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The odd joke for adults but very much a kids movie
areatw3 September 2017
Dreamworks is famous for animated classics such as 'Shrek' and 'Madagascar', but 'Over the Hedge' is probably one of their least renowned movies. I didn't think I had seen it until my memory was jogged by the scene with the racoon in the dangerous garden. That should give you an idea of how memorable this movie is - not very.

I continued watching though and it's a decent enough piece of entertainment. It strikes me as being aimed a lot more at kids than the likes of 'Shrek', which had a lot humour in it that would only be picked up by adults. The vast majority of the humour in 'Over the Hedge' is aimed at kids, including an abundance of fart jokes. The plot is also extremely thin... I guess Dreamworks were low on ideas after the release of Madagascar the previous year.
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Clever and satiric for adults. Just plain fun for kids.
Scott LeBrun18 June 2017
Based on the comic strip by Michael Fry and T. Lewis, this is a loud & lively animated comedy brimming with endearing characters, and some laugh out loud gags. Bruce Willis, back in the days when he still seemed to give a damn, is nicely cast as the voice of R.J., a conniving, self serving raccoon who foolishly tries to steal the food supply of a bear named Vincent (voice of Nick Nolte). When the stash is demolished, R.J. ropes a troupe of foraging forest critters into helping him find a replacement stash. And he believes there will be easy pickings when they go "over the hedge" and into the suburban sprawl that is encroaching upon their wilderness.

It is thanks to the success of "Toy Story" from a decade previous that a formula got perfected in this sort of entertainment, with some bright and cutting humor for adults to enjoy. It's not subtle about its criticisms of suburban life, but some people might not mind. And, although it may be rather too intense for the youngest of your family members, kids are more than likely to really take to the critter characters. Some of the humor may be obvious, but it does still work. There is even a sort of nod to Pepe Le Pew cartoons as our heroes give Stella the skunk (voice of Wanda Sykes) a makeover in order to pull the wool over a pet cats' (voice of Omid Djalili) eyes.

The animation is slick and first rate, and there's plenty of peppy music in the form of a score by Rupert Gregson-Williams and songs by Ben Folds.

The all star main voice cast also includes William Shatner as a possum who's appropriately hammy when he fakes death, a hilarious Garry Shandling as Verne the turtle, Steve Carell as a crazed squirrel named Hammy, Thomas Haden Church as a lunkhead exterminator, Allison Janney as a neighborhood busybody, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara as porcupine parents, and pop star Avril Lavigne as the possum daughter.

Quite entertaining overall, especially the way that it continues with gags through the closing credits.

One of the brightest bits for this viewer was the way that R.J. educated his newfound friends on the way that humans worship food and give it such predominance in their lives.

Eight out of 10.
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Maybe almost good for 2006...
IlluminaTea12 June 2017
If you're 7, you might manage to get some enjoyment out of this. But the bad animation, pacing, plot (actually just about everything) will constantly get your attention. It looks very cheaply made, as all the small details in the movie are complete garbage when you actually look at them. They may not have resorted to fart humor, but what you get here isn't really much better. Everything is exaggerated so that you don't notice how little you actually get. Leave it on for your young children. Anyone above the age of 8 is going to find obvious flaws with the movie.
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Really Great Movie
Kristian Dimitrov5 August 2016
It's very entertaining for the grown-ups as well for the kids. Not the best animated film, but a solid one though. The graphics are great. The plot is good though. It's definitely great for kids. I would definitely recommend this film for kids. It's one of the greatest DreamWorks movies. It would be very nice if there was a continue to the story but the creators are considering making a sequel as they had a lot of fun with the characters during production, but at this stage, nothing has been confirmed. Even though the movie it's not so violent as they say but still has some Violence and Gore in it. If you've not seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for?
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With likable characters and a well-written story, Over the Hedge is the gateway to the good life in it's 20th anniversary
In 1998, DreamWorks Animation made their very first CGI animated feature film Antz alongside The Prince of Egypt. Both did very well with critical acclaim and a cast of talented actors. However, their last three traditional animated feature films under-performed (leaving The Road to El Dorado to bomb), so they decided to make more CGI animated features to compete against Pixar. With the success of Shrek and Madagascar in 2001 and 2005, they released another feature based on the 1995 comic strip known as "Over the Hedge".

It tells the story about RJ (Bruce Willis), a scheming raccoon who tries to steal some food from a bear named Vincent (Nick Nolte). However, the wagon that carries the food got crushed by a truck and RJ vows to get more food at the suburbs before the bear would kill him. One day, he comes across forest critters who discover a hedge that leads them to the neighborhood filled with people. After meeting RJ, they team up to get more food to last the entire spring and summer while the raccoon learns about family himself.

I was twelve years old when this film came out and I saw it in theaters. I loved it as much as everyone else until Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon came out and those became my favorite films DreamWorks has made. Don't get me wrong. This movie is really funny, but before I can give it some praise, I only have two problems with it.

First is the animation. It used to be great when it came out, but it's sad to say that it hasn't aged well. The visuals still hold up, but the character animation is a bit too stiff. It wasn't until 2010 when DreamWorks Animation improved on their animation by going into full detail in the character designs and visuals. Tim Johnson, who directed this film and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas before it, went on to direct the Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special and Home, both films that have much more detailed animation. The animation here isn't terrible, but like I said, it still doesn't hold up. Second, there are some moments that felt a bit forced aside from the film's memorably funny moments including Hammy's crazy rabid squirrel scene and such.

Now, with those flaws out of the way, everything else is great. The characters are likable especially RJ and the forest critters, Verne, Lou, Penny, the three porcupine kids, Heather, Ozzie, Stella, and of course Hammy which everyone loves. They share the film's hilarious moments while delivering the drama really well. Gladys Sharp, the human character, isn't exactly special, but she wasn't annoying. Dwayne the exterminator and Vincent the bear, however, are really fine villains, with Thomas Hayden Church delivering some of the funny lines while Nick Nolte shines in his menacing presence. The story line, despite some of the forced moments, is well-written and teaches the lesson about the true meaning of family in which the execution works, giving the film some heart in the process.

And of course, the humor which has some of the best moments DreamWorks Animation has made including the conversation between Tiger, a guard cat and Stella, the skunk, and Hammy stealing the show as the most hilarious and adorable little squirrel in the history of mankind. Aww. I just want to hug him. OK, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Overall, Over the Hedge isn't nearly as solid as the later films DreamWorks has made like say Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians, Madagascar 3 and the first two Shrek films, but on it's 20th anniversary, it's still a really good film. It's funny, heartwarming, and very likable. This receives a thumbs up from me. :)
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Excellent animated comedy
David Roggenkamp1 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A raccoon gets a bit more than he bargains for when he decides he is going to take on a bear's treasure trove of junk food; the bear wakes up about a week early from hibernation and vows he will kill the raccoon if he doesn't get all of his food back within the week. The raccoon finds some unsuspecting animals that have just awoken from hibernation and convinces them that suburbia (human living quarters) are the best way to find food that will only take a week's worth of work that might otherwise take an entire summer.

This sounds like a simple enough movie; and if this was the entire plot it might actually be a good movie and leave it at that. Instead, we are treated to a number of characters, each unique in their understanding of their surroundings, abilities, and of course each one exhibits a unique personality that would be associated with their animal archetype. I will not go into details of what the personality types are like, but I will say some are either super slow to reasoning, but play it safe; while others are quick witted, jittery at a moment's notice, and otherwise find themselves in dangerous situations.

They use their abilities and personality types to help steal food from humans; often with comedic results. Did I mention this movie is a comedy? A squirrel that can't get enough cookies, little porcupines that start bouncing around when they drink caffeine, and a crazy woman that doesn't want any rabid animals near human settlements. They're stuck clashing together as it is man vs. nature; only nature has them outwitted due to being overly hungry. The movie might make a great family film and children might like the funny antics of the animals, but I feel the movie is meant for older audiences – the word kill is used at least twice, and the amount of violence in the movie strikes me as being higher than in some regular 'comedy' films. However, violence is a fact of life and animals are far more violent than humans – so it may be to the point in this fact. However, no one actually dies in this film; it is often the 'impending doom' and the animals' fear of, but narrowly avoiding it, that is often what makes the scene. Very little in this film is what I would call broken as opposed to more grisly films such as "Saw" which just leave too much to question at any given time.

Lastly, the amount of body language and action in this film is phenomenal. The voice acting is also pretty good. Of note is the fact that the male possum in this film goes into a scene, over dramatized and definitely paying homage to William Shatner; the catch is that it is indeed played by William Shatner. I do not know if this is the only time this has occurred in media; but it was about time someone put the trope to bed by the real thing.

I recommend this film for others; young children might need to stay away until they are older; or at least until they've been desensitized to what goes on.

Originally posted to Orion Age (http://www.orionphysics.com/? p=10481)
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Getting Over the Hedge is Only the Half of It.
Python Hyena5 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Over the Hedge (2006): Dir: Tim Johnson, Karey Kirkpatrick / Voices: Bruce Willis, Gary Shandling, Steve Carell, William Shatner, Wanda Sykes: Delightful computer animation about taking risks. R.J. the raccoon steals and loses the food of Vincent the bear and has a week to replace it. R.J. cons a group of small animals into helping him but the obstacle is a hedge that separates them from suburbia. Although formula driven directors Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick do a fantastic job at creating entertainment for children out of simple storytelling. Bruce Willis voices R.J. Who goes from having nothing to having everything. His methods of dealing with Vincent are creative. Gary Shandling voices Verne the Turtle. The character is flat and seem countless times in other films. Steve Carell voices Hammy the energetic squirrel who cannot keep it together. William Shatner voices Ossie the possum who worries for the well being of his daughter. Wanda Sykes voices a skunk who has the misfortune of having to decoy a dog while pretending to be a cat. We have seen that before. Part of the problem with this film is that the characters come off as types as oppose to personalities. While R.J and Ossie seem complex enough, the other animals are very much one dimensional. Interesting viewpoint from the animals resulting in a family film that kids will find worth crossing over the hedge to see. Score: 7 / 10
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One of the funniest animated films I've ever seen
trooper578324 May 2015
Over The Hedge is a movie made by DreamWorks that I actually enjoy. Mostly because it's freaking hilarious from start to finish. The humor is frequently cartoonish and clever, with slapstick that's inventive and cultural references that will make adults giggle. Sure, the story is very predictable, but that's about all I think is bad about this animated gem. The standout here is Hammy, a hyperactive squirrel that is voiced by the comedy legend of all, Steve Carell. He will make you laugh so hard in this that you will be in tears(ex. the energy drink scene, the impersonation of a squirrel with rabies). The animation is also vivid and colorful, with the textures and fur improving over Madagascar. The villain of the movie is voiced by Nick Nolte, and he is ruthless and awesome in his role. Overall, despite a generic plot, Over The Hedge is an uproariously funny, well-voiced, and great looking animated comedy that is a rare winner from DreamWorks.
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Simple yet effective entertainment
Akshay Hegde1 April 2015
I did not know what to expect from 'Over The Hedge'. I had not read any reviews or ratings. Just decided to pass some time with animation film.But after the 80 minutes of unexpected fun I must admit this film is worth at least one-time watch. The plot is simple. A bunch of animals living in a small wilderness come to know about human civilization beyond the hedge boundary. RJ, the raccoon helps them to know about human world and tells them how they can get easy and delicious food from the humans. Soon RJ becomes hero of the pack and is loved by all, also RJ finally gets to have a family. But they are unaware that RJ is collecting food for own personal purpose and will be betraying them.

The pacing is brisk, the characters are interesting and the screenplay is funny and entertaining. The dog-chase sequence was hilarious and the Verminator thing towards the end was really bad-ass! I really liked the description about Human Food given by RJ, it really had satirical touch to it. Also it addresses the themes of family and betrayal very well. While overall, Over The Hedge may follow a predictable path but its simple and intriguing fun like no other. Don't miss it!

RATING: [3/5]
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A Bruce Willis animated movie . . . but not half bad.
Mr-Fusion10 February 2015
Aside from some of the character models, "Over the Hedge" has mostly held up after almost ten years. It's got an exaggerated sense of humor that'll please most kids, and the satiric wit aimed at suburban lazies is worth a few laughs. Not just suburbia, but one of those house farms that springs up outta nowhere, seemingly overnight, like a weed. Most of the movie's spent taking shots at slovenly America's junk food addiction. Does it beat you over the head with this? Sure does, but we had it coming. Plus, you can never take too many jabs at Dr. Phil. Ever.

The plot's paper thin, but its also high-energy and a breezy 80 minutes. And that's one hell of a cast, the highlight of which is a caffeinated Steve Carell.

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Fun for the whole family
Terryfan29 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Over The Hedge is one of those rare films that is a real win for the whole family these days.

The story centers around a Raccoon named RJ (voiced by Bruce Willis) who gets in deep with a Bear named Vincent (voiced by Nick Nolte) after trying to steal his food and after losing it all he tells Vincent that he can get it all back and Vincent gives him a week when the Moon is full to get back his red wagon, blue cooler and all the food that RJ lost.

When RJ cross path with a family of animals lead by a Turtle named Verne (Voiced by Garry Shandling) he discovers they collect food to store for the winter seeing this as a chance to get the work done faster he befriends Hammy (Voiced by Steve Carell), Ozzie (voiced by William Shatner) his daughter Heather (voiced Avril Lavigne), Penny (Voiced by Catherine O'Hara) Lou (voiced by Eugene Levy), Their children Bucky, Spike and Quillo, Stella (voiced by Wanda Sykes)

From what I understand the story was inspired by the comic book of the same name and Dreamworks did a great job with this film.

I first watch the movie on PPV, I have to say it is one of the finest animation films that I have seen in so long since these days they intent to make animate films that are more about insult one's IQ however Over The Hedge shows that you can make a great film with great humor and strong plot.

With the plot of the film it is original and very creative. The writers of the story did well with being serious and funny so the whole family can enjoy Over The Hedge.

The animation in the film is very well done and shows how well you can use C.G.I. with full details to each character.

The voice acting is pretty good and the cast was a interesting mix of many well known actors they did very good bringing life to the characters and make them interesting through the whole film.

Over The Hedge is a great film that shouldn't be missed if you love animated films then this one is for you.

I give Over The Hedge an 10 out of 10
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Spectacular Cute and funny for everyone young and young at heart , Over The Hedge Is Over The Top!
ant621027 November 2014
This movie is so awesome ! I get a good feeling overtime I watch it with my son .

We watched it as a family when he was 2 and he as well as Myself still love it 'till this day, just my boy and I laughing and giggling and he remembers it and we always will. Over The Hedge 2006 Is just warm broth for the soul and the Plot is laugh out loud funny for all ages. The cast is great a great crown as well Bruce Willis , Wanda Sykes , Eugene Levy and it goes on and on. Over The Hedge is awesome and a must see over and over again. Thank you .I think I have something in my eye. Happy Thanksgiving "Enough is never enough"
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Hungry woodland animals fight for food and against the pest-removal service
oktellme12 July 2014
I quite enjoyed the prequels. Not so the actual movie.

It reminds me of the "good ole days" of violent cartoons and limit animation.

This movie was so full of violence, I could hardly watch. And tho the animation wasn't as bad as the old days, it still left a lot to be desired.

Some other reviewers found good life lessons to be learned here. Frankly, I couldn't involve myself in the story line enough to see them.

Basically, hibernating animals awake one spring to find their environment has been altered. Some cute lines and interactions. They are whipped into teamwork by a raccoon with ulterior motives. They do battle for the garbage leavings of a householder who is terrified of wild animals. She hires an exterminator. There ensures violence and property damage. Great for anyone who enjoys seeing things blown up. I don't.
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Fine Slapstick animation
SnoopyStyle4 January 2014
RJ the raccoon (Bruce Willis) is a schemer. When he finds the bear's stash of food, he tries to steal it. However things go wrong, and everything is lost. Now the bear expects RJ to replace the lost or else. RJ finds a group of scroungers, and plans to use them to get food from the surrounding suburbs.

The animation is a bit blocky, but it's an acceptable level. There is a lot of slapstick humor. It's like a Looney Tunes cartoon at times. The one thing that is missing is a break out character or two. Maybe there are too many characters. Maybe the characters look too generic. For an animated movie like this, it's always better to have a break out character. There are opportunities to add characters in any follow up sequels.

It's a perfectly fine slapstick animated comedy. The problem is that it doesn't stand out. There are great comedic voice work especially from the unique Wanda Sykes. But it's not enough to warrant any follow up to this.
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Indeed, Carell Wuz Robbed!
A_Different_Drummer10 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This reviewer has seen more animated features -- we used to call them full length cartoons but, by the same token, we used to use phones the size of toasters with rotating dials on them -- than he cares to count. Some good. Some awful. Some great. But of that number there is only one that beckoned, enticed, and entreated me to watch it over and over. This is the film. I have seen it 6 times at least and have yet to get bored with it. It also makes me laugh out loud, and, from memory the only other time I can recall doing that was 1974. I love the way the story builds. I love the way the characters are developed. I love the fact that Gary Shandling lent his voice to the "tentative" reptile (turtle) because, since his own show disappeared eons ago, we don't see or hear enough of him. I love the way they created a character that allows Shatner to virtually drown in self-mockery, over and over and over, yet it is so subtle that, unless you have indeed seen the entire original Star Trek series like, 13 times each episode, you would never ever get the joke. I love the way the whole notion of gated communities is taken to task. I love that this film gives Hayden-Church a chance to score points based on voice alone. But what I keep seeing in this film on each successive viewing is how Carell took the character of Hamilton the Squirrel (who to be fair does not get a lot of lines) and made him the star. Carell, BTW, is not only a comic, he is the real deal, an actor, and he has played dark parts. So, as the film reaches its apex, and, to save the day, a can of triple-caffeine soda is passed to Hammy, and Hammy says with a giant stutter, "OHHH I am not supposed to drink THAT", I invariably fall off my chair in a spasm of laughter, and then bang my head on the coffee table. Time after time. What gets my goat is that they gave ELLEN an Oscar for basically playing a fish that was playing ELLEN, but ignored Carell for elevating this wonderful squirrel into one of the most memorable characters in film.
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It's all over here
rbn_lrk-126 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
2006 was a good year for animation. But some were forgotten like Over the Hedge. Over the Hedge had many hits on Fanfiction.net at that time. The raccoon RJ ends at an angry bear that wants his food back. Nick Nolte suits the villain bear good. So RJ ends up with some other suburb animals that don't know he is hanging around with a bear. But at the end the bear shows up, and hunts the innocent animals up. It ends with a chase along the so colorful and lovely suburb. Stay at the end credits. There could had been green light for more movies if it was a bigger success, but now go to the fan fictions instead. Ben Folds plays the Curious George like playful songs. Even if the movie is not anything big I recommend it for a rent for the whole family. An all star cast save this movie.

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Lets have a fun time!!
chathux1024 October 2013
In simple terms this is a simple and funny movie with a great cast. may be not that simple, it do teach us a good life lesson to us humans. we "live to eat". yeah big guy! that's right.

on the other hand its a combination of humor, family values, love (the instant love story of the Persian cat and the skunk is very funny and still lovable, better than twilight, ha ha.),friendship, human cruelty etc etc.

the cast is very good, i loved the character hammy so much, which voiced by Steve carrel. he is so funny and cute.

the story line is simple. take your kids with you, a true family movie which can be enjoyed by everyone. Keep Calm and Watch Movie z...Zzz!
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How did Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte and William Shatner agree to this?
joebrian5516 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is, in fact, quite possibly the worst DreamWorks animated film I ever saw.

My 11-year-old self was delighted when we rented this, but it turned out to suck. And on top of that, I was forced to watch it again with my Grade 6 class and one of my elementary school's Grade 3 classes sometime before school ended, and to top it all off, I missed our final assignment in French class! And a lot of my classmates in high school still think it's a riot... whereas they won't appreciate what great bits of cinema there are, this is not one of them.

If it left a bad taste in the mouth of my 12-year-old self, what makes you think it's going to be any better for me as a 16-year-old? To begin with, this movie has a very weak plot that could've have easily been dealt with on an episode of Spongebob (granted, newer episodes of Spongebob are not as good as the earlier ones, but they're far better than this by a long shot), has way too many irrelevant moments that attempt to keep the little kids focused on the screen but end up making their parents want to die ASAP.

RJ, inappropriately voiced by Bruce Willis, introduces the innocent, naive hedge creatures to the great aspects of American life he has witnessed. But it's not without bad food jokes, caffeine jokes and god-knows-what-FREAKING-ELSE jokes.

And seriously, why make an exterminator and an over-obsessed real estate woman the villains in this flick? Martha Stewart would call nonsense on the latter.

The plot, what little there is, is burdened by the aforementioned jokes, PG-rated humour and chase scenes that become trite after the umpteenth chase scene and out-of-place celebrity involvement.

I am struggling to believe that this movie was ACTUALLY good enough to warrant favourable reviews and not even one Golden Raspberry award.

The voice acting is ill-suited, why is an action star voicing a greedy loner raccoon? And the PG-rated humour is just plain disgusting for a children's movie: Talk of licking private parts, Hammy the squirrel's awful and totally far from subtle "Where's my nuts?" jokes and even Verne the turtle losing his shell... the fact that all this is marketed towards children is ludicrous and should not be seen by anyone unless they're looking for a way to torture someone without necessarily having to go to jail.

And to add insult to injury, there is a montage of RJ and company stealing numerous things from the human neighbourhood. I know animals do this, but given there's virtually no consequence for this, it's pretty much teaching our kids to become criminals.

This one... skip it and don't show it to your children at all costs. Instead, show them some classic Disney and Don Bluth films, such as Winnie the Pooh, The Land Before Time, The Rescuers Down Under etc.

You have been warned... if you insist on showing this to little kids, don't say I didn't warn you.
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Not so good second time around?...
Andy Steel8 May 2012
There were some decent jokes but I couldn't help but feel it wasn't all that original. There were a lot of writers involved in this project and I'm sorry to say it shows. By the end it looked very much like they were running out of ideas. It's not all bad though, the film does move along a quite a nice pace although it does get a little baggy in the middle. There are some fun characters and even some funny gags here and there… also the traditional 'homage's' to classic films that filmmakers always seem to put in these days. Over all, not great but worth a look.

My score: 5.9/10

IMDb Score: 6.9/10 (based on 60,051 votes at the time of going to press).

MetaScore: 67: (Based on 31 critic reviews provided by Metacritic.com at the time of going to press).

Rotten Tomatoes 'Tomatometer' Score: 74/100 (based on 163 reviews counted at the time of going to press).

Rotten Tomatoes 'Audience' Score: 73/100 (based on 507,343 user ratings counted at the time of going to press).

You can find an expanded version of this review on my blog: Thoughts of a SteelMonster.
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"Taking over the neighborhood, one snack at a time"
Brandon Blackwell28 April 2012
Over the Hedge is another Dreamworks film, with judging by the amount of advertisement and the amount of talent by the voice actors, seemed to deliver. The story starts kind of child-like, but my hopes for the rest of the film were high. I liked the whole modernized vision of how these animals find out how us humans act, and the scene where they were describing what we were doing with the food was a classic. But by the end of the film, the movie seemed to take a shortcut by placing the amount of jokes and fun, but leaving out that emotional bond we get with other films...

I'm not saying the movie was bad, because I thought it was overall cleverly done. But the film doesn't connect to me like others have, and it loses touch by the end. In fact, dare I say it, the movie is forgettable and it's not a groundbreaking animation it's made out to be. Getting that out of the way, I found the execution of the jokes and animation well done! 2007 was around the time when the animation picked up it's speed, by creating landscape that actually looks realistic and adding an insane amount of detail. This was a wonder to look at, and foreshadowed the animation today. The voice acting, too, was also great. I mean, but who wouldn't thought otherwise? Bruce Willis was fantastic as the 'boss' raccoon, and the others did an equally good job. The movie also brings out this message that all revolves around FOOD?! I mean, it's new and original, but even the thought of it is quite silly. Nevertheless, these qualities make the film average but the film had some more potential.

I recommend for kids. The adults will get a kick out of the amount of wit, but they will be disappointed with the lack of emotion the movie contains. If the movie held that, then maybe the film would've been a ground breaker, but now...? I wasn't too impressed. Over the Hedge gets a 6/10.
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A Great Family Film even for Adults!
Syl18 August 2011
The animation is quite brilliant and the voices of stars like Allison Janney, Bruce Willis, Thomas Haden Church, Wanda Sykes, Garry Shandling, and Steve Carrell only enhances the film. They play the roles of chipmunk, skunk, squirrel, a bear, and humans in the film. I have to say that the humans were deliciously fun to watch. The woman played by Allison Janney is a typical suburbanite with a deep seeded hatred for pests and rodents in particular. She contacts the exterminator played wonderfully by Thomas Haden Church in the role. Their voices add to the characters. Anyway, she sets up an elaborate system where nothing can live in her backyard. Anyway, the animals that live nearby in the hedge are humanized with voices to develop their character senses. There is a lot of adventure in the film and you wouldn't be human if you didn't want to see the animals win this time. It's a wild ride!
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This Raccoon Is A Fast Food Addict!
Vivekmaru4518 April 2011
I really enjoyed this one. Also this is on of those beautifully scripted cartoon films with great all-round casting. The main character in this film is an adorable racoon called RJ (Bruce Willis), who accidentally obliterates a huge store of food which belongs to a bear called Vincent (Nick Nolte).

Vincent gives RJ a week to replace the store of food. If RJ failed to accomplish this feat, Vincent vows to hunt him down and eat him.

A frightened RJ finds small forested plot where a pack of hibernating animals have just awoken, surprised to find a large hedge that separates the forest from the human community. Verne the box turtle (Garry Shandling), the group's elder, urges the others to start stashing food for next year. RJ appears to the group and tells them they can collect all the food they will need within a week by raiding the humans' trash and homes. Verne is extremely pessimistic about crossing the hedge, but RJ is able to convince the others to join him.

One of the big highlights in this animated film is Bruce Willis's voice acting is outstanding. He really gets into the act and seems to be enjoying voicing the character of RJ. The other voice actors complement him wonderfully, namely Garry Shandling, Wanda Sykes and Steve Carrell who voice-acts and adorable young squirrel named Hammy.

In this cartoon you see the perspective from the animals and from the human's side. This film is jam-packed with good humor.

Children and adults of all ages should find this animated film very appealing. And this one is DEFINITELY WORTH BUYING.
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Only children should take a peek at what's over the edge
neenahhh30 March 2011
I think when this first came out, I thought it was a cute movie. It wasn't THAT great that I was able to remember it for 4+ years. I actually forgot that this movie existed until I saw it in one of IMDb's related pages. Was it on 'Horton Hears A Who'? I'm not really sure. The point is, this was actually a pretty forgettable movie.

After rewatching it, I'll say that this movie does have its charms. I can see why kids used to swoon over Hammy or the 3 porcupine kids. But aside from that, the plot is quite serious. Or about as serious as a kids movie can get.

RJ, a mischievous raccoon, gets into some pretty big trouble. He tried stealing from Vincent, a vicious bear, and had to bargain for his life. The deal was to find a whole new stash of junk food for Vincent within a week. RJ has no idea where to begin collecting all the loads of food he stole. Luckily, he stumbles upon some other wild animals who just woke up from a seasons worth of hibernating. Upon waking up, the wild animals, who are composed of two possums, a skunk, a family of porcupine, a squirrel and a turtle, are surprised to see that a huge bush-like thing has been created, limiting their habitat. RJ convinces them to venture beyond the hedge since a whole new world awaits them there. And thus begins RJ's scheming and trickery.

The ending is quite predictable, seeing as it is a film by Dreamworks. Nevertheless, the humor makes it enjoyable for both kids and adults. The message and theme of the movie does make the movie worth seeing. It teaches people about the importance of family and friendships, which I think is a pretty darn good message. It's just quite sad that I didn't like this movie as much as I used to. I guess this movie, like many other Dreamworks films, is best suited for children.
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PETA Training Film
ehrldawg14 March 2011
I was driving down the highway in my 18 wheeler. I looked down for a couple seconds to push play on my "Blackdog" soundtrack(required for every truck driver). I looked up and "Oh Crap!!". Bamb!! Did i just hit a red wagon with a pile of groceries on it? According to my watch,I don't have time to stop and check my grill or my drawers.

William Shattners' performance is outstanding!!

(Rock The Burbs Shat!!)

Avril Lavigne,Allison Janney,Wanda Sykes, and Catherine O'Hara are all hot.

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

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Don't panic parents, this is actually funny for you too.
oneguyrambling29 November 2010
A clever raccoon decides to hoodwink various other woodland creatures to help him repay a debt. Meanwhile the local humans are making life tough for the animals...

Another Madagascar style easy target film, although this one is better made, and even though they opted to fill the cast with "names" they do a pretty good job.

The various creatures are all pretty cute and cuddly in the standard way but they all have a chance to show their true colours and character development is well handled. Being a pro-animal film there are a large number of digs at humans, especially our consumer tendencies and a lack of understanding of the real world.

I must admit I had low expectations with this one but it was surprisingly easy to watch and there were even a couple of highlights at the tail end of the film that left me actually looking forward to seeing this again.

What you hope kids will learn: Everyone needs to learn to co-exist, mainly humans.

What they'll take away: That squirrel is car-azy!

If you liked this review (or even if you didn't) check out oneguyrambling.com
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