Secondhand Lions (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

money texas
lion domestic violence
child abuse violence
held at swordpoint held at gunpoint
duel target practice
cigarette smoking beer drinking
cult film horse chase
infantry cavalry charge
cavalry death of wife
widower turban
spear two man army
martial arts mixed martial arts
revolver fistfight
escape dual wield
sword duel swordsman
kukri dagger bolt action rifle
warrior world war one veteran
war veteran war hero
hero family relationships
trapdoor pump action shotgun
airplane crash pile of money
lying last will and testament
horse race harem
flashlight falling off horse
explosion dungeon
convertible combat
cancan brushing teeth
bounty bound in chains
barnstorming bandaged all over
bag of gold steak on black eye
old man beats up young man sheriff
grave teenage boy
pig yacht
world war two sword
sleepwalking rifle
pistol middle east
lioness lake
gun glasses
eye patch car
arab airplane
uncle nephew relationship knife
world war one world war two veteran
widow telephone booth
sword fight switchblade
suicidal storytelling
speed trap skeet shooting
single mother shotgun
sheik shanghaiing
secret past rescue
private detective princess
package delivery north africa
mother son relationship love at first sight
loss of wife juvenile delinquent
jumping from a car hospital
horse helicopter
greed giraffe
gardening french foreign legion
france flashback
fishing farm
door to door salesman dog
diner courage
cornfield coot
cartoonist burial
brother brother relationship bridge
brawl biplane
beach barn
attic animated credits
animal attack airplane accident
1960s 1910s

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