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Entertaining, thrilling and honestly sentimental, it's an equal-opportunity crowd-pleaser.
Chicago Sun-Times
A gentle and sweet whimsy, attentive to the love between the two brothers, respectful of the boy's growth and curiosity.
Smart and entertaining almost every step of the way.
Miami Herald
Even without handicapping for the limitations of its gentle genre, the film has moments of whimsical humor and thoughtful plotting that soar tantalizingly close to something that could be enjoyed on its own merits.
The Hollywood Reporter
Awash in nostalgia, "Lions" combines a gentle coming-of-age story with swashbuckling fantasy. While it lacks a necessary tension in its establishing scenes and might be too soft for those who prefer grittier fare.
Entertainment Weekly
With no baseline ''truth'' to be found among the cartoony characters and cheesy twists, the whole production feels like a Texas-size load of secondhand lyin'.
Coming-of-age schmaltz fest.
The movie, though predictable and formulaic, is not that simple, although it might have been better off had it been so basic. It interweaves clichés from several other genres and ends up a mishmash of stories.
Wall Street Journal
Mr. McCanlies's style lurches between the lyrical, the fantastical (flashbacks to the uncles' youth) and the clumsily antic, and Mr. Osment's performance is woefully stiff and inexpressive.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Edgeless as a marshmallow and twice as syrupy.
New York Daily News
A predictable outcome is not bad if it's fun getting to it. But this story is so lamely conceived and presented that it's a grind.

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