer remembering much about Texas country life except for acquiring the obligatory too many dogs. The uncles don't say much to each other because there is no need to say much, they understand each other perfectly. Confronted with age, they seek out reckless behavior, unwilling to sit still and get older, unable to overtly give up on life. Walter's presence suddenly requires them to adapt to new purpose, and to take care of themselves, too, as they are faced with the issue of providing appropriate male role models so that their young nephew might one day become an appropriate man.

Despite the studio's description, this is not a "heartwarming" movie with a happy, fluffy resolution for all concerned. The characters must make choices, and not always easy ones. The valiant tales of adventure don't always conclude with happily-ever-after fairytale endings. It is not purely a comedy, but instead probes the depths of emotion. The adult audience will probably appreciate this movie the most, but it is an appropriate movie for pre-teens as well.
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Gentle yet more substantial than a first viewing offers
pwoods125 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very gentle film - not as gripping as Big Fish but in a similar genre - which is worth a second look and therefore a reappraisal.

Ostensibly a coming-of-age film, I saw it more as an abandoned child's (surely Walter is such) search for belonging: a search for affirmation that life is more than being cast-off as worthless by the person she/he loves, and therefore worth living. At one point Walter indicates that he is sick of being lied to by his mother, Mae, apparently always dumping him for the "new boyfriend" in her life. And thus we come to the crux of the movie.

"Secondhand Lions" refers as much to the curmudgeonly uncles, Garth and Hub, (eccentric characters wonderfully understated/underplayed by Michael Caine and Robert Duvall) as it does to the "used" lion that the brothers purchase. Walter first becomes fascinated by Garth's fantastical tales of Africa, but when Garth "misremembers" the rescue of Jasmine, the only love of his brother's life, Walter starts to question the truth behind their past. Indeed, having witnessed Hub's (apparent) sleepwalking, Walter doubts the sanity of his uncles.

Earlier, however, on arrival at their decaying home, the child has discovered a well-traveled cabin trunk; and, upon opening it, discovers sand covering a portrait of whom he later learns is Jasmine - the love of Hub's life. Later, in a show of bravado when he names the ageing "secondhand" lion "Jasmine", the threads of Hub's story come together and, intriguingly enough, when Walter appears to be leaving, it is Hub whom he fiercely hugs. In a sense, Hub's loss of Jasmine mirrors his own emptiness.

OK. It's gentle, but I offer that the constant (I would argue not intrusive) symbolism and allegories work. Walter exposes a pointless existence in as much as the brothers are waiting to die - and gives them a reason to live. And, of course, they live beyond his and their wildest dreams. But those dreams are shown, finally, as truth. The denouement, twee as it might seem, fits the script. The treasure/money which Walter's mother Mae told him to seek becomes the love/relationship which he needed.

(By the way, it's OK to cry. Big boys do that too. I did.)
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Secondhand surprise
Nezz28 October 2003
This movie was worth-watching. The characters are well-drawn and sympathetic. Just as young Walter (Haley Joel Osment) gets to know his great uncles (Michael Caine and Robert Duvall), we are introduced to this pair of "Secondhand Lions". Just as Walter learns to trust these two eccentric strangers after a lifetime of lies from his untrustworthy mother, we are allowed to learn the lessons of life in pace with him. There are no plot tricks, just eye-widening revelations as the story unfolds at a satisfying pace.

This is not a small quiet story, however. There is the rumor of a hidden fortune of which, it seems, everyone from relatives to traveling salesmen has heard. There are hints that it was obtained through the uncles' adventures but also that it might be ill-gotten gains. Along with Walter, the audience discovers the truth of the rumor.

There is action, comedy, danger, acts of courage, defiance, and tragedy that is part of human frailty. It's wonderfully accomplished in a way that allows older children to enjoy it with their parents. You have characters with whom you can identify no matter what your stage in life.

The director skillfully weaves the past and the present and still manages to preserve the confirmation of story until the very end. I don't want to say too much about this movie or it will spoil the fun of experiencing/watching it. Don't miss this movie.
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Very Special
nabor731 October 2004
I cannot see how anyone would dis this movie unless they especially disliked a particular actor. I thought the casting was great, right down to the secondhand lion and the pig. The flashbacks were hilarious because as we age, the things we did before become more dramatic and are further enhanced. No one thinks about their past in terms of mediocrity, and this was brought out in the flashback scenes. Osment was a superb cast in this movie because of his unchanging facial expression. He has been burnt out with lies and his mother's constant searching for a husband only to find another loser.His comment to his mother said it all. Here was a kid who had met a lot of "uncles", so here were two more uncles that he was being pawned off on.

Robert Duvall and Michael Caine are the only two actors that come to mind who could pull this off. I plan to add this to my collection and would highly recommend it to anyone who has a ever daydreamed about far off places or dares to dream about what might have been.

Hollywood has gone off the deep end in trying to project a certain political ideology and this has hurt the overall film industry. It is no wonder that when a good movie like this comes out, it is not given a second look and is soon forgotten. It's sad.
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A Perfect Family Film
The Gryphon23 January 2005
A classic. This is one of those male bonding movies one tends to cringe at nowadays, but there's no cringing here. Due to the wonderful script, direction and acting by all the principals, this one unfolds like a rose in bloom. Before you know it the movie has you in its grasp and the characters become 3-dimensional and their battles become yours as well. The plot is simple...a teenager is dumped on his great-uncles by his scheming mother who wants the kid to find where the uncles have hidden their fortune. The uncles, played by Michael Caine, sans British accent, and Robert Duvall, work well together as brothers slow to warm to the boy, played by Haley Joel Osment. Eventually the layers peel away and the boy learns about the earlier thrilling adventures of the uncles and begins to see them as role models. But then, are the stories true? Should the boy return to his mother? Should the uncles fight to keep him around? The ending had me in tears. Tears of happiness. A perfect film for the entire family.
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Heartwarming, wholesome family viewing
headhunter4618 February 2005
This movie made us laugh, and cry. It touches on every aspect of growing up and growing old. It addresses the right way to live, and the wrong.

There's some humor from the crotchety old uncles and some sadness from a boy who is unfortunate to have an irresponsible mother.

There are swashbuckling sword fights and several surprises that keep it moving at a pleasant pace. If I tell you more it will ruin it. The surprises are what make it so special.

The less you know about this movie before watching it the better.

It left me feeling so good, I watched it again the very next night. It was a rental.

Unless you are a very hardened person, I guarantee you will laugh many times and even the toughest ones who NEVER cry at movies will have a scowl on their face at least once.

I plan to buy a version of this the first chance I get.
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Heartwarming Family Movie
flying-monkeys4 September 2004
I have been told by many people this was a great movie and one I needed to watch. Well finally I watched it today and it didn't disappoint me. It has so many great elements to it. I laughed in some parts and cried my eyes out in others. I loved the line "...died with his (or her) boots on." It's a great statement about living your life to the fullest and believing in the things that really matter like love and honor. The actors were fabulous. I think young Haley Joel Osment has a lot to offer films and I hope we see much more of him in the future. Michael Caine never disappoints me and I love his Texas accent in the film. Overall, this is truly one movie fit for all ages. A true heartwarming film with a great message for anyone who will hear it.
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Put Your Hands Together, Clap and Cheer.
tfrizzell27 October 2003
Cartoonist Josh Lucas (of "A Beautiful Mind") gets a phone call telling that his two great-uncles have been in an accident. Immediately we see the Lucas character in the form of young Haley Joel Osment as he is literally dropped off with great-uncles Michael Caine and Robert Duvall by lousy mother Kyra Sedgwick in the 1960s. It seems that the two supposedly have a huge fortune somewhere on their property in Texas and Sedgwick, along with several others, have been trying to find the treasures for themselves. Osment seems out-of-place completely at first and his two uncles appear to be cold and unfeeling, but soon Duvall is seen sleep-walking and acts like he is sword-fighting while he does. Osment has never seen anyone act this way before and he becomes curious. He finds a photo of the beautiful and exotic Emmanuelle Vaugier in the house's tower and his want to know the pasts of his uncles' builds. Caine tells Osment of a time at the start of World War I when the duo unwittingly became a part of the French Legion, fighting with the Allies during the war. The war comes and goes and Caine starts to tell of Duvall's love for Vaugier when he was a young man. Naturally she was also wanted by an evil sheik (Adam Ozturk) and thus he had to protect she and himself at all times. Eventually the stories conclude and Osment finds out how the two got their money. But could it be possible that what Caine has been conveying are just stories and not the true reality? "Secondhand Lions" (the title refers to an old lion that Duvall and Caine buy during the course of the picture) is one of those movies that makes you feel that there are still good people in Hollywood who really want to develop nice family-oriented films that cater to all age groups. Writer/director Tim McCanlies shows real potential here and Osment continues to amaze. He holds his own with legends Caine and Duvall from the word go. Osment, who is the most atypical youngster in Hollywood these days (never selling out to be in junk like "Freddy vs. Jason" or "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake), just keeps on growing and maturing as a performer. His range was amazing in "The Sixth Sense" and he has not lost his gift, instead he has cultivated it further. Definitely not a perfect film, but still a very enjoyable trip to the movies that stands tall during a year of sub-par movies. With all the shortcomings from Hollywood in 2003, the family films have been surprisingly the best productions by far. 4 stars out of 5.
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Easy To Recommend
ccthemovieman-15 February 2006
It sounds like a cliché, but I don't know anybody who didn't like this film. I recommended it to a number of people, and all were impressed with it as I was.

Excellent acting and an interesting low-key story make this a very enjoyable 110 minutes of entertainment. A story about two old geezers who take in a 14-year- old to their home for a month doesn't sound too exciting but this film will surprise you.

It's tough to find two elder gentlemen as good and appealing as Michael Caine and Robert Duvall, anyway, so you have two winners right there. Add a fine, fine young actor in Haley Joel Osment and now you have three excellent actors who comprise most of the lines of the film.

This is one of those rare "guarantee" movies in which you can safely tell your friends to watch it and not regret the recommendation.
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Waking the Dead
anderson-apryl12 January 2005
I am very critical about movies, especially the ones which will pass before the eyes of my 9 & 7-yr old daughters, so I was extremely surprised and impressed with Secondhand Lions. I was washed away by the depth of this movie and challenged by what it presented. Tucked into the mystery of the uncles' past (unraveling in the moonlight) is a revelation of a life well-lived. What drives man to a life of adventure and where does he go when his body can't keep up? What, when, where determines how he passes the wisdom of the ages? Created in the image of God, we are challenged to be fully alive while we have the strength. "Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things that man needs to believe in the most" and I won't spoil the movie for you by giving you the carrot. I will tell you that there is a sincere love for life in this story that is utterly compelling. Go read "Waking the Dead" and "If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat", watch "Secondhand Lions" with your most courageous friends and the loved ones you wish would be so fearless, and then meet me for coffee in Marseille. Bon courage à vivre!
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And Now For Something Completely Different...
Gavno5 April 2004
For a VERY long time I've been disgusted with most of the stuff coming out of Hollywood... too many movies with huge budgets and absolutely NO imagination or talent involved. Lately tho, the Hollywood system has slipped a bit, and a few films by SMART people working with nonformula scripts have been falling through the cracks. And they're a refreshing breeze for those of us that don't bother with "One Weekend Wonders" that generate monster box office receipts for two or three weeks, that involve the latest orgasm generator "stars" and a ton of explosives and guns... just to sink into oblivion afterwards, like TITANIC or PEARL HARBOR.

The LAST intelligent movie I saw was A MIGHTY WIND. Right on it's heels, we get SECONDHAND LIONS.

I've been a Robert Duval fan for a LONG time... there's more than a little bit of Sonny from THE APOSTLE, and a taste of Colonel "Bull" Meecham from THE GREAT SANTINI thrown into the character of Hub. He's done a Tour De Force job with the performance. WONDERFUL!!!

The biggest surprise in all of this tho was Michael Caine's take on playing a Texas redneck! It's hard to imagine that the impeccably English Spitfire squadron commander from BATTLE OF BRITAIN could pull off a crusty, aging Texan, but he DOES it beautifully. He even gets the accent down quite well!

This is a film that's a TON of fun from beginning to end. IMHO it's destined to become a classic, very much like Jean Sheppard's A CHRISTMAS STORY.

It's worth the trip. Pick it up, and you won't be sorry.

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pure delight
pmmoorman17 September 2004
Is there anything not good about this movie..? Great casting, great story line, excellent cinematography, absolute very very funny and at the same time a good tearjerker with a surprisingly mix of funny and sad twist at the end. The movie was (in the Netherlands)listed as the best movie for all the family since 'finding little Nemo'... well let me correct that... 'finding little Nemo' only could wish to stand so close in the shadow of this excellent coming of age-movie. 'Second hand lions' is funnier, tickles the imagination and tells some wise life-lessons. Just see the movie and let the magic of truly good storytelling take hold of you.
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Wonderful Entertainment- Meaningful Story
juliewriter9 August 2012
Secondhand Lions has lasting entertainment appeal. It's a good movie the entire family can repeatedly enjoy watching. Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osmint are a magnetic acting trio, carrying the simple coming of age story, about an insecure young man, to heroic heights. Delightfully acted, the movie's appeal is enhanced by the wonderful cast of animals, especially the loving "secondhand lion". This charming story deserves 8 stars because it provides delightful entertainment in a timeless story about love, male bonding and the importance of role modeling. Unlike the characters played by Caine and Duvall, who fight against their inevitable aging, this movie will live beyond the careers of all the three leads.
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Staying with the Uncles in Texas
pkarnold27 February 2012
The first thing I noticed in this film was the farmhouse, a caliche road, and the mailbox--and I knew it was rural Texas. Then I noticed a couple of uncles sitting on their front porch with shotguns, and a young teenage boy not knowing exactly what to think. I was hooked immediately when flipping through the TV channels and seeing Secondhand Lions.

This film was made in Pflugerville, a suburb northeast of Austin, and of course there is a rural road, a farm house, and stock tank (pond). It was the first thing that caught my attention, and it felt like Texas. And then there was Michael Cain and Robert Duval playing characters in Texas. I've seen this movie five times or so, and it is not difficult to imagine Robert Duval playing a character from Texas. However, Michael Cain, well if his Texas accent wasn't perfect, his character was perfectly played! And as brilliant as Cain might have been, Robert Duval was just as good as Robert Duval can be, and that's about as good as it gets. Cain plays Garth, and Duval plays Hub and the 13-or 14-year-old Walter is basically dumped with the uncles by his mother one afternoon. The uncles aren't happy about the situation. Walter's not happy about the stranding with the uncles. But the audience is in for a treat as this story develops.

While Haley Joel Osment played a believable Walter, and Kyra Sedgwick was also excellent as Mae the mom, the movie's writer and director Tim McCanlies has to be given credit for a realistic setting, and an amazing story that allows character development, and what might be a pretty bad situation, child abandonment with strange relatives, to become a wonderful story.

Yes, Cain and Duval play curmudgeonly uncles, but they also play loving and caring uncles who grow so close to Walter, they try to figure out how to protect him from his irresponsible mother. Work in some traveling salesmen, that occasionally succeed in getting past the shotgun blasts from the front porch, to sell garden seeds (in a variety of packages, but only corn grew), or to sell a sickly lioness, and this plot is wonderful.

The lioness is nurtured back to health by Walter, but one day she escapes and heads into the garden of fully grown corn. I probably would have named this movie "Lions in the Cornfield," because that is an extremely strong image from this movie, and seeming ridiculous situation. But Secondhand Lions actually uses the symbol of the uncles as aging, yet protective lions who have had better days, and Jasmine the lioness, to communicate all that is quirky and good in life.

As strong as Duval and Cain may be in their acting roles, the story is equally as idealistic in siding with right, and opposing evil. When a movie is idealistic, and believable, and fun, I can't help but give this film a solid recommendation (9 of 10 stars).
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lin123518 January 2005
I knew absolutely nothing about this movie when we got it from a video store... what a pleasant surprise! This has to rank as my movie of the year for 2004. The storyline is great and sustained, the acting superb - interesting to watch Osment grow up, from Forrest Gump (I think that's where I first saw him) to this. Caine and Duval are brilliant as ever. I honestly cannot find fault with this movie. The only reason I would not recommend it is if you're looking to watch something with serious action or serious romance in it... but other than that, just watch it. The humor is sharp, dry and off-center, and the movie doesn't have that tacky "Hollywood" feeling that so many of them gives nowadays.
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Why don't you listen?
mattspammail25 June 2005
No doubt you're reading this review because someone suggested you see this movie. Yes, it has a dumb name, and it has a kid in it, so you don't want to waste your time. Stop delaying, and get past it. Watch the movie. I promise you won't regret it. I swear, every time I recommend this movie, people respond with "what was the name again?" and then they look at me like I just said that I like anchovies on my pizza. On a serious note, this movie has word like damn in it, so you might not want your sub-10-year old to watch it. Adults? ABSOLUTELY. And I defy you not to get misty-eyed. Not that it's a sad movie. It's not. It's a movie that will leave you feeling good, and you'll try not to, but you'll end up recommending it. I lent the Netflix to my parents (after giving me the anchovy look), and afterward, they lent it to their neighbors (who I'm sure gave them the anchovy look). Watch the movie. Trust me.
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An outstanding, believable movie.
jtoal9 January 2005
This is just such a great movie...I have seen it three times and am ready to view it again. The times of the movie is reminiscent to me as it is in my time, too; where children were left behind, in orphanages, extended families, etc. etc. How kind these two uncles were...(I know, it was just a story), but quite believable. It shows that if more of us tended to the young people in our lives (not money but time and care) as they did, we would have a much better world.

Too, the times show men when they were men...such as shooting the fish out of the cool that was. There was nothing they couldn't husband was like that; but they were also kind, not sappy, but kind. It makes one feel so secure. Michale Caine and Robert Duvall were perfect in their believable. I can relate to them with having a gun ready to deal with anything. Helps us to believe the stories of their escapades.

I loved the Lion....he played a great part...a great pet.

The dogs and pig were so cute...and played their parts well.

We need more movies such as these where one is entertained and need not turn-off the TV once in a while because of language, etc.

If I can find one, I would like to read the book.

Congratulations to everyone for a job well-done...keep them coming.

A great movie and at times I forgot that it wasn't real!!!
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wonderful family movie
dianekhatib16 January 2005
Rarely I find a movie that after watching....I feel compelled to purchase it. Well, this was one of those charming, endearing and all around wonderful family shows. I was very comfortable watching this with my nine year old twins...and they loved it also. We even stayed on to watch all the edited film and commentaries. It is nice when a movie teaches sensitivity and kindness...rather than endless violence and selfish behaviors that most movies dole out. Walter reminded me of that honesty seen in little Timmy of Timmy and Lassie. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I was a breath of fresh air to see a movie that everyone involved..from the writer to the actors...put in such sincerity and love.
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Great movie!!
lstevehome26 August 2012
My husband and I were introduced to Second Hand Lions by my cousins! We enjoyed it so much that we purchased a copy for ourselves. It's a story about a young boy who is being raised by a mother that goes from man to man looking for happiness. Unfortunately for her son Walter, she always seems to pick the wrong men. She takes Walter to the home of two of his rich and eccentric uncles that he has never met before with instructions to find out where their money is. She leaves him there while she goes on another one of her man hunting expeditions. A great movie for all ages! We went on a bus trip to South Dakota a couple of weeks ago and this movie was shown. We told the people around us that it was a good movie and it WAS enjoyed by everyone on the bus.
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The Greatest Modern Movie
ritajane689 July 2006
This is my absolute favorite movie made in the last several years. I have enjoyed watching it over and over with my family, which includes 4 teenagers, and they love it as much as I do. Fabulous does not begin to describe Mr. Duvall's performance in this movie. His tough character wears his heart upon his sleeve and his movements and body actions just kept me hearing words of wisdom from my father. I have watched some other performances of his and he so reminds me of my father I get teary eyed and have to give him a call back home in Indiana. The entire cast/writers/directors deserve the highest praise! It is time for more movies on this level where families can sit with their children and watch a movie of good character, moral fiber and plot line! I'm sick of all the horrible language, nude scenes and blood and guts that are in all of the other movies out there today.
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Laughed Till It Hurt! (Some mild spoilers)
LAV25USMC18 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
(A couple of mild spoilers)

I so enjoyed this movie. I loved the characters, especially the bigger than life (but quite sure if it's true) nature of Hub and Garth. Duvall and Caine did some of their best work. They were absolute rascals but absolutely lovable in doing so. Osment continues to grow as a young actor and should become a very successful adult actor (which not all child stars do). They touched my heart many times, like when Jasmine comes to the aid of "her cub". I found myself with tears welling up one minute and then laughing till it hurt the next (Hub hitting sleazy Stan with the butt of his shotgun while laying there). Even the times when you knew what was coming (Duvall kicking the stuffings out of the 4 thugs in the general store), the performances were so good it was fun watching it all happen. This was a 9 out of 10 for me. Highly recommend it for anyone.
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What Movies Are All About.
Ron Bueing27 February 2004
With the passing of time and viewing of thousands of movies, I have found the new and unique stories and themes to be few and far between. Certainly, there is nothing new here. The themes have been explored countless times in stories, plays, books and movies. Parts of the movie have been recycled from other well done movies of the past. Secondhand, but oh the craftsmanship. Michael Caine and Robert Duvall are wonderful in this heartwarming, family film that entertains throughout. The story is as old as the hills, but the script, acting and direction are so masterful that the old story seems new again. Normally, there is something about Haley Joel Osment that just plain annoys me and although a little of that crops up here or there, I still enjoyed myself throughout the film. This movie amuses, entertains, tugs the old heart strings in a few, but not too many spots, and throws in just a small helping of wisdom and insight. Enough whimsy to amuse and prevent the movie from taking itself too seriously, but not to the point of getting silly. From director Tim McCanlies to those of you who love movies, here is a heaping helping of what movies are all about.
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Loved it!
Christer8 August 2005
I like fairy tales, and this movie certainly is one. I wish I had those granduncles! The kid did the right thing. It's not often that movies like this is made nowadays. It really hit me. I liked this movie from the beginning. Even though it's pretty predictable, they still have a few surprises. I also think that this movie will teach someone a lesson of behaviour towards the elderly. You never know who you are dealing with... This movie shows human relations very well. The actors effectively shows this too. Not all actors are able to do that. Well, I will recommend this movie to all audiences. And finally a request for movie makers; please make more movies like this!
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An extraordinary tale of humor and life
vaivhav15 May 2013
Even though I watch a whole lot of movies, almost everything that has a rating of 6.8 or above, surprisingly, this is my first and only review in IMDb, written to appreciate a gem of a film which deserves to be watched by everyone. The comedy in this movie is a class apart. And apart from laughing like crazy, you will also learn a thing or two about living life king size and taking it easy. Its like; at the beginning you have no clue what the movie is gonna be about, and then as the movie progresses, the characters and storyline absorbs you in a tale of classic adventure of two country wise guys teaching a kid the fun of living life with heart, passion and to the fullest. The performances are believable! The tale is extraordinary! This movie can definitely be watched with family, friends or with your girl on a happy date. Cheers!
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