The Great Raid (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

mission american
soldier rescue
lieutenant colonel rescue mission
lieutenant colonel
philippines japanese
three word title reference to dwight d. eisenhower
ends with text signal flare
japanese tank american flag
explosion guard tower
thompson sub machine gun 30 calibre machine gun
time bomb crawling
wading across a river holy bible
luger face slap
hitting a woman japanese flag
underground red cross package
picking lock bazooka
army ranger black market
punished with torture graveyard
cabanatuan prison camp rescue palawan prison camp massacre
immolation some scenes in black and white
archival footage narrated by character
horse riding horse
calasiao luzon philippines palawan philippines
pipe smoking gardening
water canteen dog
cross talavera philippines
airplane raid
cabanatuan city philippines eating
food prison guard
informer husband wife relationship
air raid shelter surrender
street market medicine
truck crashing through a gate crashing through a gate
truck binoculars
dying corpse
dead body digging a grave
grave quinine
money tent
jeep photograph
beach reference to douglas macarthur
reference to dwight d eisenhower reference to franklin d. roosevelt
reference to rita hayworth reference to mae west
violence machine gun
filipino shooting
rifle gun
pursuit chase
blood escape
execution smuggling
japanese army death
murder pearl harbor
newsreel footage bare chested male bondage
voice over narration flashback
bare chested male towel
scolding prison
jail corporal punishment
abuse left to die
caning beating
man on fire summary execution
group punishment decimation
canadian expatriate sergeant
japanese occupation death march
bataan death march war crime
underground resistance torture
tank streetcar
sniper shot in the head
shootout prologue
prisoner of war camp priest
poker nurse
mortar military officer
massacre mass grave
manila philippines malaria
lost love lithuanian
letter jungle
interrogation hospital
general gangrene
escape attempt combat
cemetery catholic church
burned alive bridge
bayonet arrest
world war two special forces
prisoner of war military
u.s. army 1940s
death of friend based on true story
based on book

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