Mystic River (2003) Poster


Plot Keywords

friend death
detective gun
sexual abuse ballistics
neighborhood memory
killer police
childhood friend ptsd
post traumatic stress disorder finger gun
crying man shot in the head
escape freeway
rape liar
policewoman jukebox
blood shotgun
broken nose stabbed in the stomach
river working class
priest sunglasses
rifle violence
mortuary beer
cigarette smoking store clerk
child molester pistol
friendship flash forward
mistaken identity polygraph
robbery fear
bar blood splatter
tears child with a gun
mini mart self defense
watching tv holy communion
dog tattoo
beating flashback
crying reference to sprite
park thief
writing one's name in wet cement ring
rain family feud
corpse sewer
ex convict knife
dress wake
whiffle ball marital separation
photograph irish american
rubber gloves 2000s
overhead shot convenience store
vomit storytelling
obituary morgue
baseball drink
mute kiss
shooting marriage
autopsy loss of girlfriend
impersonating a police officer murderer
lie porch
alcohol poisoning bedtime story
firefly reference to sponge bob
stabbing first communion
shot in the back of one's head hockey stick
mortician water drain
drinking cellar
child prostitute sign language
helicopter burglar
mugging policeman
prejudice cross
liquor store innocence
handgun road rage
telephone call dancing on a bar
interrogation 911
chase theft
massachusetts car
crucifix street hockey
church boston globe
marching band catholic
kicked in the face cemetery
two way mirror pedophilia
dead body prison
killing a child molester woods
whodunit tv news
tragic event teenage girl
teenage boy switchblade
prologue pedophile
neighbor murder of daughter
mourning mother son relationship
love kidnapping
innocence lost husband wife relationship
honor grief
graveyard forest
fight family relationships
death of daughter deafness
child abuse catholic church
brother brother relationship cult director
unsolved case shot to death
missing person funeral home
father son relationship criminal investigation
scene of the crime crime confession
boyfriend girlfriend relationship old friend
beaten to death wet cement
vigilantism 1960s
child rape investigation
thug new england
music score composed by director police investigation
estranged wife revolver
loss of loved one revenge
loss of daughter boston massachusetts
parade murder
molester father daughter relationship
child molestation based on novel
surprise ending

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