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Australian Actress Claims Harvey Weinstein Groped Her (Report)

Australian Actress Claims Harvey Weinstein Groped Her (Report)
Australian actress Natalie Mendoza opened up about allegedly being groped by Harvey Weinstein in a couple of Facebook posts, according to a report Saturday in Australia's Herald Sun newspaper.

Mendoza says she was lunged at by Weinstein during a private meeting, while she was filming 2005's The Great Raid, the newspaper reports.

“I might have told Mr W mid-script ‘meeting’ after he sent his assistant out that I'd punch him if he didn’t take his hands off me,” she wrote in a Facebook post viewed by the Herald Sun. “Shook all the way home but...
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Australian Actress Natalie Mendoza Describes Harvey Weinstein Groping Incident

Australian Actress Natalie Mendoza Describes Harvey Weinstein Groping Incident
Australian actress Natalie Mendoza has come forth as one of the latest accusers of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Australia’s Herald Sun reports that, on her Facebook page, Mendoza refers to a groping incident around 2002, when she was shooting “The Great Raid,” the first of three films she had under a three-picture deal with Miramax.

“I might have told Mr W mid-script ‘meeting’ after he sent his assistant out that I’d punch him if he didn’t take his hands off me,” she wrote.

“Shook all the way home but high-fived myself for knowing my self worth in my early 20s.

“I knew my first film would be my last after that and I was more than Ok about it.”

In a second post, she added: “I was so naive I did not realise it was a set-up. I managed to escape with my integrity intact. I was shaken and dazed but Ok.”

Mendoza has movie
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Janelle Monae to Lead Charlie's Angels Reboot in 2019?

Janelle Monae to Lead Charlie's Angels Reboot in 2019?
Nearly two years after Elizabeth Banks was first sought to direct Sony's Charlie's Angels remake, the project is finally moving forward with new writers. The studio has brought on Narcos creators Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro to rewrite the script, which was first worked on by Evan Spiliotopoulos (Beauty and the Beast). While no cast members are in place yet, this report claims that Janelle Monae (Hidden Figures, Moonlight) is at the top of the studio's "wish list" for one of the Angels.

The Tracking Board reports that Sony wants at least one of the Angels to be black, and while Janelle Monae is at the top of the studio's list, casting hasn't even started yet since the script isn't finished. This report also claims that Sony will hand out a "prime 2019 release date" very soon for Charlie's Angels, although there is no indication as to what this date may be.
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with The Equalizer's Marton Czokas

  • JoBlo
Marton Czokas is one of those actors I've always found to be really underrated. I first remember seeing him in XXX as the Bond villain-style baddie. While the movie itself hasn't aged well, Czokas was actually quite good and his performance holds up pretty well. He was also terrific in The Great Raid, Kingdom Of Heaven, and Garage Days - another underrated flick. Lately, Czokas has been showing up in more and more movies, including a bit as Dr. Kafka in The Amazing Spider-man 2, and now...
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Ranked: Every Summer Movie Season Since 1980 - Part 1

  • Cinelinx
Summer movie season is a magic time of year when Hollywood traditionally rolls out its most appealing merchandise. It’s true that some summer movie seasons are better than others. This is our ranking of all the summer movie seasons since 1980 from worst to best.

On January 20th, 1975, Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios released Jaws. The movie landscape would be forever changed from that date. Jaws is widely credited as being the first blockbuster film because it was the first movie to make over $100 million (non-adjusted). The fact that the film had a meager $8 million budget meant that it was a huge cash cow for the studio and rocketed Spielberg to the the forefront of a new generation of filmmakers for a new era of movie mass-consumption. George Lucas and Spielberg followed up in 1977 with Star Wars, which became a sensational and very profitable hit. It helped to convince production
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Spotlight on the Stars: James Franco

Howdy ladies and gentleman For this week’s spotlight piece, I wanted to go ahead and take a look at a rather unique A-lister. Someone who vacillates between humongous Hollywood blockbusters and odd little independent films, always doing his own thing. The A-lister in question? None other than James Franco. He’s many things to many people, but he’s unquestionably a star. He’s given a few incredibly good performances, but he’s never a boring actor to watch. He’s easily one of Tinseltown’s most interesting actors to follow. Almost constantly engaging in some form of art, Franco is at his core, just that…an artist. He may be a bit of a weirdo to some, but he’s an A-lister regardless and deserves this tribute. Franco wasn’t always considered a “weird” star. He got his start basically as a heartthrob. He first came on to
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Hercules movie review: he fights the lion!

Grading on the Ratner Curve, this is a positive triumph. The cheesy clichés are at least passingly entertaining. You could do worse. I’m “biast” (pro): love Dwayne Johnson

I’m “biast” (con): hate Brett Ratner

I have not read the source material

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

You think you know the truth about him? You know nothing!” This from the very shouty narrator who opens Hercules for us, presumably in case you saw the hilariously awful The Legend of Hercules earlier this year and were suckered into believing that Kellan Lutz is a demigod. What’s sort of funny and sort of the best thing about this second attempt in a few months to pass off a superhero of the ancient world as one for the 21st century is that the shouty narrator turns out to be Herc’s publicist, and that
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Exclusive: Adam 8 Filmmaker Tells How a “Someday” Idea Becomes a Sci-Fi Feature Film

Editor’s Note: I met Sean Williams at Comic-Con’s Hall H between panels on the first day of the Con this past July, chatting as people do. It turns out that Sean is a filmmaker, and he’s working on a sci-fi project – travel to another planet! strong women! – that sounds really great.

Last week Sean let me know that he was ready to start “officially” talking about the project, and wanted to know what I’d like to know. I told him I wanted to know, basically, everything. How the project got started, who’s involved, where he is in the process, etc. What follows is the narrative he wrote up on the spot on his phone and sent to me via Facebook Messenger in response. One long narrative that was completely engaging. He even copied and inserted biographies as he went along. It’s no wonder the man has won writing awards.
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Take Two: Ian and Luke Sparke

Ian and Luke Sparke (photo by Focus Magazine).

This article first appeared in If Magazine Issue #150

Ian Sparke Since very young, I have been interested in military history, Australian history and uniforms. This may sound strange, but the whole militaria collection started when I was about six years-old. My first item can be traced back till then. Now we have around 80,000 items. Our production becomes more sophisticated and we continuously research and collect more. The first professional job we got was in the 1993 ceremony for the coming back of the unknown soldier of the Australian Army. They brought one of our soldiers back from France and reburied him here after a memorial. It was my task to ensure all the war uniforms were correctly worn. I designed, manufactured and made them. After that, we started to get more and more professional jobs. At the same time I kept researching and working on history,
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Camelot secures worldwide distribution rights to The 34th Battalion

Camelot Distribution Group has secured worldwide rights to $25 million Australian Wwi film The 34th Battalion.

The announcement was made last month in the Us but only recently publicised in Australia as the film nears making a casting announcement. The World War I epic is expected to begin principal photography in the next six months and form part of Camelor's 2013 release slate.

The film has been written by Queensland-based father and son team, Luke and Ian Spark, and will mark Luke's feature film directorial debut.

"My aim with The 34th Battalion is to raise the bar on first World War films, and I am proud to have a fantastic Australian crew from The Pacific, X-Men, The Great Raid and other local war-based productions," Luke Sparke said in a statement. "Closing in on the 100th anniversary, we are very aware of the responsibility in telling this story as accurate as we can
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NextFactor Q&A: 'Prometheus' Star Logan Marshall-Green

In "Prometheus," Logan Marshall-Green plays Charlie Holloway, an extreme archeologist who, along with fellow scientist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), leads a crew across space to discover the key to mankind's creation. That key may turn out to be a slithery, bloodthirsty monster or two.

Raised in the theater, Marshall-Green nabbed a Drama Desk Award for his role in Neil Labute's play "The Distance From Here" in 2004. After several small roles in films like "The Great Raid" and "Across the Universe," not to mention a nine-episode arc on TV's "The O.C.," he gained attention as one of the leads in the horror film "Devil." With "Prometheus" he's now found himself in one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer.

We talked to this up-and-comer about his fidelity to the "Alien" franchise, playing Tennessee Williams in an upcoming biopic, and the truth about what he did with that first Hollywood paycheck.
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Tom McSweeney and David Newman launch casting business

Respected casting directors Tom McSweeney and David Newman have combined forces to launch their own company, McSweeney Newman Casting.

Newman, previously with Christine King Casting, counts many Australian and locally-produced projects among his credits including HBO series The Pacific, which required more than 3000 auditions, and went on to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for a Mini Series, Movie or Special. His other casting credits include Red Dog, A Few Best Men, Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and upcoming features Mental, 100 Bloody Acres and Forbidden Ground.

McSweeney, who moved from the Us to Australia in 1998, has cast over 200 feature films, mini-series and telemovie projects and over 500 hours of episodic television. His credits include upcoming TV series Reef Doctors, as well as Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Salem.s Lot, The Great Raid, Scooby Doo, Aquamarine and Ghost Ship. He has also received
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DVD Blu-Ray, March 6: 'The Skin I Live In,' 'Immortals,' Jack and Jill'

DVD or Blu-ray? Redbox or Netflix? Streaming? Whatever your poison, we've got the highlights and lowlights on the week's new releases -- plus exclusive previews from "Footloose" and "Immortals." Moviefone's Pick of the Week "The Skin I Live In" What's It About? After his wife is horribly burned in a car accident, a plastic surgeon (played by Antonio Banderas) dedicates his life to developing a miraculous new kind of skin -- that he tests on a helpless woman, held captive in his mansion. See It Because: The movie's director Pedro Almodovar is the only selling point you need. His totally unique style and prolific career can be daunting. If you're not familiar with his previous work ("Volver," "All About My Mother" among others), there's really no other way to prepare for his approach than to just dive in with one of his movies. Also available on Redbox | Amazon Instant Video
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War Horse tramples on western militarism

Steven Spielberg's equine epic may help dispel the acquiescence in warfare to which his own films contributed

Steven Spielberg has done his bit to shape western attitudes to warfare. Saving Private Ryan burnished the myth of heroic conflict when cinema had lost faith in it. Schindler's List re-established the useful notion of the indisputably evil foe. In the films of the 40s and 50s, our boys socked it to the Nazis time and again to audiences' innocent delight. However, Vietnam swept away the simplicities of battlefield bravado. When Hollywood got round to confronting that ill-fated undertaking, it found little to glorify. Instead it homed in on the horror, the horror.

Films like Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Casualties of War fed public disgust with militarism. America, it was said, would never again put boots on the ground in conflict, but would turn its back on foreign entanglements as its founders had intended.
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News: Dh, Connie Britton, Michael Muhney, Alec Baldwin, Priscilla Garita

Is Desperate Housewives Ending Next Season?

William H. Macy, hubby of Dh star Felicity Huffman, who told reporters today at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival that she "has one more year of Desperate Housewives."

"No, that's not been decided yet, but I love that Bill is spreading rumors. No, we're signed up for two more years," Huffman insists. "It depends on the ratings whether we'll actually go two more years or not, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. I'd like to go two more years. I love the work, I love working from home, it's the job of a lifetime, so I hope it goes two more years, but maybe it's just one more year. It depends on how we do."

Twin Peaks co-stars to guest on White Collar

Madchen Amick and Dana Ashbrook will appear in separate episodes.

When spoilers help: The Game Of Thrones defense

"For one thing, to
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Memorial Day 2011 TV: Marathons, sports and specials

Memorial Day 2011 is here and while we should all take time to thank a veteran and active servicemen and women, it also means for us TVphiles - lots of good programming. So either settle in with some popcorn or make sure your DVR is ready to go.

There are movie marathons. Syfy is busting out its greatest hits in the giant monster oeuvre on Friday, followed by "Star Trek" movies all weekend. TCM and AMC are showing nothing but military movies, including classics like "All Quiet on the Western Front," "From Here to Eternity" and "Patton."

If marathons are your thing, you've got everything from "Firefly" and "Doctor Who" to "House Hunters" and "How It's Made." And if you're a sports fan, while the NBA playoffs are on hiatus, you can still watch a ton of baseball, the 2011 French Open or the annual Memorial Day race the Indianapolis 500.

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Exclusive: Dale Dye Talks Platoon

Exclusive: Dale Dye Talks Platoon
Military advisor and actor Dale Dye discusses Platoon, his directorial debut, Falling Skies, and more

There are several ways which actors first break into the business. Some attend performing arts school, some are plucked out of obscurity by those with an eye for talent, and some work their way up through a number of different ways. Dale Dye became an actor by joining the Marines, although he wouldn't know it until he retired from the Corps years later. Dale Dye has forged an impressive career as both an actor and a military consultant to Hollywood, and both of those careers got their start with the Oliver Stone war classic Platoon, which will be released on Blu-ray for the first time on May 24.

I recently had the chance to speak with Dale Dye, who has since acted in over 70 movies and TV shows and served as military consultant on nearly 50 projects,
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Music in the movies: Trevor Rabin

Need a score for your barnstorming action movie? Then Trevor Rabin’s your composer. Glen salutes his finest work...

A successful musician prior to making the transition to composing for film, Trevor Rabin’s impressive guitar work was initially heard in the 70s rock bands Rabbitt and Yes, before he embarked on a successful solo career.

Rabin’s scores are typified by his high-quality lead guitar lines, which suit the action material he often composes for perfectly. He’s also pretty good with an orchestra, as we’ll see below.

Con Air

The finest action film of the 90s, and arguably the last 20 years, Con Air is a film that quite rightly gets a lot of love on this site. The score is a collaboration between Rabin and Mark Mancina, with the former handling guitar duties and the latter handling production, synth and percussion.

It’s a score that matches
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Logan Marshall-Green Boards Prometheus

Logan Marshall-Green Boards Prometheus
As the construction crews keep working on building sets for Ridley Scott’s epic sci-fi not-a-direct-prequel-to-Alien-but-almost-certainly-linked-to-that-world Prometheus, the director is busy adding more actors to the cast, this time in the shape of Logan Marshall-Green. The actor, who has been seen in the TV likes of 24, The Oc, Dark Blue as well as movies including The Great Raid, Across the Universe and Devil, has been hired to play Holloway a crewman aboard the ship who will catch the eye of scientist Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace.So that’s one more confirmed bit of casting to add to a list that already includes Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Sean Harris and Kate Dickie. Not bad company to be in by any stretch of the imagination, even if it did mean him reading the script with a security guard standing by.Scott is still keeping the
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The forgotten films of James Franco

James Franco’s performance in 127 Hours was rightly praised, but what of his earlier, less prominent roles? Ti takes a look back…

James Franco has just been nominated for Best Actor for his role as Aron Ralston in 127 Hours, a film for which he is receiving high praise. Not just that, but he's co-hosting the Academy Awards ceremony (alongside Anne Hathaway) and is rapidly becoming Hollywood's leading man of choice, thanks to his comedic and dramatic acting chops.

He will soon be seen in Your Highness ("Handle your shit, Fabius, please.") and Rise Of The Apes, all while finishing a PhD in English Literature at Yale.

Clearly, his star wattage is at its zenith, but it wasn't always so.

Fresh off his success as Harry Osborn in the Spider-man movies, Franco was cast as the lead in a number of films, many of which failed spectacularly at the box office
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